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As Ethan made his way climbing the winding steps, he began to hear some commotion up above, he stealthfully walked up to what was going on when suddenly, he saw a man near a door he could only assume was the entrance to a secret base.

Hugging the wall as he peered from one of his eyes, Ethan noted the gentlemen seemed to be getting attacked.

Suddenly from behind Ethan's shadow, a Gastly came out yawning rather loudly, "Ahhhhh!" Which startled the boy some, causing him to turn around and tell his ghostly friend in a hush tone to be quiet.

"What's going on?" The Gastly said in a quiet whisper.

"I think I made a big mistake coming here..."

"Speaking of...weren't we on a boat?"

"Yea you know how it goes, the double cross."

"Ah, say no more..."

"Listen," Ethan said, "I think it's nothing more then a big misunderstanding that's happening up there. I rather not deal with the same thing. So do me a favor and phase through the top until you reach that room. When you do, tell who ever lives here we mean no harm and as proof we can cook them something to eat."

"What will you make?"

"I don't know, whatever I got in my backpack and whatever is on the island."

"Fine with me!" James said as he floated upwards towards the ceiling, passing through it as he arrived in a room filled with Pokemon, all of different variety and towards the entrance way, was a gentlemen with a cowboy hat and another with a couple Pokemon next to him, ready for what looked like a showdown.

Clearing his throat, James said, "Hello...can I please have everyone's attention. Before this gets out of hand, I'd like you to know that me and my trainer are looking for shelter. He has gone through a great deal for coming here...though honestly I have no idea where here is...but if you allow us to stay here then we promise to cook you some thing to might not sound like a lot but-" he said looking around the room where his eyes were meet towards the kitchen, only to notice it was missing a fridge and near another corner a Swirlix sobbing...something about lost food?

"It does seem better then the alternative."
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