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(OoC: Unfortunately for you EBE, I’m sticking to my Vigoroth’s personality/character of hating the Gastly-line. Plus, I’m having way too much fun with this ’misunderstanding’ to just let it go like that. ;p)

Kitchen: Lucas, Kong, Faust, Floss, James
More of the wood was being secured in place by Faust and both Lucas and Kong could ease up on pushing their weight. There was a distinct chill in the air. They both attributed it to the frozen wall, having their backs turned to the Gastly that had managed to phase itself through the floor.

"Hello...can I please have everyone's attention,” the Gastly spoke.

The two looked back in fright to see the gas Pokémon behind them. Kong’s instinct and Vital Spirit went into overdrive as he quickly charged his claw. Lucas placed more of his own weight on the wall as the Vigoroth let go.

“Before this gets out of hand, I'd like you to kno-“

The Gastly was cut off as the Vigoroth launched a surprise attack in the form of a Sucker Punch, striking the gaseous Pokémon with dark energy.

“They’re coming through the walls!” the trainer shouted, attempting to alert everyone in the base. 'So they do have a poison-type'

“VIGVIGVIGOROTH!” Kong yelled angrily. As much as the ghost Pokémon tried to reason with them, his voice was drowned out by the Vigoroth’s angry shouting. It didn’t help that a previous bad experience (which I’m still working on explaining at a different time) caused the Vigoroth to hold a grudge against the Gastly-line. Kong was having none of it. He wanted to pulverize the Gastly as much as he could and Lucas understood. He too was slightly panicking about the apparent invasion that was occurring.

“Kong. Pursuit. Feint Attack.” The trainer had purposefully given his Pokémon short names for moments like these. When short stock phrases would quicken their reaction time.

The trainer arched his back to face the door as much as he could so he could shout into the next room. “HOOD! FIRESTREAM!” he ordered. The Gallade he didn’t give any orders to. On Rags he could rely to use his best judgment. The Bellsprout on the other hand was a Rash natured turret that would fire whatever it was ordered.

Entrance: Rags, Hood, Ford, Keith, Gemini (+Mustard), Meowth
A Pokémon ducked down to take the Bullet Seed but had thereby revealed itself in the entrance. Now Rags’ target was in sight. The poison-type Weezing. With his blade coated in Psychic energy he lurched forward and extended his arm.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on,” a voice behind the Weezing spoke.

But Rags was already in the midst of his attack and too focused to ease up. He sliced his blade down across the Weezing’s body, striking for an effective blow that yet seemed to do little damage.

“What's going on here? You said the door was open, why are you attacking us?" the voice continued.

The Gallade eased up a bit as he recognized the voice from somewhere.

“They’re coming through the walls!” Lucas' voice resonated.

Rags was still mid-fight but made a brief glance past the Weezing. He couldn’t exactly make out who it was that was standing in the dark staircase but he noted what appeared to be a cowboy hat behind the Weezing. It looked familiar but Rags couldn’t quite remember where he saw it before. He was poised for battle and ready to expect a retaliation. But resisted going for a second attack as he looked puzzled towards their invaders.

It was then that Lucas’ voice boomed from the next room. “HOOD! FIRESTREAM!”

Rags switched his view from the Weezing to the cowboy hat, to the Bellsprout behind him reading an attack and then back to the Weezing he was battling. All in all, unsure of what to do next and prepping to back off to get out of the way of the incoming Firestream.

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