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Originally Posted by Pest

Name: Terra
Gender: Female
Level: 20
Type: Steel/Ground
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Adamant
Held Item: --
Obtained: Adoption Center
Birthday: August 27
Contest Stats: 20 | 20 | 20 | 20 | 20
Beauty Points: 10 / IQ: 3
Bio: As a Pokémon larger than the rest of the team combined, Terra elicits a considerable amount of respect and nervousness from the others. What outsiders are less familiar with, however, is a personality softer and kinder than her fierce appearance suggests. She is very much a gentle giant, looking out for her teammates and comforting them when they need it. All of them, even Trivia, know that they can trust her to care for them. Although she is a junior member of the team, they consider her to be an unofficial mother figure.
Nevertheless, she will become absolutely furious if any of them are threatened, and seek to bring down their foe as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because of this, Pest is a little wary about training her, but knows that she could still benefit from being stronger.
Level Up Moves: Mud Sport, Tackle, Harden, Bind, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Curse, Rock Throw, Rage, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock, Autotomize, Gyro Ball
Move Tutor Moves: Ancientpower, Aqua Tail, Double-Edge, Iron Head, Magnet Rise, Mimic
Technical Machine Moves: Earthquake, Flash Cannon
Hidden Machine Moves: Cut, Rock Climb, Rock Smash, Strength
Egg Moves: Heavy Slam

A whistling breeze underscored the place’s desertion. Pest looked out at the empty fairground with all its odd shadows and weird angles, and shuddered. The ref probably had a good reason for bringing them here, she thought, but that didn’t stop the hair from rising on the back of her neck. Every so often, she looked around, thinking she had seen a flicker of movement at the corner of her eye, but as far as she could tell, the only living beings in sight were Ethan, Levin, and herself. Of course, that in and of itself might not be so comforting …

Regardless, they hadn’t come here for sightseeing. Smiling as best she could, she accepted Levin’s spooky greeting. “Glad to be here,” she said, rubbing her arms up and down to keep the goosebumps at bay. “And good luck to you, Ethan.” A part of her wanted to snark, “You’re going to need it,” but that seemed in bad taste. She knew she would have to take this seriously, even if this was all in fun. If she lost this, she’d never hear the end of it from Vesta. Never mind that the Charmeleon spoke in her own tongue; she could tell when she disappointed, usually from her flaring nostrils with their wisps of smoke.

Her hand seized a Pokeball, almost at random, and she tossed it into the air with a flick of her wrist. A burst of light expanded into a shape … expanding … expanding … until a massive Pokemon appeared, dominating the arena. Steel glinted in the strange light as teeth like bricks grinned, and the Steelix reared up to a ready position, awaiting orders.

Pest patted the Steelix’s side. “Go get ‘em, Terra. Prepare yourself with a Harden, then take a chance with Ancient Power. After that, lay down a Heavy Slam. You can do this!”

Originally Posted by Electric Blue Eye
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Name: Serena
Species: Togepi
Gender: Female
Level: 25
Type: Fairy
Ability: Serene Grace
Pokeball: Pokeball
Held Item: King's Rock
Origin: The Cable Club
Happiness: 10
IQ: 1
Cool Stat. 10
Beauty Stat. 10
Cute Stat. 10
Smart Stat. 10
Tough Stat. 10
Level-Up Moves: Growl, Charm, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Follow Me, Bestow
Relearned Level-Up Moves:
Egg Moves: Future Sight, Nasty Plot, Extrasensory, Mirror Move, Present, Psycho Shift
Move Tutor Moves: Heal Bell, Soft Boiled, Swift
Technical Moves: Substitute, Attract, Psyshock, Shockwave, Zap Cannon, Detect, Telekinesis
Hidden Moves: Rock Smash, Flash
Advanced Moves: None.
Custom Moves: Copycat
Birthday: April 6th
Biography: Serena is a baby Pokémon and as such she is usually prone to crying and acting childish. Like her species she is very happy and energetic, but is very sensitive when it comes to her emotions. Togepi are said to bring happiness to the people that own them, and nobody needs that more than a kid that lost his parent's at an early age.

With his pervious match with his girlfriend behind him..a young trainer that went by the name Ethan was walking along with his Gastly, James and Togepi, Serena in an area known to few as, Fizzytopia's Deserted Fairground. A place that wasn't for the faint of heart.

Ethan whistled taking notice around the area, "When they said deserted, they weren't kidding..."

"You sure you want this to be Serena's first official match?" the Gastly said rather nervously. Sounding a lot like an over protective parent that didn't want to see his little one grow up.

"For the thousandth time, yes."

