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Snorby's Squad That's Finally on UPN

Trainer Level 6
Trainer Points : 373 (TL7 Req: 420)
Service Points: 31 (4 out on loan) (37/40 SP, 1/2 Gym Matches earned for TL7)
Knock Outs : 179 (TL7 Req: 200)
Gym-Earned Badges: 1 (TL7 Req: 2)
Wins : 48 Losses : 10
Draws : 3
Ref Grade: B-
Former Electric Gym Leader
Current Psychic Gym Leader


Ongoing Matches:

Spoiler: show

2 Gym Defense Slots Empty!

Gym Challenge Slot Empty! (On Kamen's queue)

Tournament Slot Empty!

SPPf: Vs Jeri (E4)




SPPf: Vs Clee

Exhib (UPN):




Squad (68/68, 61/68 Sigged):

Spoiler: show

Clavitus: Level 6 male Spiritomb
Hidden Power Type: Fighting
Biography: Clavitus was bound to his keystone hundreds of years ago by the demons of Hell. These demons tortured his subconscious over the centuries, but under me he has trained his mind to accept the influence of the demons. After he accomplished this, he changed drastically. Where he was once purple, he is now a reddish-orange color. Where he was green, he is now black. His pupil is now a blood red color. On top of these aesthetic changes, he has acquired an odd ability: He is now able to produce hellfire.

Special Training: Hellfire [Fire]
Using Major Fire-Type energy, Clavitus conjures a massive ball of black flames. This attack deals Significant Fire-Typed damage, and is all but guaranteed to cause burns where it contacts the opponent. These burns will be more potent than normal, causing more intense pain when struck and dealing mild damage each round rather than light. Clavitus may use this attack twice per battle and may not use Memento, Telekinesis, and Ominous Wind.

Toneae: level 6 female Galvantula
Hidden Power Type: Ice
Item Attached: BugCatcher's Token
Biography: Toneae greatly admires the Surskit line and has always aspired to be like them. Despite this, all her attempts to use attacks like Water Gun and Bubblebeam came up short. Try as she might, she couldn't use water attacks. Fortunately for her, I helped her become like Surskit in another way- learn to walk on water! She got so good at walking on the surface of the water we decided to work on other things. After a few months, she was able to do things no one thought possible before, like walk on lava without getting burned!

Special Training: Spider Jesus! (XX)
Toneae may walk through or on the surface any fluids unimpeded, as if she was walking on solid ground. This means that negative effects of things such as lava or sewage don't effect her. However, Toneae may not use Magnet Rise.

Clapton: Level 6 Male Druddigon
Hidden Power Type: Grass
Biography: Clapton loves to suck the life out of things. His music, his fans, his bank accounts, everything. Due to this, he's honed some new attacks unfamiliar to most Druddigon, to satiate his need to drain life from things in a healthier way- the way of battle!

Special Training: It's In The Way That You Use It [Various]
Clapton has learned the moves Drain Punch and Giga Drain, and these may be infused with Dragon energy instead of their usual type when ordered as Dragon!Drain Punch and Dragon!Giga Drain, respectively. Clapton has enough Grass offtype to use Giga Drain as a grass move twice per battle. Clapton may not use Flamethrower or Charge Beam.

Ignisector: Level 6 Male Heatmor
HP Rock
Biography: Long ago, Pinwheel Forest was ravaged by a swarm of Durant. These Durant brutally attacked the local grass populations, such as Sewaddle and Cottonee, and most species of Grass-Types were on the verge of extinction. However, the small group of Pansage living in the forest came up with an idea. Knowing Durant has a natural enemy, they made the trek to Victory Road, and begged a Heatmor to come protect them. A single Heatmor, Ignisector, obliged readily, and upon returning to the forest wiped out the encroaching Durant Population. Virizion, the guardian of the forest, was very grateful and blessed Ignisector with gifts of the forest before he left. These gifts have made him incredibly skilled with Grass Attacks in battle.

Special Training: Defender of Nature (GR)
Ignisector is now familiar with the Grass Type. He may now use Leaf Blade, Sleep Powder, and Vine Whip, with the vines being grass energy constructs that extend from his hands. However, Ignisector may no longer use Overheat and Fire Blast, and he now takes neutral damage from Grass thanks to his affinity with the type.

Alpha: Level 6 Male Stunfisk
HP Grass
Biography: Alpha likes to make things do what he wants, hence his name. He bosses everyone around all the time, and it gets on a lot of people's nerves. He's used this to his advantage in battle, however. After a lot of practice, he figured out a way to even boss his own attacks around by combo'ing two of them into one new move!

Special Training: Why Have Logic When You Can Have Derpfisk? (GD/EL)
Alpha can use any of his Ground-Type moves with the execution of his Electric-Type moves, and vice versa. This is ordered as [Move1]-Style [Move2], where the first move is how the move is executed, while the the second move's type, energy and damage levels, and secondary effects are used. So, if Earthquake!Thunderbolt is ordered, Signifcant Electric energy is channeled through the ground or directly onto the opponent, dealing Signifcant Electric damage with a 10% chance of paralysis, but if Thunderbolt!Earthquake is used, the attack is a bolt of significant Ground energy levied at the opponent, dealing significant Ground damage for no secondary effect. The cost, however, is that Alpha may no longer use Stealth Rock, Payback, Muddy Water, and Magnet Rise.

Marianne: Level 6 Female Electivire
HP Ice
Biography: Marianne absolutely loves to study knights from medieval times. Medieval battles interest her especially- she'll spend countless hours with books about battle strategies and weapons and the history of the Hundred Years War. She, with a little help from her History tutor (a Roserade), has even incorporated her love of Medieval Knights into her battle style, though naturally her tutor influenced the attack significantly.

Special Attack: Roseflail (GR)
Using Major Grass energy, Marianne creates an energy construct resembling a medieval flail with a Rosebud covered in thorns on the end, and strikes the opponent repeatedly with it. This attack deals Major Grass damage and has a 30% chance to cause confusion. Alternatively, the flail can be thrown to hit foes at long distances, still dealing Major Grass damage but lacking the 30% chance for confusion. Marianne has the grass energy to use Roseflail twice in a given battle, and may not use the move Hammer Arm.

