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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
EM/MT/AM/Relearned Confirmation
Talon87: Lv.20 Audino with Misty Terrain
Picking up my Audino, now with Misty Terrain. Thanks.

Dropping Audino back off for the week with the Move Relearner, this time to teach her Baby-Doll Eyes, normally learned at Level 5. (Audino is currently at Level 20.)

Dropping my Level 23 Spinda off, along with this Super Pass, to teach her MT Ice Punch and MT Thunder Punch.

Spinda will also be nibbling away at a Chocolate Memory Berry, learning EMs Icy Wind, Water Pulse, Smelling Salts, and Disable in the process.

Later in her stay with you, I'd also like you to let Spinda drink her Chocolate Milkshake, granting her with the knowledge of how to perform MT Low Kick.

Thank you!
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