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captainmisato's Squad and Stats

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Appointed Route 1 GT as of 4/1/2014 (not an April Fool's joke!)
Retired from Route 1 GT after Slash's decision to leave
Appointed Grass GT as of 4/6/2016

Squad (25/25):
Spoiler: show

Miss Steak: Lv. 3 Female Ledian
"I'll give it my all...a hundred and ten percent! I won't give up, no matter what!!"
Miss Steak is not the name my Ledyba was given in her colony. Really, she wasn't given a name at all; none of them had one. In the collective minds of Bug Pokemon, there is only the group that you're part of, and your role in that group. Miss Steak was a lookout, always at the edge of her colony when they were feeding on leaves in the starlight to keep watch for predators. She hated everything about it. All the dull nights of waiting and watching bored her to no end. The only thoughts on her mind were her admiration of the warriors of the colony, the strong Ledian who came around whenever she sounded an alert to pummel the occasional Fearow or Houndoom. She realized she had been born in the wrong role, and took on the name Mistake for herself: an error of nature, she was determined to rectify her fate. She began training every day, practicing her punching attacks in secret, learning new punching techniques-and whenever they went close to a human-populated area, she snuck into a deli and stole some raw steak , trying to get some protein to make herself stronger. Thus, she changed her name from Mistake to Miss Steak to indicate her newfound toughness and attacking abilities, which grew every day. One night, a Tyranitar had somehow been awakened by the activities of the colony and went on a rampage, chasing the whole group in a mad rage. Miss Steak began to flee with the rest of them, but found her wings unable to keep up-with her focus on her attack, she had forgotten to maintain the strength of her flight. Knowing what she had to do, she turned around and stood tall, staring down the rogue Tyranitar. It roared with fury and stomped the ground, crashing a jagged rock into her underbelly. To her surprise, she not only was able to survive the hit, but she felt a surge of sudden fighting spirit, returning it back with an incredibly strong punch. A crack grew in the Tyranitar's hide, its breath robbed away. It fell over, defeated, and in that moment, Miss Steak knew that she had finally overcome the fate that was given to her, free to make her own future. I was only barely able to beat her with Star Platinum at my side; my wonders as to why she was apart from her colony were quickly answered when I saw her amazing battle abilities.
Sig: I'm a survivor, I'm not gon give up (Bug/Fighting)
Miss Steak is now a Bug/Fighting type, with all weaknesses and resistances involved, now having only the standard amount of Flying energy available to any other Pokemon. Her physical strength is about equivalent to that of a Heracross, while her flight abilities have decreased. Her flight ceiling is about 1.5x the height of her trainer's head off the closest surface, though she is still as fast and agile as a normal Ledian in the air. Flying much higher than this, or maintaining height in the air over a gap or drop, for extended periods of time will wear her out quickly. She is most comfortable hovering about five feet off the ground, though to leverage her full strength, she will need to plant herself (This means for moves where she's trying to move or physically manipulate her opponent, not as in for the raw damage her attacks do). She loses access to Light Screen, Reflect, Safeguard, Psybeam, Roost, and Air Cutter. She gains access to Sky Uppercut, Submission, Superpower, Close Combat, and Final Gambit.
HP: Electric

Hurly: Lv. 4 Male Diggersby (uplevel)
"So if I help us win, I get to pick where we eat after, right?"
Hurly is, well...he's hurly and he's burly. That's why I named him that. Always cheerful, always hungry, and a little dim but we love him anyway. Because I couldn't keep up with the expenses of feeding him, he somehow learned how to cook for himself. He's especially good at baking; everyone on the team crowds around when he pulls his famous chocolate cake out of the oven. He created a signature move for himself that speaks to his baking prowess.
Signature: Cocoa Chuck (Ground)
Hurly forms a layer-cake-shaped construct of brown, glowing Ground energy between his hands (or ear-hands), and sends it flying towards the opponent, on whom it explodes in a burst of chocolaty goodness. This does solid special Ground damage for solid energy. This move has a 25% chance of causing the opponent to become hungry, lowering their ability to concentrate on high-powered attacks: their attacks that have a base power of significant to major damage do 10% less damage, while attacks that have a base power of major or more damage deal 20% less damage. This effect lasts for two full rounds and will not work on inorganic Pokemon. This effect doesn't stack with itself; if a Pokemon is already under this effect and the attack triggers the effect through luck again, the effect is simply extended two rounds from when it was triggered again.
HP: Flying