Gamma: Level 6 Genderless Golurk
HP Grass
Biography: Gamma hates being a slow walker. As a Golett, he hoped that when he evolved he would get faster so he could compete in relay races, but sadly upon evolution, Gamma was very, very disappointed. As a Golurk, one of the least mobile pokemon around, Gamma was infuriated, and he worked his ass off to become more mobile. After years and years, he still walks slowly, but he has since nearly perfected another mode of transportation- flight.

Special Training: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY~ [XX]
Gamma's flight now costs no energy to maintain. He's also more agile in the air than normal. He natural floats a few inches off the ground, and must be ordered to ground himself, though this does not count as a move. Gamma may no longer use Gravity and Focus Punch.

Olive: Level 6 Female Lanturn
HP Grass
Biography: Olive loves to watch Dragon Ball with me. A few months ago, we were watching the second World Tournament Finals, where Tien defeated Goku. Tien is Olive's favorite character, and she is particularly enamored with Tien's Solar Flare technique. As such, she has crafted her own version.

Special Attack: Solar Flare (EL): Charging Decent Electric energy into its antennae, Olive creates a powerful burst of light and electricity. If the target sees it, they will be stunned out of their current attack. Afterward, they will still have some trouble seeing, and because of this their accuracy will be drastically reduced for two rounds after the attack. There is a 20% chance the excess electricity in this attack will paralyze the foe. Olive may not use the moves Bubblebeam and Scald.

Bruce: Level 6 Male Drapion
HP Grass
Biography: In truth, Bruce is a pretty awful fellow. A true sadist, he loves torture his opponents endlessly. Disappointed with the lack of good torture options in his move set, Bruce decided to hone his Poison Sting attack to make it much, much more excruciating for the opponent to suffer through. Lo and behold, he pulled it off with aplomb.
Special Attack: Scorpion's Sting (PO):
Bruce releases an array of pin-like poison energy constructs, similarly to poison sting. This attack deals moderate poison-type damage for good energy. It has a 30% chance to Poison the target, and a 50% chance to paralyze them. These effects may not be concurrent.

Georgina: Level 6 Female Torterra
HP Rock
Biography: Georgina always wanted to fly. Obviously, she can't- she's a Torterra for crying out loud! Because of this, she has a deep-seeded hatred for flying types and Pokemon that can levitate. She simply can't stand them- sometimes she'll outright refuse to be outside of her PokeBall at the same time as her airborne teammates. To help her get over this unrelenting fury, I trained her in ways to ground her opponents in the most effective ways possible.

Special Attack: Vine Slam (GR)
Using Signficant Grass energy, Georgina slams her forefeet into the ground, and from the terrain in front of her erupts a massive, thorn-covered vine. This vine, as manipulated by Georgina, ensnares the foe, and slams them into the ground. This move can be used in any circumstance that a Grass-Type could use Grass Knot. This attack does solid Grass-type damage, though Flying types are weak to this move as opposed to their normal Grass resistance, thanks to the attack's similarities to Smack Down. This attack will leave all flying and levitating foes with hindered flight/levitation for about a round or so after the move is used, though a Pokemon's flight will be hindered less and less with repeated usage of the move. This attack may be used up to three times per battle and Georgina may no longer use Iron Tail, Outrage or Rock Smash.

Skippy: Level 6 Male Swampert
HP Flying
Swampertite Attached
Biography: Skippy has an odd tendency to skip wherever he goes. Hence, his name. Sometimes, when he skips for too long, he can't stop skipping, and sometimes he can't even change direction. Once such incident occurred a few years back, when Skippy was skipping around on a mountain. He skipped up the mountain trail, all the way to the summit... when he realized that it wasn't a mountain per se, but a volcano- an active one at that! Unable to stop skipping, Skippy could do nothing but resign himself to his fate of a fiery demise. He fell into the volcano, and sat there for hours, burning and wailing, until a Magmar found him and dragged him out. He was badly burned, however, so I, a resident of the town at the base of the volcano, took him in. Once he had recovered, he was stronger than ever! He had absorbed the flames and magma into himself, and had become nigh impossible to burn and had even learned a few new tricks!

Special Training: Skip in FLAMES (FI)
Skippy can now reside and swim in magma and lava as well as a Magmortar can. He may also use the move Lava Plume, at a max of twice in a given battle. Skippy may no longer use Hydro Pump or Blizzard.

Boog: Level 6 Female Kabutops
HP Grass
Bio: Boog is a Kabutops from a very special clan- she was never revived, you see. Nor were any of her ancestors. As it turns out, Kabutops never really went extinct- a tiny tribe lived in seclusion for centuries, deep under Seafoam Island, while the rest fell to the changing world and the appearance of new species. Since she and her tribe where never resurrected from fossils, they don't have the essence of rocks melded into their DNA- that is to say, they aren't Rock-types. They, rather, are the same typing as all Ancient Kabuto and Kabutops were... for they were the first Bug-Type Pokemon, coming even before Ancient Anorith and Ancient Armaldo, although over the centuries Kabuto DNA was diluted to a point that all traces of the Bug-Type disappeared. After generations of tunneling, they were finally able to make it back to the surface, and they were soon found by the Cinnabar Lab. As a lab assistant there who's always been interested in Kabutops, when the tests were complete I was allowed to keep one. I named her Boog, after a strange noise she makes, and while it was hard for her to adapt to her new life at first, we bonded quickly, and she soon became one of my most dependable Pokemon.

Type Change: Water/Bug
Boog is now a Water/Bug type, with all associated weaknesses, resistances, and characteristics. She has learned the moves U-Turn and Bug Buzz. She is now only familiar with the Rock type. However, she never learned the moves Substitute, Stealth Rock, Low Kick, Dig, Aurora Beam, and Aqua Tail.

Iunno: Level 6 Male Sigilyph
HP Fighting
Iunno is a ditzy one. She oft has no idea what she's doing, hence her name. Her way of saying "I dont know" seems to be to sort of just cock her head to the side, like a puppy, and look confused. Anyway, she used to live in the Desert Resort, and she had a hard time with a gang of Darumaka who would beat her up. She wasn't sure how to get them to stop, and eventually I came upon the Darumaka attacking her, and tried to stop them. I picked Baconator, then just a wee Pignite, for the task, but there were just so many Darumaka he could only take down three of the nine or so that attacked before being KO'd. Things looked grim for both myself and Iunno, but then suddenly, Iunno started glowing with a brownish hue, the color of sand. After a moment, a massive rush of sand and energy came bursting forth from her maw on her stomach, and all the Darumaka were KO'd straight away. Shocked, I asked her how she did that, but she just gave me one of her classic Iunno confused looks. So, we began to work together on it, and eventually she decided to join my team, once we had perfected the attack.

