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Trainer Level: 2
Ref Grade: B
29 KO\\92 TP\\9.5 SP
10 wins\\10 losses\\1 draws
{2 DQ Wins\\3 DQ Losses}
Slots filled: 22/22

Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show
Mordent: Level 2 Male Vulpix
Hidden Power: Poison

Cantabile: Level 3U Female Jigglypuff
Bio: Cantabile didn't grow up as a regular member of her species; she never learned to sing and she pursued the tuba with her musical ambitions. She often regrets choosing to do so, and the closest she comes to singing is playing 'cantabile', a musical term that means singable or songlike. This did have a sig idea tagging along, though.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Move: I AM A SINGER (Various)
As Canta has learned to imitate singing with her instrument, she has learned to imitate type energies by using Uproar. Thrice per match she may use any energy pool available to her and infuse it into an Uproar (example: Dark I AM A SINGER!), and each pool may only be used like that a maximum of two times per match, and never in the same round. Cantabile may no longer use Hyper Voice, Sing, and Perish Song. The energy is composed solely by the given type.

Arnie: Level 1 Female Oddish
Hidden Power: Flying

Ukia: Level 2 Female Tentacool
Hidden Power: Fighting

№5: Level 2 Female Koffing
Hidden Power: Ground

Brigitte: Level 2 Female Mime Jr.
Bio: Brigitte spent much of her time as part of a group of entertainers before joining my crew recently. While she didn't ever star as an important character or display showy talents like firebreathing or gymnastics, she was a skilled theatre technician and was able to aid in various illusions when her former trainer would do his magic shows. She became especially interested in manifesting her offensive skills in ways that were not typical, and, with a bit of experimenting, was able to create an attack of her own.
Signature Technique: Mist Beam (PS)
When using this attack, Brigitte fires off a pale-pink beam of misty psychic-typed energy at her target, dealing decent damage and using solid energy. However, the trick to this is that it's type effectiveness is reversed; Psychic and Steel Pokemon are weak to this move, while Fighting and Poison types resist it (Dark Pokemon are still immune to this attack). Every consecutive use will increase the energy required by a minor amount, and due to it's strange physical nature, it can be dispelled by a burst of air, potentially back at Brigitte if the wind is strong enough (Whirlwind, for example). This attack can only be used thrice per match.
Hidden Power: Dark

Maraschino: Level 2 Female Smoochum
Bio: Maraschino is one of the food and drink themed 'mon, and was given her name for her relatively sweet nature. Battling has always been one of her favorite activities; with an inadequate trainer like myself, she's had to devise a few strategies to compensate. With her name taken as inspiration, she's made an excellent themed tactic.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Technique: Cherry Coat Chase (PSY/NOR)
Maraschino becomes covered in a psychic veil, and hits her target with a quick attack, which deals light physical damage and light psychic damage. No matter what, the attack will (almost) always hit, which means that Maraschino will always be able to follow the target, gaining speed until she hits. The only way to shake Maraschino is to hit her somehow, and hard enough to make it lose the concentration holding up the psychic energy. In addition, the 'bubble' of psychic energy also protects her from ALL dark attacks, but provides no protection from anything else. Maraschino will be able to go anywhere she could normally go, although once it hits the opponent, the aura fades. This technique may be used thrice per match.

Zest: Level 2 Male Elekid
Hidden Power: Ice

Tepin: Level 1 Male Magby
Hidden Power: Rock

Iliana: Level 1 Female Omanyte
Hidden Power: Ground


Spoiler: show
Harlequin: Level 2 Male Ariados
Hidden Power: Ground

Aria: Level 3U Female Togetic
Hidden Power: Ground

Ronnie: Level 2 Male Marill
Hidden Power: Dark

Anise: Level 2 Male Misdreavus
Hidden Power: Ice


Spoiler: show
Malia: Level 2 Female Surskit
Hidden Power: Fighting

Khione: Level 2 Female Snorunt
Hidden Power: Rock


Spoiler: show
Agar: Level 1 Female Shellos (East Sea)
Hidden Power: Bug

Clove: Level 1 Female Buneary
Hidden Power: Fairy

Mari: Level 1 Genderless Bronzor
Hidden Power: Fairy

Tori: Level 2 Female Croagunk
Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Tori, a recent addition, was the old companion of a relatively minor Pokemon Professor. This professor, probably with some sort of arboreal name, was studying the differences in poisoned statuses of Pokemon, which Tori aided through use of her Poison-type capabilities. While unable to lead to any clear conclusions, Tori was able to learn much about her own abilities and develop a new technique.
Signature Technique: Impurity (PO)
Using significant energy, Tori spews a bright yellow-green glob of liquid onto her target or injects it into their body using her fists (must be specified). For the first round, the attack simply seeps into the skin, doing nothing. For the following three sounds, however, the afflicted Pokemon's offensive attacks will deal half Poison-type damage, regardless of the Pokemon's type or used moves' types. For example, an afflicted Pikachu's Thunderbolt will deal half Electric-, half Poison-typed damage, (this will not drain on the affected Pokemon's Poison energy though; the only change is to the damage dealt, not energy expended). It does not function like any regular toxin, as it does not deal sap health from the affected Pokemon. After the three rounds, the target will have become accustomed to Impurity, removing the effects and making it slightly more resistant to Sleep, Poison, and Confusion for the remainder of its time battling. This technique can only be used once successfully on a target and no more than twice per battle. Pokemon immune/resistant to poisoning will also be immune/resistant to this technique. Tori is unable to use Meditate and Bulk Up due to deficiencies in her training.


Spoiler: show
Velvet: Level 1 Female Gothita
Hidden Power: Fighting


Spoiler: show
Gumdrop: Level 1 Female Goomy
Hidden Power: Rock

Abasa: Level 1 Female Super Pumpkaboo

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