Uella: Lv. 3 Female Watchog
"Hey! Don't think I can't see you over there! Come on out and fight!"
Uella is, for lack of a better word, the overseer of my squad. She's in charge of bookkeeping, team outings, and basically making sure everyone stays in line. Though she's stern, she does it because she cares about every single member, and wants to see us all succeed. Her stare can be rather...startling, however. It can seem like she's glaring into the depths of your soul many times. Let's just say there's a reason that it only takes one angry glance for her to shut people up. In fact, none of us can really look into her eyes for any extended period of time...they kind of take the life out of you the longer she stares.
Signature: Draining Stare (??)
At the end of each round, Uella's opponent loses mild energy, which counts towards fatigue, due to her piercing eyes. If she successfully uses a move that requires direct eye contact between them, the energy loss is raised to decent for that round. Conversely, if an opponent successfully uses a move that requires direct eye contact, they don't lose any extra energy, but they will feel quite a bit more fatigued than normal afterwards. This effect also makes the opponent's breaks less refreshing; whenever they take a break, it will not leave them as fresh--though they will still be able to go three more rounds before making another one mover as normal, they just won't be as refreshed at the start. This effect obviously depends on the opponent being sighted and in Uella's view; if she cannot see them for the entire round, if they are blind, or if they have their eyes closed for the entire round, this effect won't work. This effect doesn't work in doubles at all. Due to having to deal with the whole squad's shenanigans, Uella has a significant amount less energy than normal in battle.
HP: Fairy

Tuul: Lv. 3 Male Pidgeotto
"We're all travelers in this world. Unfortunately, this is your last stop."
HP: Fighting

Ika: Lv. 3 Male Malamar
"Here I am! Just kidding, there I am! Hey, whatsa matter, aren't ya gonna hit me?"
A tricky little prankster, always looking for new ways to use his prodigious Dark/Psychic powers to mess around with everyone.
Sig: Flip Around (Psychic)
Ika expends significant Psychic energy to switch him and his opponent's place; in effect, they teleport into each other's physical position, facing each other. They need to be within a reasonable distance of each other; basically, if Ika could hit his opponent with a standard ranged attack, excluding physical barriers that would block it, and knows their position, he can use this attack. This attack is relatively quick if Ika can see his opponent, happening usually just before they begin their attack against him-the opponent's attack will usually just proceed as normally from their new position. However, if he cannot see them, it is somewhat slow, as it takes a few seconds for Ika to find his opponent psychically. He and the target also both have to be relatively still for the attack to work. The target can only be about twice as large as Ika maximum before the attack begins failing. Ika can use this attack once per battle. Dark types cannot be affected by this attack. Teleport limits apply.
HP: Rock

Olga: Lv. 3 Female Marshtomp
"Olga stronk, opponent veak, da? No vorry, Captain, Olga smash just fine."
Olga is a STRONK Russian mud fish, brawny and powerful in both her physique and personality. Her English isn't great, but she prefers to let her fists do the talking.
Sig: Mud Puddle (Water/Ground)
Using a heavy amount of combined Water/Ground energy, Olga slams her forelimbs into the ground, pumping the energy in shockwaves through a 4m/12ft radius, dealing decent Ground damage to all Pokemon in that radius. This attack turns the affected radius into a puddle of swampy mud, 1m/3ft deep at its deepest point in the center. Pokemon not used to marsh/swamp environments will have their movement capabilities and physical speed greatly reduced in the area, while those naturally found in marshes/swamps will feel right at home, and may even be able to hide or swim in the mud if they're small enough. Making an effort to get out of the puddle will take a move for any Pokemon that could reasonably be trapped in the puddle in the first place, and smaller Pokemon especially will take a lot of time. The switching effects of any switching move that isn't Baton Pass will not work for Pokemon trapped in the puddle, as they will be too stuck in the mud. Earthquake and Bulldoze will not work as well if used on the mud, but Earth Power works as normal. The effectiveness of the moves Mud Slap and Mud Sport are greatly increased if they are used in the puddle. The puddle dries up after five rounds in normal daylight, allowing any trapped Pokemon to easily break free. This extends to 7 rounds at night, lasts indefinitely while it's raining or hailing, and shortens to only two rounds while the sun is especially bright and blazing or in a very hot environment. Obviously, this move doesn't affect Pokemon that are currently levitating or flying, though it is still possible for them to become stuck in the puddle if they get knocked/forced into it. This move works best on regular soil and sand, and fails to work at all on arenas of hard rock, steel, or artificial material. Olga can only use this technique twice per battle.
HP: Ice