Special Attack: Sand Shot (GD)
Iunno quickly blasts the target with a concentrated shot of sand, dealing Significant Ground Damage for Major energy. This technique is performed with about as much speed as an Ice Shard and can cause Electric attacks to refract away if it comes in contact with one. This move can be used twice per battle.

Bacon: Level 6 Female Blissey
HP Rock
Biography: Bacon... has her name for a reason. Fact is, she's addicted to eating Bacon. She simply can't get enough of it. I practically go broke trying to feed her! She eats, on average 30 pounds of bacon on any given day. Why this is is anyone's guess, though my personal opinion is she loves bacon just as much as everyone else does, but she has no self control. Whatever the case may be, her extremely odd diet has had some effects on her physically and in battle. The fat from all the bacon she's eaten gives her an extra coat of blob blubber, but on top of that, with the excessive amounts of protein she's getting, she's actually developed quite a bit of muscle under that blubber!

Special Resistance: Bacon Power!
Due to the extra fat Bacon has accumulated, she can take physical attacks just as well as any other Pokemon, despite her Species Characteristic. In addition, thanks to the added muscle from all the protein she's gotten, her physical attacks now do just as much damage as her special ones, despite her SC's inhibitions. She never learned Psychic, Incinerate, Charge Beam, and Power-Up Punch, however.

Pangari: Level 7 Female Gengar (Uplevel)
HP Bug
Reaper's Token Attached.
Biography: Pangari must have loved Basketball in a past life. She can't remember it, but she has such a knack for the sport that I can't imagine anything else. Well, I'm sure being a ghost who can float helps her dunking skills, but still! She can shoot three-pointers like nobody's business, and I don't think I've ever seen her miss a free-throw. After awhile, though, Pangari has started to want to use her skills from the court on the field of battle. To accommodate this, we started working on making an energy basketball hoop. We've had great success, and now Pangari has an... interesting attack to use on her opponents, to say the least.

Special Attack: SLAMDUNK!!! (GH)
Pangari conjures a basketball hoop tailored to the size of the opponent with Major Ghost energy as her hands rush out to grab the foe. Her hands move incredibly fast and will outspeed most attacks, even interrupting current attacks thanks to the sudden force of the grab. The hands will pick the opponent up, fly them through the air at an incredible speed, and then slam into the hoop, dunking the opponent through it and sending them crashing down to the ground below. This attack deals Major Ghost-Type damage. While Pangari is lifting her opponent for this attack, her opponent will feel no heavier to her than a Basketball, so this attack may be used on any Pokemon, even if Pangari would normally be unable to pick them up. This may be used, at most, three times in a a given battle.

Frieda: Level 6 Female Goodra
HP Ghost
Biography: Frieda's a bit of a grump. We live near a university, and she really dislikes how loud and obnoxious the parties can get. I tend to agree with her, but I just drown them out with some music and carry on with my life. Frieda has a.... different approach. A grumpier approach. A much, much more painful approach for those idiots who dare disturb her peace. Flash Bombs. She's gotten so good at making them that she's started using them in battle to give herself an edge. I just hope nobody tries to arrest me for letting her target the frat boys with flash bombs all the time...

Special Attack: Flash Bomb (NO)
Using Heavy energy, Frieda forms an orb and hurls it toward the opponent. Once nearby the opponent, it will explode, dealing Considerable damage and having a 20% chance to Burn, a 30% to Paralyze, and a 40% chance to Confuse the target. Only one status may occur at a time. Flash Bomb has a fairly sizable blast radius, making it difficult to dodge. This attack may be used three times in a given battle. Frieda cannot use Shock Wave, Focus Punch, Outrage, and Muddy Water.

Foo: Level 6 Genderless Metagross
HP Grass
Metagrossite Attached
Biography: Foo, being a supercomputer, is all about tactics. He always has the battle planned out- he's calculated his odds of success and has every possible outcome assessed before the match even starts. He's so good with tactics that he'd honestly probably fight better if he was a Wild Pokemon and didn't have to listen to me! One thing that he hates, though, is that he can't retreat when it's the optimal option. Because of this, we've worked together to come up with an attack that allows him to do just that, even when the rules of the battle normally disallow it.

Special Attack: Tactical Retreat (ST)
Using Heavy Steel energy, Foo slams one of his legs into the ground, creating a shock wave that will strike the opponent. This will drop both their physical and special defenses by one stage, though the attack deals no damage. This drop fades the same way any other would. Foo uses leftover energy to switch out for a teammate, even if the match is Switch = KO. Alternatively, Foo may use this attack directly on the opponent, rushing them and striking them directly, for the same effects. This is a rather fast attack and its therefore difficult to outpace. If the attack does not affect the opponent, Foo will still switch out, but the attack instead costs Major energy.

Salabee: Level 6 Male Magmortar
HP Water
Biography: Salabee loves Mars. Not my Venusaur- though they do get along rather well- the planet. In fact, Mars and Salabee enjoy studying Mars together. After awhile, Salabee grew especially interested in the dry ice in Mars' poles. He studied dry ice further, and eventually figured out a way to generate his own. After some practice, he found a way to use it to his advantage in battle.

Special Attack: Icy Hot (IC)
Using Considerable Ice energy, Salabee fires ball of similar to dry ice at her opponent. The ball explodes onto the target, dealing Solid Ice damage and having a high chance to cause burns, about that of Lava Plume. This attack sucks moisture from the opponent a la an Ice Type's Freeze Dry, and therefore hits Water Types for Super-effective damage. This attack may be used thrice in a given battle. Salabee cannot use Dual Chop, Power-Up Punch, or ThunderPunch, however.

Cain: Level 6 Male Rampardos
HP Water
Biography: As a Pachycephalosaurus, Cain has fibroblasts in his skull that allow his species to heal very quickly. Through training, he has figured out how to use his anatomy to his advantage in battle.

Special Training: Fibroblast Healing
Cain has learned the moves Refresh and Recover. Cain has forgotten how to use Dig, Sandstorm, and Thunder.

