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"Door's open. Door's open," the voice called down from somewhere above them.

"Thank Arceus," gasped Keith as he hastened to open the door and get inside. None of them bothered to look up at the source of the voice- the fact that it conveyed the fact that the door was open was more important at that moment. Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard all sighed in relief along with their Trainer as they proceeded to try and dry themselves off somewhat. This took a minute or so- annoyingly, the Weezing's preferred method for drying off involved using Gyro Ball. While this method proved quite effective for Gemini and Mustard, it had the unfortunate side effect of getting Keith and Meowth even more wet.

"Gee, tanks," Meowth said sarcastically, trying to shake even more water off of his fur.

"Weez..." chuckled both of the Weezing's heads sheepishly.

"Nah, don't sweat it, guys," Keith assured them as he was trying to dry his hat off. "Could be worse. Alright, what say we head on up?"

"Weez-" began Gemini, before Meowth cut him off.

"Wait a sec," the Scratch Cat Pokémon said, an odd, alert look to him. "Tell me I weren't da only one ta hear dat."

"Hear what?" asked Keith.

"Dere was sometin' clatterin' on da stairs, but I dunno wat it was," Meowth explained. Then, he raised his front paws up to his charm, which let loose a Flash of light, clearly illuminating the staircase, and more importantly, the odd purple spikes it seemed to be littered with.

"What the..." murmured Keith as he knelt down to inspect one. As the Poison-type Trainer carefully picked one up, it was absorbed into him. "Toxic Spikes?" he muttered, apparently unaffected by the poisonous booby trap. "But why..."

"Well, dat explains it," Meowth said. "Clearly dis base belongs ta some kind o' homicidal madman who's got it out fer youse."

Keith sighed. "Meowth, you've been spending way too much time around Ginny," he said exasperatedly. "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for these. Besides, if someone wanted me dead, you really think they'd use Toxic Spikes, of all things?" he added with a chuckle. "No, I think someone in there's just being a little overly cautious, is all."

With that said and done, Keith carefully led the way up the stairs, Meowth's Flash helping to illuminate the way. As he went, any of the Toxic Spikes he stepped on had no effect whatsoever, instead being absorbed into the decidedly unique individual that Keith Masters was.

"Hello?" Keith called as he neared the top of the stairs. "I was told the door was open, so I came in." While he was remaining calm, however, Meowth, Gemini, and Mustard were decidedly more nervous. They all agreed that there was every possibility of a fight breaking out, whether due to the base's owner's madness or merely some sort of misunderstanding, so they were prepared to defend Keith from whatever might happen. Meowth extended his claws in preparation for whatever might be waiting for them, and Gemini and Mustard were all set to swoop in and block any attacks that might come Keith's way once they got to the top.

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