Carrie: Lv. 3 Female Average Gourgeist
"What's your favorite scary movie? Tee hee~...."
Carrie lives every day like it's Halloween. She loves costumes, monster movies, and scaring the living daylights out of any unsuspecting chump who didn't see her sporting a zombie mask in the shadows. Carrie harnessed the natural spooky energy inside her to come up with a move that could be very scary for her opponent indeed...
Sig: Ghost Lights (Ghost)
Carrie uses good energy to spit out a spray of ghostly, floating lights, which hide themselves around the arena. Every time a new Pokemon is sent out on the opponent's side, the lights rise up and float about for that round, or, if they were sent out via a switching move like U-Turn/Baton Pass, the round after they were sent in. These lights mentally affect the Pokemon that was sent out only, unnerving it and making concentration hard for that round. However, only Pokemon that can see are affected by them (orders of "close your eyes" won't stop the effects for Pokemon with eyes, though). Charging times of moves will be increased, the accuracy of damaging moves will be lowered to 75% of normal, and non-damaging moves will be somewhat less effective in their intended purpose. At the end of the round, the lights dim and recede back into their hiding places. There are multiple levels of this move, depending on how many times Carrie uses it; if she puts out a second layer of Ghost Lights on the first, the unnerving mental effect is increased, reducing accuracy of damaging attacks to half of normal, increasing charging times of attacks greatly, if not interrupting charged attacks altogether, and greatly compromising the effectiveness of non-damaging attacks for the round it's active. If she puts a third layer on top of the first two, the ghost lights will swarm around the opponent that was sent out, invading its mind with horrific, distorted hallucinations, essentially making it confused for the duration of the round in which this move is active; the opponent can only be put out of this mental state by taking major damage or more in a single hit. The opponent can break free of the effects of Ghost Lights at any level by using a standard confusion-clearing move such as Calm Mind or Focus Energy, but this will take more time and effort from the affected Pokemon the greater the effect they're experiencing is. This attack is less effective on Pokemon that have been affected by it previously in the same battle, its effects going down a level (meaning if there is only one use on the field there won't be any effect on that Pokemon). This attack is more effective at night or in a very dark place, its effects increasing a level above however many uses are actually on the field. If Carrie puts down three layers of lights at night/in the dark, in addition to the effects of the third level, the horror of the attack does good Ghost damage to those affected by it. Rapid Spin and other traditional entry hazard clearing moves will clear one layer of this move off the field at a time. Carrie can only use this attack three times per battle.
HP: Rock

Musgo: Lv. 3 Male Lombre
"ˇCaptain, hermano, vámonos! ˇEs hora de ganar otro partido!"
Musgo was born and raised in a small village of tribal Ludicolo who lived in an estuary close to the sea. His job was that of a fish diver; that is to say, he would swim down deep, incapacitate fish Pokemon, and bring them back to the village for food. Though at first he found diving hard due to his lily pad, he soon learned to love and appreciate the deep water.
Signature: Fish Diver
Musgo can swim, attack, and maneuver while submerged underwater just as well, fast, and long as any fish Pokemon, even as a Ludicolo. However, he loses the passive benefits/enthusiasm Grass types gain in the sun, fighting normally instead.
HP: Rock

Made in Heaven: Lv. 2 Male Girafarig
"Humans and Pokemon should spend their lives trying to attain 'Heaven'..."
Perhaps it's because of the mental split inherent in all Girafarig, but Heaven is kind of an odd guy. He's always muttering to himself about prime numbers, and he acts rather coldly towards those around him, claiming moral authority. He has some rather...strange religious beliefs. Something about the universe restarting itself over and over again? I don't know, he tries to explain it to us, but it's all a little complicated. Because of this odd set of beliefs, he's become obsessed with the notion of time and ways to manipulate it, developing a move that simulates a warping of time in a way.
Sig: Time for Heaven (Psychic)
Concentrating, Heaven uses a significant amount of Psychic energy and glows with a blue light, causing his opponent to do the same as energy is transferred to them as well. This energy affects both Heaven and his target, causing his target to become slowed and less agile, about as much as if they had just been placed under the effects of the Chilled condition (though since it is caused by energy and not temperature, being naturally warm or in a warm place won't help them), while Heaven becomes faster and more agile, as if he had just used an LT Agility. Also he leaves cool afterimages, as a visual note. However, since this attack works by speeding up Heaven's bodily mechanisms and slowing the opponent's, the opponent gains a slight resistance to fatigue while these effects endure, and any attack Heaven uses takes 1.1x energy, the additional energy used being typeless. Simply moving about at these speeds drains minor energy from him per round as well. These effects last for five rounds; they disappear much more slowly than a standard boost/drop, only fading slightly from their original strength before dropping off after the 5th round. As a general rule, if a 'mon would be affected by Gravity, they would be affected by this move. Heaven may use this move once per battle, and its effects are passed on via switching moves. As a result of focusing on this move, Heaven may has forgotten how to use Trick Room and Gravity, and may no longer use the LT version of Agility.
HP: Fighting