Pi: Level 6 Female Steelix
HP Ice
Steelixite Attached
Biography: When Pi was a young Onix, she loved to play medieval games with her friends. She would always attach a large, spiked ball of rock to her tail and pretend to be a flail for these games. One day, however, she and her friends found a metal coat by mistake while playing, and Pi suddenly began to evolve. The fake flail head was now coated in steel and attached to Pi, having become a part of her body. Though shocked at first, she soon embraced it, and now, thanks to some training, she can use it well, even in ways that make the flail on her tail beneficial!

Signature Trait: FLAILTAIL! [XX]
The end of Pi's tail is now massive and incredibly sharp, almost like the end of a flail. Due to this, her tail-based attacks now deal 20% more damage but cost 10% more energy.

Joey: Level 6 Male Forretress
HP Water
Biography: Joey is a very indecisive little bugger (hah!). He's so bad at making choices that he can never even settle on what shell he wants. To remedy this, he sheds and replaces his shells A LOOT. In the midst of battle, even. While this might sound detrimental, after a bit of tweaking it has actually proved to be quite the useful technique in the heat of battle.
Special Training: Shed Shell (ST)
Using Major Steel energy, Joey quickly sheds his shell and retreats away from the opponent as a new one forms. The opponent, distracted by the husk, will attack it instead of Joey, but it will crumble after being hit by a single attack, revealing Joey to have a new, stronger shell. The extra toughness of his new shell will boost both of his defenses by two stages. Standard boost stipulations apply.

Trost: Level 6 Male Eelektross
HP Grass
Biography: When Trost was young, he was taking a return journey to Unova from Kanto on the S.S. Anne, when suddenly the ship began to sink. Trost found himself to be the only survivor besides the water type pokemon on the ship- a Wartortle, a Staryu, a Tentacool, and a Krabby. The four had helped him out of the ship and, despite Trost's excellent swimming abilities, needed to help him on the swim to the nearest land. It ended up being a small, deserted island, which no human had lived on in years. They managed to survive together, however, and while they awaited rescue, Trost practiced his long distance swimming. After four months, the rescue boats came- and when they did, they discovered an Eelektrik with amazing aquatic abilities!

Special Trait: Aqueous Eel [WA]
Trost is now familiar with the Water-Type. He has learned Water Gun, Aqua Jet, and Brine. He may no longer use the moves Acid, Grass Knot, Dragon Tail, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Charge Beam, Volt Switch, and Bind.

Blue Devil: Level 2 Male Wobbufett

Carrot: Level 6 Male Infernape
HP Grass
Biography: Dark, depressed, and cynical, Carrot is a true edgelord. He owns the darkness to the point where even Bruce Wayne is jealous, and his annoyed flame!hairflips can make even Gladion jealous. As such, Carrot has embraced his ways into his own battlestyle.
Special Training: Edgelord Supreme (DK)
Carrot is now familiar with the Dark type, and can use the moves Sucker Punch, Night Daze, and Snarl. He may no longer use Acrobatics, Grass Knot, Flare Blitz, and Power-Up Punch.

Lucian: Level 6 Male Lucario
HP Fairy
Biography: Lucian loves his big movepool, but he wants it to be EVEN BIGGER, specifically in ways that help him deal with his weaknesses more easily. My Torterra, Wigglytuff, and Sigilyph were more than happy to help him.
Special Training: So I herd u hav a big movpool (Various)
Lucian may use the moves Moonblast, Energy Ball, and Twister. Each may be used twice per battle, but he no longer has access to Dragon energy (consequently losing Dual Chop and Dragon Pulse as well as any other Dragon Moves he may learn in the future). Additionally, he may no longer use Close Combat and Power-Up Punch. Obviously, he cannot use Dragon Twister.

Flammaregina: Level 6 Female Camerupt
HP Grass
Item Attached: Cameruptite
Biography: Flammaregina loves the sun. She even worships Apollo, the sun god and the Fighting GL in ASB. Thanks to her worship, Apollo granted her a special gift.
Special Training: Apollo's Blessing (GR)
Flammaregina has been blessed with the ability to use the move Solar Beam as a Grass type. She may use it three times per battle, but her Hidden Power must always be Grass and she is not allotted any extra Grass energy by her Hidden Power. She may no longer use Eruption nor Fissure.

Nova: Level 6 Genderless Starmie
HP Grass
Biography: A nova is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion on a white dwarf, which causes a sudden brightening of the star. Novae are not to be confused with other brightening phenomena such as supernovae or luminous red novae. Novae are thought to occur on the surface of a white dwarf in a binary system when they are sufficiently near to one another, allowing material (mostly hydrogen) to be pulled from the companion star's surface onto the white dwarf. The nova is the result of the rapid fusion of the accreted hydrogen on the surface of the star, commencing a runaway fusion reaction.
Special Training:
Nova can now use the moves Shadow Ball, Mud Bomb, and Lava Plume. She can use Mud Bomb thrice and the other two twice per battle. Nova may no longer use Psyshock and Aurora Beam.

Baker: Level 6 Female Aerodactyl
HP Ground
Biography: Baker is a veteran of the legendary crackfest. He was severely injured during the battle, breaking both a leg and wing. He feels as though this would not have happened had he had better STAB options, so he trained himself to be able to use his favorite move as a STAB attack.
Special Training: Dragonbreath is such a Good Move (RK/FL)
Baker may use Dragonbreath as a rock move, ordered as Stonebreath, or as a flying move, ordered as Windbreath. Baker may no longer use Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, and Dragon Pulse.

Formidraqua: Level 6 female Gyarados
Hidden Power Type: Flying
Biography: Formidraqua likes to scare things. Because of this, she has started roaring the moment she pops out of her PokeBall.
Special Training: Preemptive Terror [XX]
Whenever Formidraqua enters the battle, she uses Roar immediately after being released from the PokeBall. This does not count as a move, but does cost and additional minor amount of energy more than the standard Roar. This attack has a good amount of surprise factor to it, which makes it notably scarier than normal Roar attacks.

