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Silent's Squad and Stats

Trainer Level 4
C Grade Ref
W/L/D: 16/7/1



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Reffed Matches

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Charizardite X

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Igneel: Level 5 Salamence
Igneel never gives up and always tries to get stronger in order to protect what is dear to him. After losing his family, Igneel trained daily in order to become more powerful. Due to having the natural destructive force of a dragon, his physical capabilities have grown to be off the charts.

Power is all that matters:
All of Igneels physical attacks do an extra mild worth of damage, for 5% extra energy. He has also lost access to Iron defense, Hyper voice, Hydro pump, and Dragon breath.

Chie: Level 4 Female Charizard
Hidden Power: Water

Chie is anxious to become a Charizard, the next step to becoming a dragon. Due to wanting to have the destructive force of a dragon. As a Charmander she went on a journey to train under many mystical dragons. She learned new arts in fighting and magic from the others, but eventually she encountered a Reshiram on her training journey. Reshiram to a small liking into Chie and decided to teach him something extremely powerful. Reshiram took Natsu to an ancient cave, presenting him with an ancient blue stone. This stone was a dragon lacrima, and it had the magical properties to greatly increase the power of a dragon once implanted in ones body. Reshiram took the stone and placed it upon Chies chest. The lacrima slowly it sunk into her body, and eventually she passed out. She awoke back in her home, thinking of it all as just a dream, but then she heard a voice in her head. "Once you mature, master the dragon force, and use it wisely.".

Dragon Force Mode: (Typeless)
Upon entering dragon force mode, Chie gains more dragon like traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on her skin. Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done, drastically enhances Chies' physical prowess, making her far stronger,more resistant to damage, and faster. Due to this all physical attacks will gain 1.2x boost in power, take physical attacks slightly better, and gain a speed boost akin to a dragon dance. This form costs a move and heavy typeless energy to activate, in conjunction it lasts until it is deactivated, which also costs a move and no energy. While in this form all physical attacks will take 1.25x the energy to preform. This form can be obtained twice per match and once per opponent. She can no longer use dragon dance, power up punch, ancient power, toxic, and heatwave.

Kou: Level 4 Male Torterra

Hidden Power: Ice

Kou is a very powerful pokemon, having being the protector of the forest he lived in before his capture. Being the protector, he made his own move to help defend his underlings.

Forests Embrace: Grass/Ground
Using heavy energy half grass/ground type energy, Kou stomps on the ground, pumping the energy into the terrain, causing the ground to crack open. Many thick and thorny vines(about an inch thick) erupt from the cracks in the ground, entangling the target within, causing considerable grass type damage. Escape from the vines is fairy hard, making escape fairy straining. While larger, stronger pokemon might not find escape as hard, smaller and less powerful will find it harder, thus being trapped for longer. The vines cause mild damage typeless damage every round the opponent is trapped within the thorns. The thorns also will cause a crush claw effect leaving the main areas effected raw. This move can be used up to two times per battle. It cannot be preformed in arenas where the ground cannot break open, or pool arenas. He has forgot how to use Curse, swords dance, and giga impact.

Yu: Level 3 Male Vibrava
Hidden Power: Ice

Vibrava is my closest partner and ace. I found him washed up along the beach as a trapinch when I was going to get my starter pokemon. I took him with me for treatment to the lab, where we slowly bonded. So instead of picking a normal starter I decided to take Trapinch along with me. He was very energetic and active unlike the rest of his species and loved to play sports. It turned out the little guy never learned how to swim due to his typing and stubby legs, which is why I found him that day. When he evolved he finally became a better swimmer thanks to his typing, and learned some new moves on top of that.

Waterbug: (water)
Due to his training in learning how to swim, Vibrava now familiar with the water type, getting as much energy as a ice would water. He is also more agile in the water. He can now use the moves surf, aqua jet, whirlpool, and water gun. Water attacks take 1.25x the amount of energy to preform. Due to him being extremely energetic he no longer likes to idle around and has forgotten how to use rest, sleeptalk, snore, hyperbeam, dragonbreath, strugglebug, captivate, endure, and focus energy.

