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OoC: Long intro is long...apologizes.

Pokemon declared to be on hand: Chimchar, Jolteon, Jellicent.

"So what will it be Mr. Rivers, your life or that book?"

Out on the open ocean, with the winds howling, the sky becoming incredibly darkened by some thunder clouds on the horizon and the water thrashing against a little white cigarette of a boat nicknamed The Mr. Beaumont a young cheeky gentlemen named Ethan found himself in his most usual of predicaments. The trainer was staring down death to the face, and ‘death’ came in the form of poisonous claws of a Drapion staring at him inches away from simply detaching his head from his body.

The trainer, ex-thief and turned ruin enthusiast was vastly outnumbered and out maneuvered by the man in charge, Mr. Beaumont. He and his other two associates, Vinny and Carol had contacted Ethan about a job he's specific expertise was needed for. The job in question was a simple 'grab and go'. Going into an Ancient Temple to collect the gold inside, being a thief, Ethan had studied and dealt with a number of traps and security systems. Of course old fashioned traps were more difficult to get through but he managed. The job went without a hitch, but not without the occasional life threatening heart pounding ‘fun’ that he could never escape. As his reward he was given the thing he found more valuable than gold itself. A book located in the same chamber as the gold. But not just any book, this book contained ancient text describing the locations of the Plates that may have held the power to summon the God Pokémon Arceus.

"How about you answer some things for me gentlemen. Like why a couple of rogues would want with a book that they can't even read?"

"You hear that Vinny, he's saying you can't even read- haha- OW!! Why’d you hit me for!!" The much bigger, fatter henchmen said. He’s name was Carol.

"Cant's yous see the boss is trying to work here, how about a little of respect." Vinny responded back. The thinner of the two.

"Fine! But I don't understand why you had to hit me for!" Carol complained.

"Won't you shut up already!"

"How about you both shut up!!" Mr. Beaumont yelled back having reached his boiling point during the twos little spat.

"Sorry boss..." Both Vinny and Carol pouted.

"You want to know why I want the book." He said, before turning around and beginning to pace. "Fine, I'll tells yay. I was thinking, if I could find the location of where every single Plate lied I would be able to summon Arceus and create the world in my image. I'd be the king of the world, people would bow to me. Give me respect and even come to me for advice. I could have everything I'd ever want, compared to this gold I have here, that’s more valuable to me!"

"Wow boss, that’s some great idea yous got there!" Carol said before getting a death stare from the big man himself.

"Hehe...haha, HAHAHAHA" this created a sudden outburst to come out of Ethan, "Oh my Arceus is that rich, HAHAHA."

"Hey boss," Vinny said, "I think the kids finally lost it."

"What's so funny?" The head honcho asked rather sternly not finding it amusing how his ambition was being laughed at.

Whipping tears from his eyes Ethan took in a breath before responding, "It's just so...boring."

"You find my dream...boring?" Mr. Beaumont said causing a small vain to pop out of his forehead.

"Yea. It's been done. At least a dozen times, why not come up with something original."

"Well what do you want it for?"

"I have some questions I need answered by the big guy up stairs and-" suddenly a bolt lightening illuminated the background as the sound of crackling thunder could be heard resonating and shaking the sky itself, causing water droplets to begin cascading down from the clouds, "-that's all you need to know!" While everyone had been distracted by the weather above, Ethan had managed to walk backwards to a ramp, swiftly Ethan made arc’s his back before diving head first to the second floor of the boat they were on, landing directly down to the port side. Like an aerobatic he used his hands to save himself from smashing his face in. Rolling as to not injury his legs or knees he stood up before making a break for the inside of the ship.

"Well don't just stand there you buffoons!!" The boss said, "After him!!" He commanded as Vinny and Carol quickly saluted before bumping into each other and going the opposite’s side from which they stood, running down to the first level to give chase.

When they were gone, Mr. Beaumont looked at his Drapion and said. "I need better help."


Inside the luxury liner Ethan ran over to his compartment, gathering his belongings before clipping the Pokeballs he had brought for the job. And placed the book he had into his backpack.

"Where do you think you’re going?" A voice from behind startled Ethan, causing him to turn around and find Carol standing between the doorway with his Pokémon partner, a slithering purple snake, "Ekansssss" it hissed as it slithered closer to the young man, "I don't have time for this!" The boy cursed before grabbing a Pokeball and tossing it, "Aiden come out and give me a hand!" he said.

The ball opened up in a flash and out popped a "Chimchar!"

"Chimchar, roast this snake, use Flame Wheel and cut us open a path!"


Jumping in midair, the fire starter made a back flip before beginning to spin rapidly with fire spewing from its mouth the giant wheel of flames he created, burning everything in the room it touched, before finally charging right at their opponents!

"Diana!" Carol said to his Ekans, "Use Sludge Bomb to prevent them from crossing this door!"