Jack: Level 6 Male Gourgeist-Super
Bio: Jack loves watching Pumpkin cannons and catapults when we go to Pumpkin patches around Halloween. It's kind of masochistic of him, I guess, but hey, whatever floats his boat, right? He also likes watching Soul Eater. When he saw Blair use her magic to fire a magic pumpkin cannon from her hand, he decided he was going to try to do something like that. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have arms. So, he decided to use his Ghostly energies and his own pumpkin-like physique to make it work in a different way.
Special Attack: PUMPKIN CANNON! [Ghost]:
Using Major Ghost energy, Jack creates a cannon made entirely of ghost energy, and jumps into it. The cannon then fires Jack, whom is cloaked in Ghost energy, at the opponent at an incredible speed, slamming into the foe and causing an explosion that deals Major damage. The noise when Jack is fired out of the cannon startles the opponent, making them freeze up in a way similar to Roar. If the attack gets a full hit, the explosion will knock most opponents over, further distracting them. After firing Jack, the cannon disappears.

Frosty: Level 6 Male Glalie
HP Ground
Glalite Attached
Frosty the Glalie was a deadly, spiteful soul
With a big-ass jaw and a missing nose
And a beard made out of coal

Frosty the Glalie is a spawn of hell, they say
He's not made of snow, but the children know
How he ruined their lives one day.

There must of been some magic in
That iced boulder they found,
For when they kicked it he jumped up
And they died without a sound.

O, Frosty the Glalie,
Was terrifying as could be,
And the children say he killed twelve that day,
Even more than you and me!

Special Training: Jaws of Death [Various]:
To better torture his victims, Frosty has learned how to use Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, and Poison Fang. He has enough offtype to use each of these up to 3 times per battle. Frosty may no longer use Dark Pulse, Hex, Taunt, and Self-Destruct. Frosty no longer benefits in any way from eating snow and ice.

Piccolo Daimao: Level 7 Male Beeheeyem (Uplevel)
Bio: Thanks to XY Programmers being lazy, Piccolo and his brethren have learned an odd new attack: Steel Wing. Why is this weird, you might ask? Well, Elgyem and Beeheeyem don't have wings, as you'd know if you've ever seen a picture of them ever. Seriously, why are you even asking? Anyway, this sig's sole purpose is to mock this mistake intensely.
Signature Move: Totally a Bird You Guys! [Various]
Piccolo may now use Icy Wind, Heat Wave, and Sky Attack, but he may not use Hidden Power, Imprison, or Charge Beam.

Buranimi: Level 6 Female Medicham
HP Water
Biography: Buranimi hates ghosts. She isn't afraid of them (though maybe she should be, given her weakness to them) mind you, she simply hates them with a burning passion. She'd love nothing more than to tear every single Ghost type to pieces. For this reason, she has honed a move all her own to combat them with.
Special Training: Ghostbuster! [DK]
Using Major Dark energy, Buranimi fires a slew of purplish orbs at the opponent, dealing Major Dark-type damage. This attack hits Ghost types as if they were in ethereal, regardless of state. Buranimi can use this attack twice per battle.

Goggles: Level 6 Female Crobat
HP Grass

Baconator: Level 6 Male Emboar
HP Grass
Biography: Baconator knows that everyone loves him because he's essentially self-cooking bacon. As such, he's trained himself to make the most of this... talent.
Special Attack: Self-Cook (FI)
Using solid Fire energy, Baconator momentarily lights himself ablaze, powering himself up and causing the aroma of bacon to waft through the arena. This gives him a single stage boost to his attack and special attack. Additionally, the opponent will be less inclined to attack Baconator for the next few rounds and even have a 50% to become confused at the sight of a Pokemon lighting itself on fire. Baconator may use this move up to three times per battle, but cannot use Head Smash, Rock Slide, and Heat Wave.

Ringo: Level 6 Male Malamar
HP Rock
Biography: Ringo Starr was always everyone's least favorite Beatle, but he was, in reality, still an excellent drummer and.. well, a passable singer. He was also a really cool narrator of Thomas the Tank Engine, so there's that. I think Ringo gets a bad rap, so I'm naming my Malamar after him in consolation. Though he surely has money to wipe his tears with, so there's that.
Special Attack: Maxwell's Silver Hammer [DK]
Using Major Dark energy, Ringo creates a silver energy construct resembling a hammer beforing either bashing the opponent with it or hurling it at them, dealing Major Dark damage. While this is a physical hit, the hammer has the strange ability to make all Ghosts solid upon contact. The ghost hit by the attack will be forced to stay solid for the round following the use of the attack. Ringo never learned Payback or Reversal.

Mercury: Level 6 Male Gallade
HP Fairy
Biography: Mercury is a classic rocker, the frontman of the band Queen. His first name is Freddie, but I picked Mercury to be this Kirlia's name since it sounds cooler. Mercury is a very flamboyant fellow who really, really hates Ghosts for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with my Gym. Nope. Not at all.
Special Training: Don't Stop Me Now! [XX]
Mercury's Special Attacks hit Ghosts as though they're in the ethereal state, and his Physical Attacks hit Ghosts as though they're in the solid state. Mercury cannot use Thief, Shadow Sneak, Disarming Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Magical Leaf, Psyshock, and Secret Power, however.

Ponzi: Level 6 Male Sudowoodo
HP Water
Biography: Charles Ponzi was an Italian businessman and con artist in the U.S. and Canada. His aliases include Charles Ponci, Carlo, LKaz and Charles P. Bianchi. Born and raised in Italy, he became known in the early 1920s as a swindler in North America for his money-making scheme. While this swindle predated Ponzi by several years, it became so identified with him that it now bears his name. His scheme ran for over a year before it collapsed, costing his "investors" $20 million.
Special Attack: Fine Print (RK)
Using Considerable energy, Ponzi goes to teach the opponent how a Ponzi Scheme works in the most convoluted business terms he possibly can. While he has the opponent distracted, he drops a large rock onto its head (or the equivalent body part), dealing Solid Rock Damage. This has a 30% chance to leave the opponent confused between the business mumbo-jumbo and the blow to the head. This deals Super-Effective Damage to Fighting-Types, who's brawn-over-brains mentality makes the legal lingo even more confusing for them. Ponzi cannot use Stealth Rock.

