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OoC: No problem. And yea this is fun! Should we have any guidelines for this brawl we seem to be having? x) or do we just at it by ear?

What's taking so long... the trainer thought for a moment as he continued to observe the situation a few steps above him. Are they fighting each other now? That trainer and the person that lives here? Wait...that cowboy hat...why do I feel I recognize it from some where- Ethan's thought was quickly interrupted however by a voice different from his own in his head, "E-Ethan! Come in! Ethan!"

James is that you? What's going on? How did the conversation go? Were you able to convince them to let us stay?

"I never got the chance, I was attacked out of no where by a- oaff!"

James you alright!

"Fine, I just received a Pursuit attack! What should I do, it doesn't look like these people are much in a talking mood."

Unfortunately for them, it's not like we have much of a choice, going outside is not an option.

"So what do we do?"

Just tell me, does it look like there's another way inside?

"I see a window- woah!"

What is it? What's happening?

"It's getting kinda hard to fight and hold communication!"

I'll try to send aid to you as soon as possible, just try to use your better judgement, we won't want these people to get the wrong idea. Over and out.


Inside the base James tried its best to fend off his assailant. "Look buddy, I don't know what your problem is-" Gastly said trying it's best to dodge the Vigoroth's moves, "But I didn't come here to battle you! My trainer needs a place to rest after the ordeal he has gone through, all we are asking for is shelter...but if words won't do anything to convince you..." He said as a Defensive Shield blocked the normal types last swipe of a Feint Attack, "Then maybe I'll just need to teach you a lesson!" With a wide set grin, James created two ghastly forms for hands, tightened them into the shape of fists and rushed at his opponent with Fire energy ablaze in one hand and solid Ice energy on the other prepared to let Kong have it with repeated Punches back to back.


Inside where the stairs were, Ethan left his position and made his way downstairs where he opened the door to the secret base and peered outside.

The wind and clouds still seemed like they weren't going to let up, with pouring rain every where he looked. But he noted as he looked up that very little water was getting through around the perimeter that the leaves and branches created, like a giant umbrella they were being protected.

But looking up, the tree reached incredible heights, there was no way that a human being would be able to get all the way up there towards the window...but he knew who could...

Calling out his Chimchar, Aiden materlized from the white light the pokeball shot out onto the floor. With a happy "Chim!" the fire starter chimed in, until a water droplet cascaded down and smacked him on the forehead. "Chimp, Chimpchar!" the chimp yelled startled by the water and ran over to his trainer's leg, climbing all the way to his shoulder. Frightened.

"There, there. It's just a little water," Ethan said softly as he stroked his head so he could calm down a bit. Chimchar shaking from the cold winds as well.

"Listen, the reason I called you out here is because James is in trouble."

"Chimp?" the Chimchar said, sounding concerned.

"Yea, he is currently being attacked inside the base and with the entrance being blocked I need you to climb this tree and enter through a window he saw. You think you can manage that?"


"I know that you as a Fire type are afraid of water, but just this once I need you to try to face your fears and help a friend. What do you say?"

The Chimchar thought for a minute, before looking at the tree before them, it was very tall. He even found it surreal to think it even had a top to it. He was afraid that the water might touch him...but he needed to be strong, after all it was all for a friend.

"Chimchar!" he agreed, jumping from Ethan's shoulder onto the tree as he began to climb towards the top.


Back inside Ethan made his way back up to see if the situation shone anymore progress.

Looking at the man with the cowboy hat, it finally clicked to him who it was, "Keith!" He blurted out.

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