Crazy Diamond: Lv. 3 Male Audino
"Hey, punk. What the hell did you just say about my frills?"
CD puts up the facade of a streetwise, short-tempered tough thug, but he's actually very kind-hearted, caring, and downright goofy when you get to know him. He would do anything to aid his friends, having become quite good at healing them through extensive practice.
Sig: The Kindest Ability (Normal)
CD's "healing moves" now use typeless energy, rather than drawing from whatever type pool they would have before. Once per match, he may use a "healing move" that benefits/targets a teammate other than himself (Healing Wish or Heal Pulse, as an example) without it counting towards the one "healing move" per Pokemon limit. He can use this "free" healing move before or after he uses his one given healing move on himself. He has also learned Recover. However, he is now more susceptible to attacks that induce anger, their effects being somewhat stronger on him, lasting slightly longer and requiring slightly more offense on his part to break.
HP: Ground
Audinite attached

Tuxedo Mask: Lv. 4 Male Roserade (uplevel)
"My work here is done." "But you didn't do anyth-" *turns and mysteriously disappears*
Darien Shields, aka Tuxedo Mask, aka the gentleman who steals every lady's heart as he stylishly and effortlessly pursues his task of aiding the Sailor Senshi with whatever monster or evil space queen they're trying to bring down. In reality, however, he mostly just throws roses around and makes cool poses, leaving the Sailor Senshi to take care of the real work. What a guy.
Sig: Dashing Rose (Grass)
Tuxedo Mask uses solid energy, forming a rose constructed from Grass energy and throwing it into the ground for a dash of style before turning his back on the opponent and using the energy to disappear into his Pokeball with a puff of mist, a new Pokemon being sent out in his place. Unlike other switching attacks, this move does not pass on Tuxedo Mask's mindset or boosts/debuffs. However, the mist that it leaves behind has a mysterious property that lets the new Pokemon see out of it just fine, but makes aiming into it by any other Pokemon slightly harder. This mist lasts a round or until blown away. This move may be used like Baton Pass to switch in a Switch=KO battle.
HP: Rock
Harvester's Token attached

Miss Jangles: Lv. 3 Shiny Female Klefki
"Oh, dearie. This reminds me of that time I married a Nidoking! Heavens to Betsy, what a mistake that was..."
Miss Jangles is old. Like, old old. Like let's say she's seventy in human years...and you don't wanna know how many Klefki years. She's far from grouchy and sedentary, though; she's actually very joyful and energetic for her age. She's traveled all over the Pokemon world, and constantly surprises us with her stories and experiences. She's met Steven Stone and Champion Cynthia, and somehow won a Tauros riding competition, lord knows how. With her age comes a ton of wisdom; she always knows just the right thing to do, and she's learned quite a few new techniques to use in the heat of battle. She's trained with Grovyles, Delphoxes, Poliwhirls...the list goes on. She can sing, she can dance, she's a woman of many talents. And don't even think about trying to shut her down with Swagger or Taunt; she's seen THOSE tricks too many times to count. Why would she keep fighting after all these years? Because it's fun, of course!
Signature: Age Before Beauty (??)
Due to her life experiences, Miss Jangles has learned a lot and substantially increased her arsenal. For special moves, she's learned Moonblast, Magnet Bomb, Bubble Beam, Magical Leaf, and Mystical Fire. For tricky moves, she's learned Sing, Teeter Dance, Leech Seed, Gastro Acid, Barrier, and Spite. She is much more resistant to Swagger and Taunt than the average Pokemon; their effects will likely fail on her entirely barring extreme circumstances or a very skilled user. Due to her old age, she can no longer use Double Team, Agility, or Attract. She is also somewhat less physically fast and agile than others of her species, moving at a decreased pace in the air. She is more vulnerable than usual to attacks that involve cuteness like Charm or Fake Tears, and Attract from any male Pokemon will flatter her so that it will work no matter their species. Sleep-inducing attacks take a bit less time to work on her. Because, you know, she's old. She also has a significant amount of energy less than the standard. She gains the standard amount of type energy for all the moves she learns through this sig for which she had no offtype before.
HP: Ground