Verdi: Level 6 Male Sceptile
HP Rock

Tartar Sauce: Level 6 Female Tyranitar
HP Bug
Biography: Tartar Sauce has always been a competitor. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who loves the thrill of battle more than her, in fact. This has been problematic for her, however, as she's been cursed with a horrible, horrible typing. So, she decided she wanted to get rid of it. After a lot of training, she managed to shed her Rock Typing and embrace her inner darkness.
Type Change: Why does Rock suck so much? (DK)
Tartar Sauce is now a pure Dark-Type, with all weaknesses and resistances associated with that typing, though she retains a weakness to Grass-Type moves. She is now simply familiar with the Rock type, and has lost access to Stealth Rock, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, and Rock Polish as a result of his type change. Her body is no longer filled with sand, disallowing him from generating his own Sandstorm attacks. She may no longer use the moves Whirlpool, Focus Blast, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, and Iron Tail. This sig has no effects in the Larvitar and Pupitar stages.

Ruby: Level 6 Female Grumpig
HP Ground
Biography: Ever since she was a wee Spoink, Ruby has been jealous of how Espeon and Xatu are able to bounce back status attacks and such. So, she buckled down and worked on a way to replicate it. She studied some books on the move Magic Coat, and after a lot of practice, she managed to sort of replicate it.
Special Training: Magic Bounce (PS)
Non-Damaging attacks used on Ruby by an opponent have a 50% chance to rebound, not affecting Ruby at all and affecting the opponent instead. This costs a light amount of energy to maintain every round, though it won't contribute to exhaustion. Ruby may not use Power-Up Punch.

Guildmaster: Level 6 Male Wigglytuff
HP Ground
Biography: Guildmaster Wigglytuff is a world renowned explorer. Don't let his dopey facade fool you- he's very powerful, and even the most rough-and-tumble explorers quake in fear at the prospect of facing his ungodly sound attacks. Those who join his guild are advised to keep the Perfect Apples and Guild Dues coming, or else they're in for a WORLD of hurt.
Special Training: The Guildmaster's Rage (XX)
Guildmaster's damaging sound-based attacks deal x1.2 the damage they normal would. The effects of non-damaging sound attacks will be more potent, working as if all foes had sensitive hearing. Guildmaster never learned Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and ThunderPunch.

Babidi: Level 6 Male Alakazam
HP Steel
Biography: Babidi is a wizard who wanders the galaxy, possessing the most powerful warriors he can find and making them his slaves. It's been his goal for all his life to unleash his father Bibidi's creation- Majin Buu. After much effort, he finally succeeded- and while it ended in his demise, this hasn't stopped me from immortalizing him as my Alakazam, and given this Alakazam one of his signature techniques as tribute.
Special Attack: Demon Eye (NO)
Using Heavy energy, Babidi's eyes turn Black for a moment before a black, gooey substance explodes out of his spoons onto the target of his choice. This black slime will coat the opponent before almost immediately hardening, restricting the afflicted Pokemon's movement noticeably and making them act and react more slowly as a result. two to three rounds after being used, the slime will explode, dealing Considerable damage to the afflicted Pokemon. The slime, being magical, is impossible to get rid of until the technique ends and it explodes. Babidi may only use this move twice per battle and may no longer use Focus Punch, Psyshock, and Grass Knot.

Clee: Level 6 Genderless Claydol
HP Fighting
Biography: Clee is a Claydol who hates two things: the Pokemon Claydol (ironically) and the move Heat Wave. Unfortunately, Clee also has the unacceptable habits of shitposting and starting matches only to immediately disappear for six months. As punishment for these issues, he's been made a Claydol and taught Heat Wave.
Special Attack: Obligatory Heat Wave Joke (FI/GD)
Clee can now use the move Heat Wave. This Heat Wave will shatter all screens, cubic and pane, it comes in contact with. This may also be used as a Ground-Typed Attack, ordered as Ground!Heat Wave. Neither version of Heat Wave has any chance to burn the opponent. The fire version may be used twice per battle. Clee never learned Rock Tomb or Psyshock.

Clyde: Level 6 Male Banette
HP Bug
Biography: Clyde is one of the four main ghosts in the Pac-Man series. Of the other 3 ghosts, Inky is shown to be his closest friend. While the other three ghosts are off chasing Pac-Man, Clyde will be off doing his own thing. He is typically portrayed as the least intelligent and most submissive ghost.
Special Attack: Clavo Exponentia (GH)
Using Major Ghost energy, Clyde places a curse on the opponent that makes them feel as if a nail is being slowly but surely hammered into their skull, lasting 3 rounds. For the duration of the curse, it will be exceedingly difficult for the afflicted Pokemon to concentrate thanks to the excessive pain it's in. They will be slower to execute and react to attacks, with their attacks even costing an extra amount of energy dependent on the power of the move. Attacks that cost less than Solid energy will cost an minor amount more, attacks costing between considerable and high inclusive will cost a light amount more, and attacks costing Major or more will cost a mild amount more. As a curse that also affects the afflicted Pokemon's mental state, this can be cleared by anything that would clear Curses (Heal Bell, Refresh, Switching), and mitigated (though not completely cured) by attacks that help with mental status, such as Calm Mind or Focus Energy. This technique can be used twice per match at most. Clyde never learned Infestation, Protect, Destiny Bond, Thunder, or Flash.

Sans: Level 6 Male Alolan Marowak
HP Electric
Biography: Sans is a lazybones who loves to take it easy, eat at Grillby's, drink Ketchup, and make horrible skeleton puns. Behind the lazy, comical facade, however, he hides incredible telekinetic powers and a deep loyalty to his younger (though much, much taller) brother, Papyrus.
Special Attack: A Really Cool Regular Attack (PS)
Sans is familiar with the Psychic type, and has gained use of the moves Barrier and Teleport. He may also use Psychic, though the Telekinetic version is ordered as Bullet Board Slam while the Wave version is ordered as Gaster Blaster. Sans's Toxic attack has been renamed Karmic Retribution. These attacks are functionally identical to Telekinetic Psychic, Psychic Wave, and Toxic respectively- they just have different names. Due to his focus on the use of his Psychic powers, Sans can no longer use Bubblebeam, Rock Smash, and Iron Tail.

Elba: Level 2 Female Girafarig
HP Dark
Biography: "Able was I ere I saw Elba", while a palindrome like Girafarig, is disappointingly not actually something Napoleon ever said. He didn't even speak English. However, Elba is still a nice little island and Napoleon's arrival on it still marked the end of an era in European History. Napoleon also had the heart of a fighter, like this Girafarig does. So there's that connection, I guess.
Special Attack: Heart of a Fighter [FT]
Elba is familiar with the Fighting-Type, and can use the moves Aura Sphere, Superpower, and Sacred Sword. She may no longer use the moves Psyshock and Hyper Beam.