Focusing on the poisonous fluid in its mouth, Ekans hurled a black inky sustains directly at the wheel of flames, "Maneuver out of the way! Just like we've practiced!" The trainer yelled out, quickly Chimchar jerked to the side, acting like a wheel of a car causing the move to miss completely before wheeling to get back on track and moving faster toward the snake, "Dodge Diana!" but as the snake slithered away Carol on the other hand didn't have enough time to react as a big ball of flames hit him right at the center of his big o’ belly, pushing him out of the way and knocking him unconscious against the other side.

"Great job Aiden!" Ethan said as the Chimchar's flame died down, "Now get back in your ball, it's raining outside!"

"Chim!" The monkey gave a warm smile as the trainer went up a flight of stairs to the upper deck leaving Carol unconscious on the floor with his snake Pokémon trying to see if he was okay.

On the upper deck it seemed the waves and rains were causing the boat to sway much harder than earlier. All Ethan could think of now was getting off the boat, but last he looked at the navigation they were somewhere close to an Island in the shape of a triangle, whatever it's actually name, for a person that traveled by water alot he had at least heard what many sea going people called it...The Bermuda Triangle.

"So you think you can take the bosses book and just leave?"

"Vinny." Ethan said as he knew he was now going to have to battle the second of the henchmen, "This book doesn't belong to him, it belongs to me, this was promised to me after I helped you guys get your gold. I didn't even want the gold remember? The only reason I came here was for this."

"Well, stop being so...selfish."


"You know what I mean; the boss wants that book and his going to get it!" Tossing a sphere into the air, Vinny called out his trusty partner, a round happy "Koffing!!"

"Koffing put him in his place with a little Gyro Ball!"

Spinning rapidly the poisonous ball of gas charged at the trainer with steel energy surrounding him.

While this continued on lightning and thunder continued to ravage in the background, a big wave pushing the boats side, causing Ethan to lose his footing and slip on the wet hardwood flooring. The Gyro Ball narrowly missing him.

Vinny holding on for dear life to a bar skewered onto the ship yelled his next commands, "Use Thunder to strike him down!"

"Are you insane, with this much water, you can’t be this stupid…you'll get electrocuted too!"

"I'm not listening to you!" Vinny laughed it off.

"Argh, why do I even work with these kinds of people? Jolteon come on out and give me assistance!!"

With a throw of another capsule a white light materialized onto the ground as a spiky haired, yellow fox came into the picture. "Jolt!" electricity began to surround the purple ball of gas as it charged its energy, before shooting a Thunder directly toward the sky, Ethan could feel the atmosphere's air thinning as he anticipated what would happen next, the same attack that was launched soon came crashing down on them, only for the attack to be absorbed by his fox's fur.


For a moment there was an eerie silence, it was as if the clouds thunder and lightning had stopped for a second but that's because Ethan knew what was about to happen next, "Jolteon back in your ball, thanks for the help!" He retrieved his Pokémon back inside its Fastball before he took a running start, "That's right you better run!" Vinny smirked not completely understanding the situation.

A dark cloud was gathering directly above the boat now, and it was about to go off like a bomb on a timer, reaching the end of the ship, Ethan was greeted by the boss on the second floor, "Leaving so soon?" He said as his Drapion stood right next to him, awaiting its orders to attack as it snapped its claws.

"Actually yea, I am." Ethan said.

"You think I'm just going to let you?"

"No but you got bigger problems, let us never do business with each other again." Ethan said as he tossed another ball and called out his sea ferrying friend, Jellicent. Jumping over board he held onto Diego's 'crown' as Mr. Beaumont rushed at them as they made their escape, "Pin Missile Drapion!!"


But they were too far now, and out of reach, the darts only merrily causing water to splash them as they zig-zagged to safetly.

"Damnit all!" The boss smashed his fist on one of the metal railings.

"Hey boss..."

"What is it Vinny?! Don't you see he got away?"

"Yea but we have a problem..."

"What problem?"

Pointing up Vinny directed the boss’s attention to a cloud closer than any other to the boat, static was forming around it, as it was throbbing almost as if it was ready to explode...

"Son of a b-"


Having made a good ways away from the ship before a white light ignited most of the sky, and a thundering boom followed close after, Ethan knew he wasn't going to have to worry about those three coming to bother him again.

With only an island close by to find some shelter to get away from the storm that seemed to be following him, Ethan set his sights on the Island yonder from him.


Reaching their landmark with much rain pouring down on them, Ethan arrived on the shores about less than an hour later, "Thanks buddy! Return for now!" He said before realizing he needed a place to get dry, above he saw a giant mountain ahead with three large trees, and though it might of been the rain and lightning playing tricks on him he could see a light coming off the one in the middle, rushing over to it he came to the trunk of the tree, seeing the truck slightly open and the inside dry and hallowed out with stairs to them winding up. He didn't know anyone would or could live here, so without making much of any sound he began to climb up seeing as he did a couple of Spikes that had lost all their poison....
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