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Kitchen: Lucas, Kong, Faust, Floss, James
Charging himself with a cloak of dark energy, the Vigoroth rushes forward and plummets his weight into the gas Pokémon. The Gastly staggered back in pain but managed to remain afloat. Had Lucas and Kong bothered to pay closer attention, they might have noticed the ghost-type appearing somewhat absent-minded at first. Unaware that the Gastly was telepathically communicating with his trainer.

"Look buddy, I don't know what your problem is-"

Kong made a swipe at his opponent to interrupt him; a feint.

"But I didn't come here to battle you! My trainer needs a place to rest after the ordeal he has gone through, all we are asking for is shelter...but if words won't do anything to convince you..."

Just then Kong went in for his real attack to catch the Gastly off-guard but the Ghost Pokémon had set up a protective shield in anticipation of another strike. Kong sneered in anger at his unsuccessful attack.

"Then maybe I'll just need to teach you a lesson!" the Gastly chuckled. Two g(h)astly hands (hehe) manifested itself in thin air. One glowed a hot red while the other a light blue. Kong did his best to back off and distance himself from his opponent. The first spectral hand, the red one, clutched into a fist and launched itself towards the Vigoroth. Kong side-stepped to try and avoid the incoming attack. Part of the Fire Punch hit his side and scorched some of his arm, sending a small waft of burnt hair through the room and making the Vigororth wince. The remaining energy hit the ground where it disappeared in thin air.

Just then, the second fist was launched. It Right after stepping to his side, the Vigoroth got caught off guard as the full brunt attack of the Ice Punch hit his side and shoved him into the ground.

“VIGVIGVIGORTH!” he yelled in anger at his assailant. He clumsily got back to his feet, clutching his left arm in frozen pain. A small patch of ice had managed to form around the elbow, limiting its movement.

“Don’t let up!” his trainer yelled at him.

“VIIIIIGGG!” Kong shouted back in agreement.

“Two more Feint Attacks! Try and knock off the i-“ Lucas stopped midsentence and sniffed the air. A sweet smell had managed to penetrate the room. Lucas stared down at his Swirlix. “Eww Floss, was that you?”

“Swirl!” the cotton candy Pokémon responded in anger, slightly insulted at the accusation.

It was a rather soothing smell. The Vigoroth snorted the air in as well and felt slightly relaxed, but looking back at the ghost Pokémon caused his anger to flare up once more.


“It’s okay,” the trainer said relaxed. “It’s actually rather nice.” The trainer’s eyes glazed a bit and he sagged down across the wall in relaxation. The Swirlix and Duskull tool a deep breath of the air as well and plopped themselves down next to their trainer. All three of them were in a slight trance and a calmer state of mind. Only the Vigoroth remained in full Vital Spirit at the sight of his opponent as he prepared to attack once more.

Entrance: Rags, Hood, Ford, Blackbeard, Keith, Gemini (+Mustard), Meowth
Cautiously eyeing his opponent, Rags was anticipating some form of attack. He kept exchanging glances between the Weezing and the Bellsprout, unsure who was to strike first. Then suddenly, the Weezing exhaled a puff of smoke from his pores, startling the Gallade in surprise. Rags backed off but slowed his steps when he breathed in the air. He was starting to feel somewhat relaxed. The Weezing’s smog thinned down into a fine pink mist that spread across the base. Hood breathed in a mouthful as he prepared his Firestream attack, only to stop and give a fiery hiccup instead. A belch of red bubbles floating up. He swayed left and right on his lonely stalk, his bulbous head almost hitting the ground each time. “Bell,” he said as he swayed to his left. “Sprout,” he continued as he swayed to his right. “Bell. Sprout. Bell. Sprout”

A Meowth popped up beneath the Weeing and slowly walked up to the Gallade with his paws up. "We ain't intruders," it suddenly talked. "We just wanted ta get outta dis rain. We knocked on yer door, and yer Trainer told us dat da door was open. Dat's da truth."

It took the Gallade a few seconds to register what was going on as he continued breathing in the Sweet Scent. ’A talking Meowth? Rags was sure he had seen that before somewhere, but where…

A small cawing from the corner of the room gave the final clue. ’The trade for Black!’ he remembered. The voice, the cowboy hat, the talking Meowth. It was when he and Lucas went to the Cable Club to trade for Blackbeard. The Gallade snapped out of blissfull trance as he recalled the memory. Rags looked towards the corner where the caw came from. Black sat perched on the table, enjoying the spectacle he had set up. The Chatot couldn’t hold it in any more and burst into a cawing laughter. “Chatatatat!”

Blackbeard straightened up and stared towards the Meowth. “Hello furball,” he taunted.

"Keith!" a voice suddenly erupted down the staircase. Rags reared up in surprise at their supposed intruders as that particular voice was new. H held a blade in front of his body just in case.

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