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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post

Chocolate time is here again and yumminess all around.
From mr bunny himself you get
x1 This helpful Super Pass to aide in your training needs. Expires April 21 2015.
(The Super Pass allows two Monday candies, two free Egg/MT moves at the Move Tutor, 1 additional happiness point in the Salon, and double Daycare levels)

X 5 Grey Gummies
X 5 Silver Gummies
X 5 Clear Gummies
X 5 green Gummies

Happy Kwanza!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Happy Chocolate Day!!
(Otherwise known as Easter)

This is one of my favourite times of year (being a chocoholic and all ;p) and so we want to spread the joy with all of you and your Pokemon; and I have just the goodies to get you into the Choccy spirit.

The Chocolate Lover's Hamper
Within each hamper are the following goodies:
1x Chocolate Memory Berry which, when eaten by your Pokémon, will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA to help it relearn four moves
it has forgotten through evolution, or to learn four egg moves it wasn't born with. In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of
Relearned and Egg Moves. (Non-Tradeable). Expires 13th April 2015.
1x Chocolate Milkshake (Teaches a Pokemon a new EM or MT move they have yet to learn) Expires 13th April 2015
1x Chocolate Pokéblock which will raise your Pokémon's Cute Stats by 40. Expires 3rd May 2015.
1x White Chocolate Egg (Raises a Pokemon 3 Levels when eaten) Expires 13th April 2015

Enjoy the sugar rush ^-^
Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Happy Easter!
From me you may receive the following in your basket.

1 x Chocolate Ball (Same properties as those of the regular Pokeball, just much tastier!)
1 x White Chocolate Berry (Raises a Pokemon 2 Levels when eaten)

And ... a Choice of ONE of the following:

Torchic Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Fire Spin)
Buneary Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Dizzy Punch)
Exeggcute Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Seed Bomb)
Chansey Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Softboiled)
Togepi Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Metronome)
Pidove Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Featherdance)

Moves learned must be part of the pokemon's moveset
Collecting the following:
x1 Super Pass
x5 Grey Gummis
x5 Silver Gummis
x5 Clear Gummis
x5 Green Gummis
x1 Chocolate Lover's Hamper, which in turn contains
...x1 Chocolate Memory Berry
...x1 Chocolate Milkshake
...x1 Chocolate Pokéblock
...x1 White Chocolate Egg
x1 Chocolate Ball
x1 White Chocolate Berry
x1 Togepi Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Metronome)

Feeding my Level 76 Chikorita Celes the White Chocolate Egg and the White Chocolate Berry, raising her to Level 81.

I'll save the other chocolates for the Move Tutor.

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