"Isn't there some playground she can go and fight a Weedle in or something?" the Gastly advised.

"Listen James, I know you're scared Togepi is going to get hurt-"

"Serena." The ghost interrupted, "Her name is Serena."

"I know Serena is small but you need to let her do what other Pokemon do. I was hoping that the Friend Safari would allow her to gain some battle experience and it didn't happen, now she's approaching another birthday, she won't be able to fight in beginner matches anymore."

"Fine." The Gastly said before making some arms and hands out of the poisonous gas that made up his body before folding them and pouting.
Reaching their designated spot, the trio arrived just in time. Ethan greeted Levin, the referee that over saw his pervious match, "Good to see you again, hopefully this time you'll have an opportunity to declare someone the winner!" He chuckled a bit before meeting his gaze with his opponent, "Pest, always a pleasure and thank you for agreeing to a 'hidden match up'. Though I'd be lying if I said I don't regret it now...the unknowing is murdering- eh, but what are you gonna do?!"

"Okay Serena," Ethan kneeled down low enough to place his Togepi on the ground, "This is your first match make me and your papa proud~"

"Togeprriiiii~" she trilled.

Standing back up and backing away to his spot. With the match ready to start there was nothing else to do then to order his first moves, This is it, we only have one surprise shot so let's make it count!

"Serena, start off by using a dazzling Flash to blind them and go into a Telekinesis to trap, finish with a well executed Zap Cannon and go last if you have to to make it hit home! As always, remember to have fun with it, otherwise what's the point?"



Levin has to stop himself from chuckling as the contestants take their place on the battlefield. A Steelix versus a Togepi! Part of him wants to see how things unfold, but he can't lie - another side of him fears for the results if both go all-out. There are already enough ghosts roaming the place, and they won't welcome any disruptions to their resting place. Also, the tremendous difference in size between the two fighters leaves both Trainers in an uncomfortable position - a properly-instructed Steelix should have no difficulties in squashing a Togepi, meaning the responsibility is on Pest to do just that; on the other hand, it falls on Ethan to ensure Serena's safety and the overcoming of terrible odds. How each Trainer deals with the different kinds of pressure placed on them is what remains to be seen!

Terra's initial approach is defensive, preparing against physical hits in the following turns by hardening her iron body. It glistens under the moonlight with a beautiful silver glow, accentuated as it became more compact and solid. Serena takes that opening to mount a different kind of defense, bringing her tiny hands to her forehead and creating a powerful Flash that surrounds the area in a blinding light, surprisingly intense for such a small creature. Despite standing several feet above her foe, the sudden burst of light is strong enough to bother Terra, whose eyesight would take a while to readjust in the darkness of the Fairgrounds.

What follows is a rather unfortunate chain of events for the Pokemon already at a massive disadvantage. Serena attempts to levitate her enormous foe with the power of her mind, and Terra is enveloped in a faint cyan glow before being lifted a few inches off the ground - all the while, Serena's mind struggles immensely to achieve the feat, as the overall mass she attempts to control is simply overwhelming for her untrained psyche. Doing her best to hold Terra airborne, she follows up with a concentrated blast of lightning that takes a long time to charge while Telekinesis is also in effect - and while the psychic move does render Terra unable to dodge, as was Ethan's intention, the Steelix doesn't seem the least bit worried in even trying to dodge! The Zap Cannon is fired by the already breathless Togepi and travels across the field to find its mark, but the electrical explosion that follows doesn't leave so much as a dent on the gargantuan Ground-Type by virtue of its innate protection...

And now, it is Terra's turn. Summoning forth the power of her ancient lineage, she amasses a sphere of Rock energy and hurls it straight at the recovering Serena, the blast also finding its mark and causing the Togepi to fall backwards in the ensuing blast. Unable to maintain the psychic link due to the intense strain it placed on her, Serena loses concentration as she falls and releases Terra from her mental grasp... which allows the Steelix ample time to raise her tail and send it crashing down on Serena with all of her body weight behind it! The ground below caves and fissures open across the earth, creating a massive scar on the surface of the deserted fairgrounds. And when the dust settles, somewhere lost beneath the devastation and rubble, is Serena somehow still conscious... Terra was able to aim her strikes perfectly despite her reduced eyesight this turn, and Ethan could hardly have gotten off to a rougher start.

The spirits howl and moan at the harm caused to their unholy home. The souls of the departed grow restless by the disturbance, and might soon join the fight themselves if this level of violence continues.

Health: 100%
Energy: 82%
Stats: Def +1; Acc -1

Health: 64%
Energy: 70%

Next orders (RNG): Pest


As always, PM me any questions.

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