Minato: Level 3 Genderless Metang
Hidden Power: Dark

Metang lived deep underground in a ancient civilization of steel types. He was a warrior, a commanding officer in fact, and led his troops to win many great battles. Their main rivals were Dark and Ghost types, which also inhabited the underground caves, and wanted all of the Steel types land. Suddenly, fairy magic engulfed all of the land with the discovery of the type, nerfing most of the steels. Though the steels gained the ability to beat fairies, it also left them more vulnerable to the evil powers of Dark and Ghost types. Minato, due to his strong will to persevere in battle, was one of the steels unaffected by the nerf. Still holding strong in battle, the opposing forces captured Minato, and he was placed in an incredibly freezing location full of ice and snow. He was then blasted by many Ice type pokemon, who allied with the dark forces, and was eventually frozen for many years.

Ancient Golem: Special resistance
Due to his strong will to fight, and being unaffected by the fairy energy, he is no longer weak to Ghost and Dark types, only taking neutral damage from both. Minato, however, now takes neutral damage from Fairy and Ice types.

Kanji: Level 2 Male Pikachu
Hidden Power: Ground

I found Pikachu recently in a forest and decided to catch him cause of how arrogant and strong he was. Pikachu was easily defeated by my vibrava, but due to his pride formed a kind of rivalry with him. Pikachu challenged Vibrava to many friendly sparing matches, and lost each time since he couldn't affect him. Angered by how powerless he is against the ground type, he ran away one night into the mountains to train in hopes to exploit a weakness. As he battled and trained through the night, he ran into a piloswine also training. Pikachu gave Piloswine a jolt of lightning that piloswine just shook off. Piloswine, shaking his head in disapproval, fired an ice beam back at Pikachu. Being hit by the attack left pikachu with a chunk of ice on his chest. Piloswine then nodded his head, telling Pikachu that is how to deal with his type. Seeing the similarity between his thunderbolt and ice beam, Pikachu tried to replicate the attack to no avail. Piloswine agreed to train pikachu how to use ice type attack, and the two quickly became friends Hoping that one day he will stand a chance against ground types, I agreed to let Pikachu embark on a training expedition for a while with Piloswine in the mountains. He was taking deep inside the mountain where the ice types dwell and was trained. Pikachu still could not produce any ice, thus piloswine took it upon himself to completely incase Pikachu in a block of ice, in hopes it will make him gain familiarity. Shivering inside the ice, Pikachu closed his eyes and concentrated on his training, feeling the ice against his skin, and his body temperature chiil. Being cryogenically frozen for days Pikachu started to undergo change in his body. His organs that produce lightning started to chill, and his body turned more stiff, he was basically becoming one with the ice. With a jolt of lightning Pikachu broke out of the ice having completed his training, having complete confidence in his abilities. He found Piloswine, who told Pikachu to demonstrate his abilities. Closing his eyes to concentrate, Pikachu rapidly cooled his body temperature as cold air started to form around his body. With a battle cry, Pikachu shot a full powered ice beam at Piloswine. After a few weeks I returned to were I released Pikachu to check up on him. He had completed his training and demanded to be fought, only wanting to fight vibrava. As the two battled it appeared Vibrava still had the upper hand, until Pikachu's cheeks began to spark cyan blue. With a jolt Pikachu was engulfed in a blue hue and ice beam fired from his cheek pouches hitting vibrava for a big hit, and taking him down. Having accomplished his goal, I praised Pikachu and returned him into his ball.

Cryogenically frozen: (ice)
Pikachu is familiar with the Ice-type because of his extensive training with ice type pokemon. He has the same amount of Ice-energy as he does Electric. Ice attacks take 1.25x the amount of energy to preform,and Pikachu now can use Ice Beam. Pikachu is 10% less agile cause of his newly-frigid body, due to being encased in ice. He also can't risk being reckless with his body and can no longer use the moves volt tackle, wild charge, focus punch, slam, reversal, rollout, seismic toss and flail. As a Raichu he cannot use hyperbeam, giga impact or counter, He is now also weak against the steel type.

