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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
The doors to the Cable Club swung open as Keith Masters came walking in. Behind him, there walked a Tauros. The last time Vernon had seen the inside of the Cable Club, he had failed to stop in time, and crashed right through the doors. This time was no happier an occasion. As Keith approached a trade machine, Vernon gave a half-angry, half-dejected moo.

Keith sighed. "I know," he nodded. "But Vernon, it's better for you this way. I mean, let's face it- when people hear about me, they know me as 'that guy with the hat who rides a grey Scolipede', not 'that guy with the hat who rides a grey Scolipede and sometimes a Tauros.' I mean, you have no idea how much I appreciate what you do, filling in for Salazar whenever he needs a break, but the fact remains that if you stay on the team, you'll always be living in Salazar's shadow. And that's not fair to you. You're an awesome Pokémon, and you deserve way more recognition and attention than what I can give to you."

Vernon mooed in response, his tone implying that he believed Keith to have a point, albeit somewhat grudgingly.

"And besides," Keith added, "you've met Jake before, you know he's OK. He's a friend of mine, he's a pretty decent Trainer, and as far as I'm aware, he doesn't have any Pokémon he can ride across land just yet. Think of it, Vernon, this could be your chance to shine, am I right?"

Vernon gave another dejected moo, though this time, Keith thought he saw a small smile on the bovine's face. True enough, much as he'd miss Keith, Vernon had to admit he was a bit tired of playing second fiddle to a Scolipede. Deep down, he'd always wanted to be more of a star of Keith's team- more along the lines of his signature Pokémon than just a substitute for Salazar. It wasn't an unreasonable dream, even on the team of a Poison-type specialist, but it was Keith's clear preference for Scolipedeback riding that inevitably led to this.

"Well, here we are," said the Meowth on Keith's shoulder. For all the fuss he kicked up when Keith first decided to ride on Vernon's back, Meowth had to admit, the Tauros gave a good ride, and he'd miss him.

Keith sighed, staring at the Poké Ball in his hand. "This is it, Vernon," he said, looking at the Tauros. "We're all gonna miss you, buddy. Feel free to visit if you're ever in the area, alright?"

Vernon looked at Keith, and bowed his head in one last sign of respect for the Poison-type Trainer. Keith mirrored this action, and held out the Poké Ball, withdrawing the Tauros to within. He placed the ball on his end of the trade machine, and with one pull of the switch and much electrical crackling later, it had swapped places with the Magnet Jake had placed on his end of the machine.

"Take care of him, alright?" Keith called to Jake as he picked up his new Magnet. Then, he gave a small sigh, exchanged looks with Meowth, and walked out the door. He had Salazar on hand, of course, but out of respect for Vernon, Keith decided he'd walk home this time.

OOC: Trading my level 6 Tauros with the following stats to EpicSquirtle for his Magnet. Take good care of him.

Spoiler: show
Species: Tauros ()
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Type: Normal
Attacks: Surf, Tackle, Whirlpool, Strength, Rock Smash, Tail Whip, Stone Edge, Role Play, Rock Climb, Stomp, Rage, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Horn Drill, Skull Bash, Fissure.
Next attack learned: Horn Attack (lv.
Evolution: >Egg House hatching>
Nature: Adamant (not locked in, can be changed)
Ability: Intimidate (not locked in, can be changed)
Happiness Points: 0
Cute stat: 20
Beauty stat: 20
Tough stat: 20
Smart stat: 20
Cool stat: 20
IQ: 2
Obtained: Egg House
Birthday: June 7th
An otherwise ordinary Egg hatching at the Egg House quickly became a unique experience as Keith's Normal Pound Egg was rushed outside, a first for any Egg that had been under his care. His initial confusion faded away as he realized that the Egg had produced a Tauros.

Vernon, not unlike other Tauros, is headstrong. He tends to attack first and ask questions later. Predictably, this makes him a good sparring partner for Scorpius, and the two are in fact good friends. His headstrong and violent nature does not endear himself easily to the rest of the team, though Pomona has managed to make friends with him. Helena has also managed to befriend the bovine.

Vernon is also a fast runner, and is more than glad to carry his trainer on his back, especially since Keith has the Tauros convinced that it's a great way for him to prove his strength. Whenever Salazar needs a break from carting Keith around Fizzytopia, Vernon is always there to act in the Scolipede's stead. Vernon will never turn down a test of his strength or abilities, unless it would put Keith at risk- the Poison-type Trainer recognizes the Tauros's skills, and Vernon knows this and respects him for it.

*Trade Commenced*
Trading my Magnet in return for Missingno. Masters level 6 Tauros. Sorry for the wait! I'll take good care of him!
*Trade Closed*
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