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As Keith slowly made his way up the steps, he could see light ahead of him, aside from what Meowth was generating with Flash. He was near the top of the staircase, he could tell, and as he climbed another step, a doorway came into view-


"What the-" Keith exclaimed, for this voice was identical to the one to tell them that the door was open in the first place. The first thing he could see was a Bellsprout, and more to the point, the glowing seeds it was spewing straight at Keith! But before he could so much as react to them, his Weezing sprang into action. Gemini and Mustard swooped down and blocked the Bullet Seed, taking the resisted Grass-type move like it was nothing.

"Weez!" both heads exclaimed defiantly. At first, they thought the Bellsprout was to be their only assailant, but then they spotted the Gallade, Psychic energy already charged up in one of its arm blades. The Psychic/Fighting-type did not go unnoticed by Keith, either, who pointed his Pokédex at it, while Meowth clung to his arm for dear life.

"Gallade, a Blade Pokémon. An evolved form of the Kirlia," droned the device. "When protecting someone, it extends its blade-like elbows and fights savagely."

"Whoa, whoa, hold on," Keith said, hastening to try and get the situation under control before the attacks started flying. "What's going on here? You said the door was open, why are you attacking us?"

Gemini and Mustard, meanwhile, eyed the Gallade warily. The Weezing's heads both got the feeling that this Gallade was much lower in level than they were, so they had no intention of attacking unless it proved necessary to defend Keith. They did, however, intend to block as many attacks from the Gallade as they could take.

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