Yukari: Level 3 Female Pidgeot
Hidden Power: Fire

Airbender: (various)
Yukari can now use Fairy wind, icy wind, silver win, and petal blizzard. She has the offtype to use each twice per match. Due to being taught to not be as reckless to be one with the wind, she can no longer use double edge, or brave bird.

Teddie: Level 3 Male Sligoo
This Goomy was separated from his parents in the rainy forest, wanting to leave the enclosure in search of bigger and greater things. Having become lost, and finding it harder and harder to find a lake or pond for water, Goomy began to dry out due to lack of moisture. Goomy, being desperate in his situation, chose the nearest body of water he could find. Little did he know, the lake that he chose was polluted due to toxic waste from a local factory, and inhabited by poison types. He was taken in by a family of Muk and Grimer, due to their similar appearances. Due to the water being polluted, Goomy would get sick often, but it wouldn't be that bad. One the the factory had a meltdown, and the explosion sent an overhaul highly radioactive waste into the waters. The toxins didn't have an affect on the local poison types, in fact, they enjoyed it. On the other hand it made Goomy very sick, even more than he already was. Eventually the toxic waste in the lake began to have an adverse affect on him, as it started to destroy and rebuild his genetic structure to something new. His health slowly improved and eventually the water didn't hurt him at all.

Type change: Dragon/Poison
Due to now living in the polluted waters with other poison types, Goomy is now a Dragon/Poison type, with all the weaknesses and resistances associated with it. Goomy can now use the moves acid spray, venoshock, and gunk shot. He is a proficient swimmer at the speeds of about a Tentacool. Physical contact with Goomy has about a 5% chance to poison the opponent. He can no longer use counter, and substitute. As a goodra he cannot use thunder, fire blast,outrage, giga impact, rest, bulldoze, sunny day, and super power.

Koromaru: Level 3 Female Umbreon
Hidden Power: Ground

Eevees heart is shrouded by darkness. I found her beaten, bruised, and mentally unstable in a forest. I caught her and on my way to the next town, a gang of scientists attacked and demaded the return of Eevee. Eevee who was outside of her ball scurried off crying in panic at the sight of the men, as they sent out there pokemon to attack. I managed to fend them off and subdue them for questioning. Eevee was thier experiment on the mystery of evolution, and since Eevee can potentially evolve into eight know pokemon, made her the perfect candidate. Lost as a kid, Eevee stumbled into a city where it lived in a box in the alley. Eventually while scavenging for food, Eevee was taken in by a group of scientist who promised her food and shelter in exchange for helping them with experiments. Wishing for a better home Eevee agreed, at first it started off as they promised with a good home and food. Eventually as they experiments became harsher Eevee refused to do them, so they forced her into doing them. She then was kept in a small cage under harsh conditions with little food, water, comfort, etc. She poked, probed, hooked up to machines as she was forced to evolve via the evolution stones. Once evolved she was mind shocked by Magnetmite into preforming the variety of attacks. Once they were done with one eeveelution, she was put into a DNA scrambling machine and forced into devolving back into an Eevee. Once they were done with her for the day she was given a little food and water before being put back in her cage. After months of experiments and constant evolution/devolution Eevee had enough. She tried and tried to use the moves her evolutions could use every night, until one day she breathed fire at the bars. Eevee, surprised and stunned then tried to fire water, and it happened. She repeated this process over and over weakening the bars, until she could break the bars with a headbutt. She scurried out of the lab and into the nearby forest where she hid from her pursuers until I found her. She is not a cold Eevee, who prefers to be isolated and alone. She not loves the thrill of battle trying to make other suffer as much as she did. Meanwhile I am trying to shine light back on her heart. Due to her darkness she will only be able to evolve into an umbreon in the future.

