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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post

This has been an intense, highly strategic match. Both Trainers and their respective Pokemon were savvy enough to make the most of their surroundings, and showcased their skills both in tactical sense and sheer power. And now, after a long and intense battle of strength and wits, it's obvious to both Cyrus and Hyrem that the bout is at last coming to an end. Sera and Celes have given it their all, and have certainly made their Trainers proud.

Sera's vision is blurry, her body hurts all over but her fighting spirit is still burning. Celes is considerably worn out as well, breathing heavily but fairing better than her foe. It all comes down to this...
The Kirlia is still under the paranormal effects of the Secret Power that has troubled her so much for the second half of the bout; however, Sera is beginning to adjust to the feeling, and manages to raise her arms faster than before, this time unimpeded by paralysis, and focuses her remaining energy for one last barrage of Signal Beams.
Meanwhile, Celes takes aim and causes two vines to grow from the blossoms around her neck; the grass ropes extend to cover the distance between the two foes at the same time that Sera fires off her rainbow blast!

The beam, made of pure energy, moves slightly faster and finds its mark first, washing over Celes in a highly effective hit - a split-second before the weaker, but less demanding Vine Whips strike their own target, ramming into Sera!
Both Pokemon fall over, thoroughly drained. And for almost two minutes, it seems as if neither is getting back up, but Zion mentally asks Levin to hold his judgment a little longer due to the readings it's picking up...

Finally, both Pokemon move at the same time! Mirroring the previous round, Sera slowly raises her arms in an attempt to get back up; Celes, meanwhile, raises her leaf in the air and tries to get back on all fours, legs shaking madly in the attempt...
... until the Kirlia drops back down, motionless, and the Chikorita manages to stand back up! This one's over - Cyrus and Celes win the match!!

Health: 15%
Energy: 22%
Light Screen blocked

Health: 0%
Energy: 6%
Stats: Sp.Atk +1; Sp.Def +1;


Celes the Chikorita gains 2 levels and
Sera the Kirlia gains 1 XP (deposit here)


Well guys, that was quite the match! I made a couple of mistakes along the way and I'm really sorry for those last-minute changes in some of rounds, but I hope you still had fun. I'll get better with time so I hope I can ref for you again soon!

It was a really strategic match; it made for some complicated rounds with many factors coming into play, and I think you both made good use of the tools you had at your disposal in an arena that can get somewhat tricky to move around!

Talon, congratulations for the victory! Grass-Types aren't easy to use, especially pure ones, and you made the most of Celes's skills throughout the match. I think you made the most of the arena to your advantage, although from a "flavor" perspective I would've liked to see some different moves in the second half rather than all those Secret Powers, but admittedly they were what got you the victory and Chikorita's movepool is pretty shallow to begin with. You proved yourself an excellent strategist and the victory was well earned!

GS, you put up a valiant effort but you came up just short! Paralysis was a thorn on your side that prevented several Signal Beams from sealing the deal for you, not to mention the area damage from that Future Sight that earned you a Flamethrower... All in all it was an even match but Talon took the firm lead at midpoint and Sera was unfortunate not to catch up since. Great showing, and I liked the bits of RP that hint at something strange happening between you and your Starter! ^^

Cheers guys, thanks for putting up with my mistakes and I look forward to reffing for you again!
{RP text to come}

OoC: RP body of text will come later ... same idea as before x5. ^^; orz

Good game, GS! And thanks to you, MarbleZone, for making it possible. Sorry that I wasn't able to commit to the RP side of things as much as I had wanted to. I still plan to come back to this battle in the future (hopefully the very near future!) for Celes's character development. I hope that in failing to follow through on my RP goals I didn't inhibit either one of you from accomplishing your own goals for this match.

But for now ...

Raising Celes's level from 74 to 76.

Collecting Celes's Advanced Trainer Battle Trophy.
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