Mina: Lv. 3 Female Sylveon
"Agent of Love and Beauty, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Venus! In the name of Love, I will punish you!"
Friendly, athletic, and popular, Mina--or Sailor Venus--is the most outgoing of the Sailor Senshi, if a little ditzy. She dreams of being a famous idol or celebrity, so she tries to keep herself looking good. This leads to her being quite popular with all the teen boy Eeveelutions. The rest of the Senshi keep a tally of how many she's dated; she's pretty salty about it, but she just can't keep her paws off them! Since she's went out with everything from a Flareon to an Umbreon, she's learned a few tricks from her exes. What--a girl can't just have two offtypes, can she?
Signature: Sailor V Utility Techniques (Varies)
When she is first sent out in a match, Mina picks three moves that she doesn't normally learn from the movepools of any Eeveelution, a maximum of one from any given Eeveelution. She learns those moves and is able to use them for the remainder of the battle. If the move is of a type she normally would not have energy for, she gains the type energy to use the move twice. If the move is of an offtype she does have access to, she gains the type energy to use the move once on top of the energy of that type she already has. If it is a Normal, XX, or Fairy move, she may use the move twice at most through the match. Of the moves she picks, only two at most can be damaging, and they cannot deal damage above significant. Of the three moves, all must be of a different type (this doesn't apply to Normal or XX moves, however). The three moves and the three different eeveelutions they come from must be stated in the post where she is sent out for the first time.
HP: Ground

Gyro: Lv. 3 Male Hitmontop
"Nyo ho ho~ I could show you a thing or two about spinning!"
Gyro has trained in the art of spinning his entire life, learning new techniques and methods of spinning. In fact, he loves spinning so much, he never stops. ...He's kind of weird like that.
Signature: The Art of the Spin (Fighting)
Gyro is constantly spinning on his head in battle, even when paralyzed, confused, or asleep (these statuses still affect him as normal, though). Despite spinning constantly, he can still aim and see his opponent just fine, being affected as normal by sight or light-based moves. This gives him a passive defense akin to the positive secondary effects of Swords Dance, guarding him well from any gases, spores, or powders that may come his way. He also only takes 80% damage from attacks that are fired as a constant stream, such as Flamethrower, Water Gun, Icy Wind, etc., due to spinning away part of the attack. This bonus doesn't apply to attacks like Ice Beam or Signal Beam that are pure streams of energy, however. He also only takes 80% damage from attacks that are fired as multiple projectiles, such as Sludge Bomb, Seed Bomb, Swift, etc., due to his spinning deflecting some of the projectiles. This also gives his 1.2x SC boost to any physical attack where his body connects with the opponent's, since he's spinning constantly. He goes faster on the ground than the average bipedal Pokemon due to spinning everywhere, and he also can jump surprisingly high by bouncing on his head spike, like 6 or 7 ft max. For attacks involving his head, he will bounce up and come down on his opponent, bouncing off of them. He has lost the moves Rolling Kick, Strength, Seismic Toss, and Body Slam, due to them not jiving with his philosophy of constantly spinning. However, he has learned the moves Dynamicpunch, Drain Punch, Bounce, and Reversal, due to them working quite well with his rotation. He loses light energy per round to keep up his spinning. If he somehow manages to be pinned, bound, or otherwise stopped from spinning by some physical impediment, an admittedly difficult task, he will lose moderate energy and moderate health at the end of every round he isn't spinning, due to sheer discomfort and despair, and the boosts of this signature will obviously not apply for that period of time.
HP: Dark