Distorted DNA: (Varies)
Having to evolve into her evolutions and then forced into devolving has damaged Eevees DNA. While being forced to preform moves of the specified type she was evolved into daily and her scrambled DNA, she has retained their moves into her memory. She can now use Thunderbolt, Flamethrower,Ice beam,Dark pulse,Psychic,Water gun,Energy ball, Dazzling gleam, and can use each two times per match. Using these moves costs 1.25x more energy to preform. Due to her constantly being put into machines, being probed, and attacked by Magnetmite, she is easily intimidated due to her trauma, so fear based moves are more effective. Her thirst for battle and revenge negates her from using moves involving defense/support, thus she loses all none attacking moves. She only keeps baton pass and toxic, and will only evolve into an Umbreon.

Frosch:Level 3 Male Espeon
Hidden Power: Water

Frosch is rather kind and caring, though he can be pretty tenacious in battle. He learned how to battle through his father, who had a wide variety of moves at his disposal. The fun fact here is his father was in fact a Smeargle, so he taught Frosch a thing or two, since he knows his son is lacking in variety.

Etch A Sketch: varies
Eevee has learned sketch, and has seven sketch slots to be filled. When all the Sketch slots have been filled, Frosch can still Sketch a move, but must be ordered to delete a previously sketched move to do so. Frosch never learned toxic, take down, retaliate, last resort, body slam, curse, and they cannot be sketched. In addition sig moves also cannot be sketched. Frosch will only evolve into an Espeon.
Sketched Moves:
1.Aura Sphere
3.Ice Beam
4.Dark Pulse
5.Stone Edge

Yosuke: Level 3 Male Frogadier
Hidden Power: Ground

Frogadier has a bad habit of disappearing from the group with out saying anything, kind of a bad trait since he thinks of himself as the mature group leader of the squad. Much like the rest of his species he is a ninja in training. He often distances himself from the group to perfect his ninjitsu prowess. Eventually he gave up trying to learn his own ninjutsu and decided to steal one from a Naruto manga.

Wind Shuriken: (flying)
Frogadier forms an orb imbued with flying type energy. The flying type energy forms spikes around the orb of water much like a shuriken. The orb is then thrown much like a shuriken. Upon contact the shuriken engulfs the opponent and sends them about 10 feet in the air, where the wind in the attack slices at them much like air cutter. Once the attack reaches its peak the shuriken explodes like a waterpulse and sends them spiraling back down. This attack does heavy flying damage for major energy. Frogadier has the flying off type to use this twice per match.

Shinji: Level 3 Male Hawlucha
Hidden Power: Fairy

Hawlucha grew up with my Mankey both being orphans at a pokemon shelter, and they have always had a friendly rivalry since the begining. Even so, Hawlucha could never best Mankey at much without cheating in someway, even to this day he has to play dirty in order to best his rival.

Playing dirty: (varies)
Hawlucha has learned how to use Play rough and Sucker punch with the off type to use each twice per match.

Yukiko: Level 3 Female Ivysaur
Hidden Power: Fire

Ivysaur trains to expand her toxic capabilities. As she grew up in the forest, she has had the habit to eat poisonous berries, fruits,trash and other toxic. This makes Ivysaur toxic more potent and dangerous than other Pokemon. She enjoys watching her opponent's suffer slowly from her toxins

Corrosion: (Poison)
Using heavy energy, Ivysaur shoots a sizzling orange toxin at her opponent. Corrosion is a more powerful form of Ivysaurs toxic. Corrosion can toxic steel/inorganic pokemon by burning itself into their bodies directly into their bloodstream, inflicting them with toxic starting at light damage. When corrosion is used on a non inorganic pokemon the damage dealt starts at decent damage, due to being more poisonous than a regular toxic. Corrosion takes heavy energy to be used and can be used twice per battle. He can no longer use safeguard, double edge, and amnesia.

