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Outside the base, in the worst weather the poor little Chimchar had ever experienced. Aiden bravely climbs the gigantic tree to see if he could aid a dear friend from a vicious assault.

Against the elements, with the howling wind threatening to pull him off at every turn and rain making it unbearable to even get a good grip on the tree limbs, as while as bringing great discomfort, the little chimp pushes through while at the same time trying not to look down. He is almost thrown off however when a strong wind pushes him to the side and for a moment his right palm slips and lets go on the bark, his back is then slammed against the tree with only his left palm keeping him from falling below severe feet. He is so far up he can barely make out the ground.

Trembling from the cold Aiden shuts his eyes afraid. He has never felt fear before, and right now he couldn't even look at his trainer for guidance on what to do...

Thoughts from his inquiring mind asking him, What if I fall?, Would I make it?, Would I perish or survive?, Would I be gone before the storm ended?, Would someone find me before it was too late? all these thoughts making the fear inside stronger and take hold when suddenly...What will happen to James?, that's when he opened his eyes, What will happen to Ethan? he thought, They are counting on me to get up there and get to that window, I can't fail!

With a grunt, Aiden held tightly with his left palm before swinging himself back and forth gaining momentum to throw his weight toward a nearby tree limb, grabbing on tight to get better stability with his right palm.

With a fiery determination, Aiden continued to climb, a flash of lightening dazzling the stormy night sky as the chimpanzee Pokemon could no longer be seen in the forge of the leaves where he made his way up toward the window.


Inside the Base, Gastly continued the good fight when he began to smell a fragrance that smelled awfully like a Sweet Scent causing the fire inside his belly to slowly burn away as a more relaxed feeling seeped in in its stead.

But seeing the Vigoroth continue to come at him, snapped the ghost out of it quickly enough.

James didn't want to continue fighting, as he saw the battle too pointless due to the fact the Normal Type would probably never see eye to eye with him, when suddenly his attention was brought over to a knocking on the windowsill.

He was amazed when he found a Chimchar waving at him in the pouring rain, James couldn't be sure but if he had to guess that was Aiden. Though how wise is it to turn away from an opponent coming at you? Having let himself get distracted again, allowed the sloth to strike him down with another barrage of Dark Type energy attacks, this time consecutively, causing much pain to the ghost type.

With his teammate the Chimchar waving at him to open the a way inside, having trouble opening it, James saw an opening before making a beeline toward the window, all he needed to do was blast the window's lock to the side, charging up some ghostly energy, James knew the Shadow Ball he was forming in his hand would just pass by Normal Types incase Kong tried to get in the way of the blast. With a well wound pitch James threw the Ball of Shadows, arcing just the right way before striking home and smashing the window allowing Aiden to jump inside.

Help had arrived!

Sizing up his opponent at first glance, Chimchar prepared a plan to easily take his opponent down. The fiery chimp rushing forward to Gastly's aid, passing him by and going straight for Vigoroth's face were he began to launch a Fake Out attack, flinching him from the start, before his opponent could know what hit him however, Aiden maneuvered moved behind the sloth hoping to aim at his knees for a Low Blow Kick! Once down, Aiden would have the perfect opportunity to use a Double Kick that would leave his foe motionless.


Damn it! Ethan thought as he backed further down the stairs to avoid being seen, How can I make such a rookie mistake blurting something out while in stealth mode. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He face-palmed hoping no one had noticed when suddenly he heard his name being called out-

"...Ethan? What brings you here?" The voice asked, Crap he thought as he walked up a little seeing the voice was in fact coming from Keith Masters a man he had done business with before and the reason responsible for him owning a Garchomp, Munchlax and Jellicent.

"It's nice see you again," he chuckled a bit making his way toward the entrance, "You see...we were trying to get away from the rain after the boat I was on got destroyed out at sea. I had my Jellicent ferry us over here when I saw a small light coming from this hallowed out tree. I thought it was my imagination but when I came here I noticed a door at the bottom of it and entered, there was some commotion, it looked like there was a battle going on, so instead of having you think I was some intruder I had sent my Gastly James to let you know before hand that we were nothing more then wary travelers but he said that he got attacked in the middle of it-" the boy cut off as he heard the voice of his Gastly calling out to him inside the shadows of his mind.

"Ethan!! I was able to get Aiden in, but I don't know how the Vigoroth attacking me is going to like it now that it's a two on one fight-" his Gastly's voice cut out again probably due to having to focus in fending off his assailant.

James! Are you alright!? He yelled out in his mind before coming face to face with the owner of the base, "Hey! That's my Ghastly in there, you got to tell your Pokemon to back off!"

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