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The Weezing's Sweet Scent was working- The Gallade, the Bellsprout, they were both calming down, the latter's Firestream reduced to a mere fiery hiccup. And as Meowth explained the situation to the Gallade, he seemed to be thinking about it. Or at least, he wasn't attacking, that was a good thing-

"Chatatatat! Hello, furball!"

Keith, Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard all wheeled around simultaneously at this voice, for it sounded all too familiar to them. And as they looked, they realized that they recognized its source as well. "Blackbeard?!" Keith exclaimed.

"You?!" exclaimed Meowth.

"Weezing?!" Gemini and Mustard exclaimed simultaneously, both heads exchanging highly surprised glances.

As Keith looked at his old Chatot, who was currently laughing his tail feathers off, the puzzle pieces started to put themselves together in his mind. "...Well, that explains a lot," he sighed.

"Eh?" Meowth asked him.

Keith sighed again. "Chatot can mimic voices, remember?" he said. "I'm willing to bet Blackbeard mimicked his Trainer's voice to tell us the door was open, then came back here and told everyone else that there were intruders."

"Dat does sound like someting he'd do," Meowth agreed, narrowing his eyes at the Chatot.

"Which means this is probably Lucas's base, then," Keith added, turning back to the Gallade. "Which would mean you're Rags, aren't you?" He remembered Helena mentioning a Ralts named Rags to him from long ago, at the Bar, and as he was trading Blackbeard away, she mentioned that the Trainer he was trading the Chatot to was Rags's Trainer.

But before anything else could be said, a voice behind them exclaimed, "Keith!" Rags reacted by readying a blade, though he wasn't the only one startled by this. Keith jumped and wheeled around, his hand grabbing a Poké Ball off his belt in the process. And then, as he got a look at the guy who was on the stairs behind him, he realized he recognized him. He had traded with the guy before, including for what were now Keith's Blastoise, Tranquill, and Shadow Ledian.

"...Ethan?" Keith finally said, reattaching the Poké Ball to his belt. "What brings you here?"

"Oh, dat's Ethan, OK," Meowth said, nodding in understanding, before turning back to the Gallade. "We know dat guy," he explained to the Gallade. "He didn't come wit us, but he's alright... well, my Trainer trusts him, anyways," he added. Indeed, Meowth had been a bit wary of Ethan from when the Scratch Cat Pokémon had first met him- he seemed to know more about Keith's preference for Poison-types than anyone who had only first met him ought to know, in his opinion.

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