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(OoC: Coincidentally, I was actually looking for a way to get in contact with others and was trying to figure out a way to visit your base through a misunderstanding. Funny to see how you cut ahead of me. )
(Also: I haven't finished editing this so sorry for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes)

Another thunder flash in the distance caused the Ponyta to whinny and flash her flames. The other younger Pokémon; a Lotad, Krabby, Girafarig, Oddish and Gible shrieked in response to her reaction. Only the Purrlion remained calm, licking her paws as if nothing of interest was happening. The group were cowering amongst the pillows piled up in the corner of the base.

“Place the pot underneath the drip,” the trainer ordered his Absol. Little Doom had already grown up quite a bit, becoming larger, quieter and more obedient. He nudged the pot across the floor underneath the hole in the ceiling which the Zubat was circling.

The Gallade came out of the bedroom, holding a pile of planks. Leftovers from when the base was built. Behind him followed Wattson, the Magnemite, with a plethora of nails attached to him due to his ability Magnet Pull. The two surpassed the Absol, Zubat and hole in the ceiling and moved on to the kitchen where the others were. Lucas, the Kangaskhan, Chatot and Duskull were all standing on the edge of the wooden floor, looking down and out at the ground far below them. An entire section of wall was ripped out in the storm, along with some of the floor and fridge. The splinters of wood, metal and food lying far below them.

Lucas turned to meet his Gallade. “Great work on the planks Rags.” The Gallade looked at the state of the base and gave a sarcastic stare at his trainer. “What?” Lucas asked. “Of course I paid the insurance bill.” He looked away and gulped as he remembered it wasn’t paid on time. “Everyone grab a few and hold them up!” he shouted as he tried to raise his voice above the whirling winds. “We don’t need the nails Wattson. There’s no time, bring them back! “The Magnemite gave a pathetic screech as he returned to the room, feeling rejected.

“KONG!” the trainer poked his head outside. “Get back in here now!”

“Vi-go-ROTH!” he yelled with arms wide as he met the oncoming rain. As if on cue, lightning struck in the distance. The Vigoroth was overly enthusiastic about the storm. He stood on the large tree branch outside, braving the storm as if he could overcome it. “Kong! Get the Distortion (World) in here!” his trainer yelled once more.

“Khan” The Kangaskhan next to him roared. As if saying Let me try. She stepped closer to the edge while placing a comforting hand on her joey. “KHAN!” she yelled at the Vigoroth. Kong looked scared as he looked back and met the Kangaskhan’s Leer. The enthusiastic Vigoroth gulped, lowered his hands and started climbing across the tree branch to get back in. He stopped halfway when he noticed something in the distance. Something on the shore caught his attention.

“VIG!” he yelled back.

“Kong, this is not time for fooling around!”

“Vig!” he tried pointing towards the shore. He crawled back inside the base before trying to draw his trainer’s attention. “Vig-vig-vigororoth.” He pointed once more.

Annoyed, Lucas looked but could see very little through the rain and wind. “We can’t go there right now,” he said annoyed. “Black,” he looked to his shoulder. “Fly down there and see what it is. Record whatever you find there. The door’s open if the hole is fixed by the time you’re back. The Chatot squawked and have a small peck on his trainer’s head before swooping out of the hole and down to the shore. “Now everyone get ready to hold up the wall. Floss? Where are you?”

In another corner of the room the Swirlix was silently sobbing. The lost fridge contained all of the Swirlix’s favourite snacks. Hard candies, soft candies, chocolate, chocolate-covered nougat, chocolate-covered marzipan, chocolate-covered cheese (?).

“Floss, this really isn’t the right time to cry about lost food!” his trainer yelled. Lucas kept calling for his Pokémon to come and help as Floss was pivotal to repairing the hole.


Despite the pelting rain and heavy winds, the tiny bird Pokémon managed to safely glide down to the shore. A rather large ship lay anchored at the shore. Blackbeard stopped mid-air and frantically held itself upright to get a better look at it. He could notice a Pokémon standing guard over the boat. A lightning flash illuminated the area and the ship’s name lit up to reveal itself along with the Pokémon that was standing there. Blackbeard recognized both of them all too well and smirked as much as a Chatot could. He doubled back to return to the base, considering his scouting mission to be complete.

He flew low across the ground where the winds were the least heavy until he came close to the tree. In the distance he could hear someone shouting. “-ello? *thump* *thump* "An-one ho-? -it alri- if-stay he-til the storm passes?" The Chatot knew that voice. And he recognized the furball that stood on the trainer’s shoulders. There was a small twinkle in the Chatot’s eye as he saw the opportunity for mischief. He went up higher until he towered above the poison-type trainer and his Pokémon (out of the Meowth’s reach obviously) and cawed down to grab their attention. He clicked his beak open and Lucas’ voice came out of it like a recording. “Door’s open.” The Chatot clicked his mouth shut and open again to repeat “Door’s open”. The Chatot gave a final caw before flapping his wings and sailing up along the tree trunk.


Back inside the base, Kong was about to erect the final plank against the hole. Just before the hole was stitched up, Blackbeard soared in, banking to his left to avoid the plank. “Now Floss! Chocolate Magic once more.” The Swirlix enlargened her cheeks before spewing sticky chocolate along the plank’s edge. Lucas, Kong, Rags and Ms. Khan were all holding the wall as they waited for the chocolate to harden. It took only a few seconds. They backed off for the final step. “Faust,” he said to his Duskull. “Ice Beam.” Unquestioningly the Duskull obeyed and produced a thin beam of ice in front of his skull mask. He slowly went left to right before lowering the beam and returning to repeat, making sure the entire wall was frozen up to withstand the storm while it lasted.

“Black.” The Chatot perched on his trainer’s shoulder once again. “What did you find?”

Almost dramatically the Chatot extended his wings and clicked his beak open to give report. He produced one of the standard sentences Lucas had taught him. ”Intruder Alert. *Caw* Intruder Alert.” Lucas pupils dilated. Thieves and crooks were the last things he need right now. He cocked his head back to bark orders at the two Pokémon who had remained quiet up till now. “Hood! Ford! Positions!” Both the Bellsprout and Pineco moved in front of the door opening, ready to attack. Hood especially raised his bulbous head and widened his mouth, preparing to send a Bullet Seed at the first glance of movement.
“Send a Toxic Spikes!”

The Pineco lazily inched closer to the staircase and then rapidly spun in place, shooting a rather large volley of poisonous caltrops. The numerous spikes cascaded in different directions down the spiraling staircase, laying a trap for anyone trying to get up.

“Kha-“ Lucas was interrupted

“KHANKHAN” she said as if knowing what was going to be said. She ushered most of her team mates into the bedroom for safety. Only Lucas, his Gallade, Vigoroth, Swirlix, Duskull, Bellsprout, Pineco and Chatot stayed behind. Faust was still busy freezing up the wall while Lucas, Rags and Kong were trying to hold the unfrozen sections in place.

Blackbeard had perched himself on the table where it could get a good view of the oncoming mess. He quietly gave a parrot-like snigger and cawed a soft ’furball’.

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