Marie: Level 2 Female Masquerain
Hidden Power: Electric

Masquerain lived in a small lake in the country, next to a village that specialized in water types. People in the village honored Masquerain as their protector from another nearby village rival, which specialized in fire types. Masquerain lived in the village since she was a Surskit and was well accepted being a water type. She was one of the most powerful fighters in her village, despite her smaller size, and winning many great battles. When she felt like she was gonna evolve she fought and fought, refusing to evolve knowing she will lose her water typing and be useless in the village. Eventually due to the lack of an everstone she succumbed to it and evolved, but due to her strong will and devotion she was granted to keep her typing upon evolution. When I came across the villiage I found her chilling in the lake and tried to capture her, but i was scolded by the elders for fighting their guardian. By then Masquerain was already impressed with the strength of my team and agreed to join me, but when shes not in my current team she is back at her village waiting to be called upon.

Type change:Water/bug
Masquerain retains her typing as a Surkit, but with all of the perks of a Masquirain, except she is only familiar with the flying type rather than having infinite flying energy. She is also a slightly slower flyer since she prefers to stay in water, where she is more swift and proficient. She can no longer use substitue, silver wind,whirlwind,giga impact, and air cutter.

Akihiko: Level 3 male mankey
Hidden Power: Ghost

Mankey never gives up and always tries to get stronger in order to protect what is dear to him. After losing his sister, Mankey trained daily in order to become more powerful in the art of fighting. Mankey has a snappy offense and multiple ways to close the gap between him and his opponent, but due to training he also is blessed with being able to fight really well at range also.

Ranged boxing
Mankey is able to punch the air with so much force that his punching type attack are sent in an orb(much like aura sphere) and sent towards the opponent. The orb will retain their type energy usage, strength, and unique properties. Using this move requires you to order "ranged" before the order, for Example(ranged ice punch). Using the ranged version of attacks costs 10% extra energy. Due to having to be calm and composed while boxing Mankey never learned revenge, uproar,psych up, work up, thrash, and final gambit.

Aigis: Level 3 Female Aigislash
Hidden Power: Fire

Honedge now has access to Leaf blade, Psycho cut, and Razor shell all of which are preformed by her blade. She has the type energy to use each twice per battle. She forgets autotomize, retaliate, and slash.

Junpei: Level 3 Male Typlosion
Hidden Power: Grass

Junpei is a baby and was born in the Mt Chimney volcano. He was sadly constantly harassed, looked down upon, and beat on by many of the rock types living there, finding him to be weak and worthless. After the constant abuse, Junpei sought power. strength, and revenge. Seeking training and ventured to the other regions, eventually finding himself near the desert. Being just a baby, a Camelrupt took a liking to Junpei and treated him as his own. Junpei explained how he only wanted training to not be weak, powerless, and respected in his home. Camelrupt agreed to train him, only because like himself, Cyndaquil is also a pokemon deeply entwined with volcanos, and deep down Junpei also had the potential to command rock and ground energy. The two ventured deep into the desert and underwent vigorous training. At first it seemed as though Junpei did not have the natural affinity to conjure ground energy. As the two were about to give up, Junpei, being very frustrated, went into a tantrum and started stomping on the ground. The ground started to shake as his hind legs beat against the desert floor, Junpei was surprised, he had done it. Camelrupt told Junpei that his anger fueled that attack, and with a little bit more training, he can harness his anger to his advantage. A few months later the two departed and Junpei made his way back to his home. Once their he demonstrated his new found skills to the inhabitants. With his new found power he took revenge on all those who used to harass him, and gained the respect of many.

Type Change: Fire/Ground
Cyndaquil is now considered Fire/Ground with all of the weaknesses and resistances of the type. Due to his time training in the desert he has learned sand tomb, earth power, bulldoze, and mud bomb. The blue hair on his back is now the same complexity as sand, so he can hide better in sandy environments. Cyndaquil will feel more enthusiastic in hot and sandy environments, however, he will feel unenthusiastic in rainy and wet environments. Despite the look of his hands, he is an excellent digger like any other ground type. He has lost the use of the moves thrash, focus punch, smokescreen, double edge, and inferno. As a Typlosion he loses the use of solarbeam and giga impact.

