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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
No, it's not a Hoppip invasion..although it might be cool to see o0 BUT NO...It's Chocolate Time, it's the time Zombie Jesus rose from his gwave and slaughtered hundreds in the great zombie Massacre of aughtsix, and devoured on the chocolate surprises that sprung from their corpses, and as all traditions from there on, every child has been given chocolate eggs in remembrance of those deliciously chocolaty corpses, yum yum.

Anyways, I bring to you *Rolls out a Giant Egg for every member and hands them a cricket bat*

Alrighty, my chumly chums and chumettes, now you get to beat the remains of the egg to bits and what shall be inside..well i'll tell you, from me you'll receive:

x1 Chocolate Berry (+1 Level, Expires April 16th)
x1 Chocolate Egg (+2 Levels, Expires April 16th)
x1 Chocolate Candy (+3 Levels, Expires 16th April)
x1 Golden Egg (Cashable for 3,000 coins or used as a base decoration)

and watch out for many things to from the Arnie Bunny, who knows what may get loose.

Happy Zombie Jesus day one and all, nom nom nom
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Happy Easter FB!

That cheeky Easter Buneary has been at it again, sneaking into the Soopah Doopah Private Boards in the dead of night and leaving so much chocoloate behind that I'm getting tummy aches just looking at it. So with all of this delectable chocolate just laying around, I figure it's only fair to share. If you'd like one or more of these items, simply quote which ones you'd like and they're all yours ^-^.

x1 In addition to the chocolate you may also have this Super Pass to do with as you please. Expires April 13, 2009.
x1 Chocolate Pokéball made of 100% pure chocolate and works like a normal Pokéball.
x1 Chocolate Pokéblock which will raise your Pokémon's Cute Stats by 40. Expires July 5, 2009.
x1 Chocolate Memory Berry which, when eaten by your Pokémon, will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA to help it relearn four moves it has forgotten through evolution, or to learn four egg moves it wasn't born with. In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of Relearned and Egg Moves. (Non-Tradeable). Expires April 13, 2009.

*hands out chocoholic anonymous pamphlets* :p
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

Buneary came back to the private boards after it had visited Tess and Arn with 2 friends, each bearing gift baskets, all with delicious goodies for you and your Pokemon. I was instructed to give them all away to you, so here I am in my Wigglytuff outfit bouncing away with embarassment for your benefit, bearing a choice of 3 Baskets =p

Buneary Goodie Basket
* Buneary TCG
* Buneary Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Bounce)
* Cotton Coin Case w/2,000 coins

Please quote your choice and enjoy ^-^

*retrieves chocolate* Now, from the Candy Vault this year, distributions follow thusly:

Giving Ephidel the Crobat a Chocolate Berry, a Chocolate Egg and a Chocolate Candy, raising his levels from 66 to 72.
Giving Mango the Quagsire a Buneary Chocolate Figure, teaching her the (Cute!) attack Bounce.

Therefore picking up:
x1 Golden Egg
x1 Super Pass
x1 Chocolate Ball
x1 Chocolate PokeBlock
x1 Chocolate Memory Berry
x1 Buneary Trading Card
x1 Cotton Coin Case

Merry Easter, all!

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