Fang: Level 3 Male Munchlax (Uplevel)
HP Flying
Biography: Fang is a happy-go-lucky Snorlax full of love. He's such a loving Pokemon, in fact, that he's often associated with Fairies. He's friends with my Wigglytuff, and trained with him to learn a new Fairy move!
Special Attack: Hug! (FA)
Coating his arms with Major Fairy energy, Fang rushes his opponent with surprising speed before scooping the opponent up in a big, fuzzy hug. He hugs the opponent very tightly, dealing Major Fairy damage. The hug is so tight that it can cut off oxygen to the opponent's brain (or equivalent of one for inorganic Pokemon), causing slight disorientation, with a 30% chance to confuse the target outright. This attack may be used once per battle, and Fang never learned Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch.

Tinywings: Level 3 Female Dratini (Uplevel)
HP Poison
Biography: Tinywings is a member of the Dratini line, arguably the best line in ASB. This line only has one problem- an ice weakness. So, I'm fixing that problem.
Special Resistance: What's Originality?
Tinywings takes neutral damage from Ice moves as a Dratini and as a Dragonair, and is only 2x weak to Ice as a Dragonite. However, she now takes neutral damage from Grass, Bug, and Water attacks.

Spoopy: Level 2 Female Misdreavus
HP Fairy
Biography: Spoopy Scary Skeletons send shivers down you spine.
Shrieking Skulls will shock your soul
Seal your doom tonight.
Spooky scary skeletons
Speak with such a screech
You'll shake and shudder in surprise
When you hear these zombies shriek.

Shame? What's that?
Special Attack: Spoopy Scary Skeleton! (GH)
Using Major Ghost energy, Spoopy creates a skeleton made of pure energy directly behind the opponent. The skeleton taps the opponent on their left shoulder (or equivalent for mon without shoulders), disrupting their current attack, and causing them to turn to look for who tapped them, before socking them in the face, dealing Major Ghost damage. Spoopy may use this three times per battle, but a given opponent will only be disrupted a single time by this attack. When disrupting an opponent, this only deals Significant Damage.

Soto: Level 5 Male Mr. Mime
HP Rock
Biography: Soto always wanted to be a teacher. He went to college, and got a job teaching pokemon in the eighth grade. The problem? He didn't actually teach them. He just rambled about how much of a whore Jynx is and how those who believe in Arceus and those who believe in Mew really believe in the same being, and he'd call it a Social Studies class. Now, how can he get away with this, you might ask? Well, what he does is he quickly erects a screens and barriers to barricade his classroom door whenever the superintendent comes by to fire him. After using this technique for years, Soto has learned how to make it less effort to perform.

Special Training: Master Mime [PS]
Soto's Barrier, Light Screen, and Reflect attacks all cost 10% less energy to perform. Soto may no longer use Mega Punch and Psybeam.

Omega: Level 5 Male Nidoking (uplevel)
HP Fairy
Biography: Omega, despite his intimidating name and appearance, is actually a very sweet and kindhearted individual. One of his favorite things about the world is nature- he loves lying in grass, exploring in forests, sitting by ponds and watching fish. In general, he just loves to sit back for a moment and take in the beauty of nature. Thanks to his affection for nature, Omega has picked up a couple nature-affiliated moves for his own use.

Special Training: Naturalist (GR)
Omega has learned the moves Horn Leech, Giga Drain, and Energy Ball. He has the offtype for two Giga Drains per battles. He may no longer use Double Kick, Giga Impact, and Skull Bash.

Reverse: Level 4 Male Muk
HP Fairy
Biography: Reverse grew up in Celadon City's pond. He had traveled there after being rejected from Koga's Gym, and the Goldeen in the pond were kind enough to accept him almost immediately. He lived with them for years, and protected them whenever the local Grass types from Erika's Gym tried to bully them. Meanwhile, the Goldeen taught him how to use Water attacks, and to swim better.

Special Training: Aquatic Slime (WA)
Reverse has learned the moves Water Pulse, Muddy Water, and Surf. He has the offtype for two Surfs. In addition, Reverse has become a rather adept swimmer- he can stay underwater and swim about as well as an Arbok. Finally, his Acid Armor technique allows him to hide in water as well as in sludge. However, Reverse never learned the moves ThunderPunch, Thunder, and Mega Drain, for fear of scaring his Goldeen friends with them. He has also forgotten Fire Blast, Selfdestruct, and Giga Impact.

Ping: Level 2 Female Chimecho
Biography: Ping is a Chimecho, which I have because I love Chimecho and I have a Psychic Gym so not having a Chimecho would be a sin. I also have an amazing signature to put on it, so that helps.
Special Attack: The Leech (NO)
Ping may use the suction cup on her head to attach herself to her opponent. At the end of each round she is attached, she may drain a mild amount of health and energy out of her opponent to restore herself with, but is forced to stay attached to the opponent until they force her off (though getting her off is no easy feat), not unlike a variation of the move Ingrain. The opponent may attack Ping (and vice versa) while she is attached, but depending on Ping's position one or both may find it difficult to reach each other for physical attacks or properly aim ranged moves, perhaps even striking themselves in the process. She may only gain an Extreme amount of health in this way. Ping may not use Curse, Double-Edge, or Psyshock.

Lola: Level 1 Female Absol
HP Poison
Nightstalker's Token Attached
Biography: Lola has learned from Bruce, my Drapion, how to learn Poison moves. She's gotten quite good at doing so, actually. Which is nice, because she'll have an easier time with Fairies.
Special Training: Wat Fairy? (PO)
Lola is now familiar with the Poison Type. She has learned the moves Cross Poison, Gunk Shot, and Sludge Bomb. However, she never learned Zen Headbutt, Blizzard, Charge Beam, Will-O-Wisp, Aerial Ace, Incinerate, and Shock Wave.