Solaris: Lv. 3 Female Sunflora
Solaris is...well, she's a mad scientist, for lack of a better word. I don't know how she got a PhD in electrical engineering as a Sunkern, but hey, I guess anything can be achieved with hard work. After interning for the Devon Corporation weather labs, she became obsessed with the sun and harnessing its energy. Only natural, I guess, for someone so closely tied to it. She spent day and night experimenting with solar panels and generators, only to become frustrated and abandon her efforts. Just as I was starting to become concerned about her aloofness and odd behavior, she came out from her lab with a stunning revelation: she had hooked the solar panels to herself. Laughing maniacally and crackling, she then proceeded to electrocute the house with a Thunder and blow every fuse. After Uella gave her a beatdown lecture about repair bills, she returned to her chipper, only slightly insane self. Except as a living solar power generator. Through the power of THE SUUUUUN, she's become a regular electricity making machine, which obviously catches most of her foes off guard.
Signature: Solar Generator (Grass/Electric)
Solaris is now a Grass/Electric type with all weaknesses, resistances, and SCs applying. She has gained Thunderbolt, Thunder, Discharge, Zap Cannon, Charge Beam, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Magnet Rise, Eerie Impulse, and Electrify. She loses Absorb, Mega Drain, Giga Drain, Natural Gift, Nature Power, Curse, Bide, Secret Power, and Swords Dance, because she can make her own energy rather than draining it and prefers science to mumbo jumbo. Her Electric moves are unaffected by heat, due to her spending so much time in the sun. She constantly releases electromagnetic radiation with an effect similar to Alakazam's alpha waves, except somewhat weaker in strength and range, making it a bit harder for Pokemon to focus within ~2-3 feet of her.
HP: Rock

Cha-Cha: Lv. 2 Female Maractus
"Shake, shake, shake, Seńora, shake your body line~"
Cha-Cha is, in many ways an ordinary Maractus. She hails from the desert, where her hobbies include dancing, shaking herself all about, and making maraca music. In fact, she's almost never without a tune or a rhythm; she's a very determined, chipper cactus. However, there are some unusual things about her environment that have affected her natural development. For one thing, the desert where she lived was very arid, and almost completely dunes of unending sand. It was also home to a myriad of roaming fire types that lived off the sparse vegetation, sustaining themselves in the extreme heat. As such, the species of Maractus Cha-Cha belonged to went through a period of natural selection that caused quite a few changes. Their bodies became a dull brown to facilitate hiding in the sands, and they developed a method of sliding locomotion that helped them move more quickly across the desert. Eventually, the sand and rocks that they kept in their bodies became a natural part of them, their tissues naturally secreting minerals that coalesced into their own constantly replenishing store of sand and rocks. This also had the positive added effect of giving them a secondary Ground typing, providing a defense against the indigenous Fire types. At first, they were unskilled, but over thousands of years, they developed the techniques native to other Ground types. They also learned to harness their own heat, the heat of the desert, using it when they were threatened by other desert Grass-types. When I heard reports of this strange, mutated species, I knew I had to catch one. Though the environment was incredibly hostile, I braved through it with my best go-goggles and many canteens of the water. Cha-Cha was bored enough of living among the infinitely same dunes, so it wasn't hard to convince her to join the squad.
Signature: Sandy Cactus (Grass/Ground)
Cha-Cha is now a Grass/Ground type, having all weaknesses, resistances, immunities, and relevant SCs of the type. She has gained the ability to use Dig, Earthquake, Sand Tomb, Earth Power, Bulldoze, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Stone Edge, and Sandstorm. She also gains Heat Wave, her long residence in the burning desert helping her harness the heat. She has the type energy to use it twice, but she takes mild recoil when she does so due to the heat hurting her as well. Her coloration helps her hide well in Sandstorms and sandy areas, and if she is on sand, she moves faster and with more agility than most bipedal mon by sliding across it, leaving a trail as she goes. She can use Sandstorm with the natural sand in her body, like Larvitar or Hipopotas. Due to living in a desert environment, her attacks that transfer through the ground will work as normal on sand, and she can "terraform" the sand to a contour of her liking while using Earthquake or Bulldoze on it like Ground types can do with regular earth. She no longer gets any benefits from the rain, instead fighting uncomfortably in it, and in any particularly moist environment. Water moves deal 1.2x damage to her; due to her natural dryness, the water makes her feel terrible. She loses Bounce, Worry Seed, Grassy Terrain, Safeguard, Poison Jab, Peck, and Knock Off.
HP: Rock