Murder.Exe: Genderless Porygon
Hidden power: Fighting

Murder was found on my laptop as a virus when two of my team members decided to look up some of "that" special content. After running the good old anti virus, he popped up and out of my laptop angry and discharging electricity. After his temper tantrum he flew off heading towards the nearby research lab. The next day while going to get breakfast, I ended up near the lab, and decided to check it out. Murder was in a contained in a room and discharging electricity again, and then a worker came up to me and asked if I was a trainer. The scientist told me that they programmed this Porygon a bit more special than the others, an upgrade so to speak. Unlike the other Porygon, they gave this one an artificial affinity to electricity. In doing so, they hoped to use it as a more powerful hacking tool for the military, or something among those lines. He told me the porygon escaped during a test run, and must have popped up in my computer as a virus when it went wrong. Even though it wants freedom, it cannot obtain it due to his coding telling it to come back to the lab. Even if it did escape it wouldn't have a place to call home. He also stated that he also feels sorry for it being a lab experiment, and wanted somebody to take it away. I offered to take Murder off his hands, and he thanked me, running off to rewrite its code to never return back to the lab.

Type Change: Normal/Electric
Murder is now a Normal/Electric type with all of the weaknesses and resistances associated with the typing. He has gained access to the moves Charge and Volt switch. He has lost the use of Conversion, Conversion 2, Lock on, Gravity, Magic coat, Giga impact, and Recover.

Rise: level 3 Female Kirlia
Hidden Power: Fire

Ralts is the most caring partner on my team, always willing to help her team in times of need, and being very supportive when the need be. She doesn't like to fight really being such a caring pokemon, but her supportive moves are much more powerful.

Enemy Radar: (psychic)
All of Kirlia's non offensive moves happen instantly as if they had priority(Like prankster), no matter how exhausted or tired she may be. Her defensive moves also take up an extra minors worth of energy to preform. Since she is more of a supporter than a fighter her offensive attacks are about 10% slower to preform.

Yukino- Level 3 Female Milotic
Hidden Power: Ground

Rain Rain Go Away: (Water)
Upon entering the battle field, Juvia automatically creats a heavy rain storm, which still gives all of the benefits of Rain dance. This takes significant energy, so she will start the battle having already used this energy. The rain will always come, even in an indoor arena, using heavy energy instead, where storm clouds constructed out of energy, form on the ceiling, and cause the rain to fall. Unlike a normal Rain dance the rain is unstopped, even if sunny day is used, and can only be changed by a pokemon like castform. The rain is also very cold, so it will cause a chilled effect on any none water, fire, or ice type pokemon. Juvia has lost the use of normal Rain dance, Coil, Aqua tail, Hail, Giga impact, and Secret power.

SkullCandy- Level 3 Male Cranidos
Hidden Power: Grass

Snorby- Level 3 Male Munchlax

Cobra- Level 3 Male Arbok

Cobra trains to expand his toxic capabilities. As he grew up in the forest, he has had the habit to eat poisonous berries, fruits,trash and other toxic. Eventually Cobra learned how to make his poison more potent and versatile, being able to use it to wear down and tire his opponents.

Venomous Roar: (Poison)
Using Heavy poison energy, Cobra quickly gathers and releases venom from his mouth in the form of deadly, poisonous stream that, when it makes contact with the target, deals decent damage and injects a lethal virus into the target, leaving them with mild paralysis. The virus also causes them to lose mild energy per round, due to the strain of forcing their bodies to move. This virus can be cured by Heal Bell or Refresh. If the victim is switched out, the virus is cured. This move can be used twice per match. Poison, Steels, and Inorganics are immune.

Naoto- Level 3 Nidorino

Sheer Force:Varies
All of Naotos moves with secondary effects now do an extra light amount of damage, but lose their secondary effects in return.

Hardbodied- Level 1 Male Rhyhorn

Boo- Level 1Female Sabeleye

Dotan- Level 1Male Phanphy

Sleet- Level 1 Male Bergmite

Leviathan- Level 1 Male Skrelp

Zangya - Level 1 Female Zangoose

Twix- Level 1 Male Treeko

Whopper -Level 1 Male Wooper

Havoc- Level 2 Male Druddigon


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