Charon: Level 1 Male Lapras
Item Attached: Token of Community
HP Fire
Biography: Charon hates not being able to participate in battles on land, and to alleviate this, he has studied tirelessly under Miror's Magcargo, Stropo, to learn how to mold any arena into one he can fight in. Indeed, he's been very successful in his endeavor.
Special Technique: J u s t K e e p S w i m m i n g (WA)
When Charon is sent into battle, he forms a pool of water at ground/surface level, dimensions being 15' x 15', and 6' deep. This does not affect the arena around the pool, and remains suspended in whatever environment it is placed. Charon is able to swim and navigate through the pool easily and quickly. Any move involving sending energy through the arena will be unable to pass into or through the pool, functioning similarly to how water does normally. This water functions just the way a pool without pontoons would, except the water is very cold, making Charon extreme comfortable in it regardless of the conditions outside the pool. The cold also makes Pokemon that enter the pool very uncomfortable if they themselves are not acclimated to chilling environments. However, Charon may never leave his pool and starts every battle with a Major amount of energy less than the average Pokemon, and never learned Psychic, Shock Wave, Icy Wind, Thunder, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Rage. This sig does not apply in arenas where a body of water that Charon can reside comfortably in already is present, though even in that situation he still may not use the above attacks.

Dustin: Level 1 Male Trapinch
HP Poison
Biography: Dustin loves sandstorms. He feels so comfortable in them, in fact, that he wants to be in one at all times. As such, he was taught by my Tyranitar how to generate his own sand, with massive success.
Special Training: Sand Stream (XX)
Dustin now generates his own sand like a Hippopotas or a Tyranitar. Whenever he enters the battle, he causes a sandstorm without needing to use a move. However, he enters battle with a Solid amount less energy than usual. Dustin may no longer use Silver Wind, Rock Tomb, Dragon Pulse and Dragon Tail.

Excalibur: Level 1 Male Honedge
HP Grass
New Life Token Attached
Biography: Excalibur
From the United Kingdom
I'm looking for heaven
I'm going to California
Special Training: Great Old One (XX)
Excalibur no longer carries his sheath, leaving him no longer weighed down by it. This means he's faster and more agile than normal, but he cannot sheath himself to take less damage from attacks. Additionally, his blade has been sharpened and infused with ghostly energies, making his slashing attacks cause lacerations in even the toughest of hide, in both realistic and slapstick. These lacerations (even in realistic) will not bleed, and instead will "bleed" the opponent of their energy- each hit from a slashing attack will bleed mild energy from the target. Each hit from a slashing attack only bleeds energy a single time. This energy will not be given to Excalibur, and counts towards exhaustion. Excalibur may never evolve past his current stage and may no longer use Gyro Ball, Power Trick, and Retaliate. It also has the displeasure of being a Honedge.

Dentem: Level 1 Female Mawile

Kean: Level 1 Female Aron

Napoleon: Level 1 Male Piplup
Biography: During his attempt to take over Russia, Napoleon realized how deadly a weapon the cold could be. As such, he trained himself tirelessly to utilize it to his fullest, and the results paid off.
Special Training: March of the Penguins (WA)
Using Considerable Water energy, Napoleon stomps on the ground, causing wave of cold water to flow through the arena before suddenly dissipating. This attack deals no damage, but causes the arena to cool down significantly, becoming quite cold. This causes any Pokemon not well-adjusted to the cold to feel very uncomfortable. Water and Ice attacks are boosted by 10% by this attack. The effects of this attack fade after four rounds. Napoleon may not use Rock Tomb.

Didge: Level 1 Genderless Porygon

Horace: Level 1 Male Drampa
Biography: Horace is a very friendly dragon, but he's scared of one thing: Fairies. He just can't stand the little shits. So, with a little help from my Poison types, he's come up with a way to overcome his fear and face them, using his favorite move.
Special Attack: Toxic Breath (PO)
Horace may now use Dragonbreath as a Poison attack three times per battle. This is ordered as "Toxic Breath." Horace may no longer use Dragon Tail and Grass Knot.

Rex: Level 1 Male Litten
Biography: Rex is very proud to be the only physically-oriented Fire Starter that isn't part Fighting type. As such, he's honed new physical moves to expand his arsenal.
Special Training: Not a Fighting Type! (WA/IC)
Rex may now use Crabhammer and Ice Hammer, though as an Incineroar these attacks do not have quite as much knockback as its other arm moves do. He may use each move twice per battle, but may no longer use the moves Focus Blast, Nasty Plot, and Flame Charge.

Skittles: Level 1 Female Alolan Grimer
Biography: Skittles hates that his Kantonian Brethren have a much better movepool than he does. As such, we've worked very hard to augment his skills over his time on the team.
Special Training: Actual Offtype!! (Various)
Skittles can now use Aura Sphere, Surf, and Energy Ball. He has the offtype to use each twice per battle. However, he has forgone his Bug-type energy, as well as the ability to use Rock Polish and Sludge Wave.

Mustard: Level 1 Genderless Type Null
Biography: Mustard is the edgiest little beastie there is. Like, if you tried to put him on your hot dog, he's slice the hot dog right in half. HE'S THAT EDGY! Everyone knows Ground is the edgiest type, just like mustard is the edgiest condiment. So, Mustard has taught himself how to use a fuckload of ground moves.
Special Training: Ground is so Edgy you guys (GD)
Mustard is now familiar with the Ground type. He can use Earth Power, Earthquake, and Mud Bomb. However, he may no longer use Payback, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace, or Flame Charge. Additionally, his Hidden Power must stay at the default as long as he has this sig.

Wendy: Level 1 Female Pichu
Biography: While Z-Moves are an awful thing that should never be a part of ASB, Alolan Raichu has a pretty cool and unique Z-Move all its own. Wendy trained tirelessly to learn this move, and eventually the work paid off even more than she expected!
Special Training: Stoked Surfer (EL/PS)
Wendy forms a large wave of Electric or Psychic energy that heads out to wash over the opponent, dealing Major damage for Major Psychic or Electric energy. Wendy may send this wave out ahead of it or choose to ride on it as it travels. The Electric form is ordered as Stoked Sparksurfer, and the Psychic form is ordered as Stoked Psychsurfer. Wendy may not use the move Thunder and may only evolve into an Alolan Raichu. As a Pichu and Pikachu, Stoked Psychsurfer may be used twice per battle. As a Pichu, Wendy takes recoil from Stoked Psychsurfer the way she would from any electrical attack.

Cobain: Level 1 Male Machop


Spoiler: show
Bugcatcher's Token
Buffer Badge
New Life Token
Nightstalker's Token
Reaper's Token
Token of Community


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