Roirepres: Lv. 3 Male Serperior
"!dneirf ,uoy teem ot eciN"
The Reverse World: a mysterious and ominous dimension parallel to our own, spoken of only in myth. Giratina is the only known inhabitant of this barren plane...or, well, almost the only one. From what I can tell, Roirepres was left in it as an egg by an advanced trainer who was breeding tons of Snivy, and dropping the ones he didn't want wherever his travels took him. Or, at least, I think that's what happened; Roirepres speaks in reverse so it's a little hard to tell. You see, having to survive in this barren, harsh world changed him. Constantly hiding from Giratina's gigantic shadow, finding sustenance where he could, the bizarre energies of the dimension seeped into him and became a part of him. His essence as a Pokemon was completely warped, twisted, and reversed. I think he managed to escape when another trainer opened a portal for a sojourn to the Reverse World; I found him alone in the woods, walking around in backwards circles. Taking him for a sick and confused 'mon, I captured him and took care of him, showing him how to walk and orient himself right. Something about the completely off nature of his cries alerted me that he was different, though, and my suspicions were confirmed as soon as I gave him his first practice battle. The way his typing and stats interact with moves is...well, reversed, to some degree. As soon as I figured out these properties, I took him to the local PokeGym and started training him so that he could take the fullest advantage of this power, pushing it to its limits. He's a very friendly and kind Pokemon, though his brain is still a little screwy from spending so much time in a mirror dimension.
Signature: Reversed (??)
Roirepres's defensive type chart is now inverted, meaning he's weak to Grass, Ground, Water, and Electric, and resists Ice, Fire, Flying, Bug, and Poison. His Leaf Storm fatigues him less than usual (as if it used high rather than massive energy) rather than more than usual, and raises the power of his Grass moves slightly for a few rounds rather than lowering them. However, these effects suffer severely diminishing returns, such that it will only really work this way once. He has learned Hammer Arm (using his tail) and Close Combat after intense physical training to exploit his odd properties of inversion; Hammer Arm boosts his speed slightly rather than lowering it, and Close Combat boosts his defenses as much as it would lower them--though these suffer similar severely diminishing returns as Leaf Storm if he tries to use the individual move more than once. He takes minor damage and minor energy loss every round, due to the strain the non-mirror world places on his body. His fear of Giratina means that Ghost and Dragon types will be able to frighten him more easily than normal; in battles with them, he will be as easy to discourage or scare as a normal Pokemon. Whenever he is ordered to move passively while using a move or to use Agility for movement, there is a 25% chance he'll get disoriented and move in the opposite direction, running smack into whatever he was trying to dodge or making his movement useless. This chance doesn't apply if he's simply using a physical move, however.
HP: Rock

Hunty: Lv. 3 Female Chansey
"Go back to Party City where you BELONG!!"
Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. All of them qualities that Hunty possesses in spades. This sassy, fierce, and [insert other overused bio buzzword here] lady has a natural gift for performance, even in battle. She's always got an attitude, and she's never without a shady quip to aggravate the competition. In her spare time, she enjoys styling wigs, sewing ridiculous outfits, and drinking vodka that she claims to be distilled water. She knows the value of appearance, which is why she keeps herself in tip top shape with a regular beauty sleep schedule--a habit that proves to come in handy when she has to battle. She's high maintenance as hell, but she consistently proves that she can work it like the queen of the Normals she is.
Signature: Beauty Sleep (XX)
Because Hunty is so well rested, she passively regains a mild amount of health per round. However, she may only recover an HB of health in total before this passive healing stops. She is also more vigorous in her physical attacks than the average member of her species; her physical attacks deal full damage rather than reduced, and she is quite a bit stronger for purposes of things like Strength and Seismic Toss. She is slightly more vulnerable to sleep-inducing attacks than usual. She loses Solarbeam and Grass Knot, cause she's not about to go out walking anyone's children in nature, honey. She may never evolve past Chansey, because she thinks Blissey's frills are ratchet and unnecessarily gaudy.
HP: Dark

Miracle: Lv. 3 Genderless Bronzong
HP: Water

Weather Report: Lv. 3 Genderless Castform
HP: Psychic

Psychotronic: Lv. 2 Genderless Porygon
HP: Fairy

Heaven's Door: Lv. 1 Male Smeargle
0/10 Moves Sketched:

Grenda: Lv. 1 Female Snover

Thoth: Lv. 1 Male Sigilyph

Mamoru: Lv. 1 Male Shieldon

Match History:

Spoiler: show
New Life Token
Audinite (Attached to Crazy Diamond)
Harvester's Token (Attached to Tuxedo Mask)

Completed Reffings and SP Stuff

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