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The sound of footsteps was unavoidable.

“Skuntank! How are they getting past the Toxic Spikes so easily?” Lucas asked no one in particular.

The trainer focused his attention back on the wooden planks. Faust was slow but making headway in securing the pieces in places. Admirable, he didn’t have to take a breather yet. An almost assured sign of his ghostly character.

’Perhaps they have a poison type who’s clearing the way?’ he wondered.

He turned his head to the entrance where the footsteps were getting louder then back to the wall. A large portion of it was secured. It would need less ballast to hold it together now. “Rags!” the trainer said assured. “You’re on guard duty. Expect poison types, so-“

“Gall,” his Gallade assured him. He understood and let go of the wall. He calmly walked to stand next to the Pineco and Bellsprout while Lucas and Vigoroth were left to hold the remaining planks in place.

The whole base held their breath as they anxiously waited for their intruders to arrive. Safe for Faust, who unflinchingly continued holding the Ice Beam.

"Hello? I was told the door was open, so I came in."

But the voice fell on deaf ears. Only a faint snigger from the Chatot may have been heard by some.

Once the footsteps were close to the door, Lucas’ voice boomed throughout the base. “HOOD! BULLET SEED!”

Obeying, the Bellsprout released a volley of glowing seeds that it had been retaining. Simultaneously, the Gallade charged his blade with purple energy, ready to charge at the first thing that would come through the door.

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