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Ah, the sea of Fizzytopia. The very picture of tranquility... usually. Out in the middle of nowhere, a large vessel was bobbing around in the waves, her captain braving the fierce storm in an attempt to make it back home.

This vessel, the Banette's Revenge, was captained by none other than Keith Masters, and right now, he was desperately clutching the helm like his life depended on it, standing strong as the winds blew hard and the rain fell harder. A Meowth was clutching to his shoulder for dear life, fruitlessly trying to take shelter from the storm under his Trainer's cowboy hat. By their side hovered a Weezing, and the two-headed Poison-type was doing everything within their power to help their Trainer keep his footing- he was, after all, not the heaviest of men.

"Batten down the hatches!!!" Keith was bellowing as he spun the wheel to the left. "I'm bringing her hard to port!"

"Dis is crazy!" Meowth screamed over the howling wind. "We should just drop anchor and wait fer da storm ta die down!"

"Weez, Weezing weez," chimed in Gemini, the larger of the Weezing's two heads, an uncertain tone in his voice.

"Oh, yeah?" snapped Meowth to Gemini. "Wat makes youse so sure?"

"Weezing Weezing, weez Weezing weez," replied Mustard, the Weezing's smaller head. Whatever he said, it seemed to freak Meowth out.

"Wait, da WAT?!" Meowth exclaimed.

"What? Meowth, what is it?" Keith asked urgently. Meowth looked behind the ship, and sure enough, a school of vicious Pokémon shaped like missiles were in hot pursuit of the Banette's Revenge.

"Sharpedo!" Meowth screamed. "A whole school o' dem, on our stern and gainin'!" Keith glanced behind him, and his eyes widened in fear.

"Ohhh, crap," he murmured quietly, before turning to his trusty Weezing. "Gemini, hold them off!" he ordered. "Sludge attack now!"

"Weezing weez," replied Gemini and Mustard. Then, the Weezing turned to face the oncoming school of Sharpedo, and blasted twin streams of Sludge at them. The attack struck two Sharpedo simultaneously, knocking them both out in a single hit.

"Nice!" grinned Keith as he glanced back and witnessed this. "Now use Thunderbol-"

"In da pourin' rain?!" Meowth interjected. "We'll get zapped, too!"

"Right!" nodded Keith. "Better make that a Sludge Bomb, then!"

The Weezing nodded, and then each head launched a Bomb made of Sludge out at the remaining Sharpedo. Each one exploded on contact, allowing the move to take out even more of the Water/Dark-types than the previous one had. By now, only three Sharpedo remained, but those three seemed entirely undeterred by the others having been KO'd, judging by the way they were still pursuing the boat. Keith glanced back again- he had to keep his eyes on the sea ahead of him, after all, lest he hit something. Granted, he had his Slowbro with him, so it wasn't as though he was going to drown if the ship went down, but all the same, he'd much rather not sink the Banette's Revenge- having worked with some of his Pokémon to build this vessel, he was quite fond of her. And in that short glance, he was able to see that there were only three Sharpedo remained, and conveniently enough, they were all swimming close together. "Now, Gemini! Hyper Beam!" he ordered.

"Weezing WEEEEEEZ!" bellowed Gemini and Mustard, a powerful beam of purple-black destructive energy exploding from the mouth of the larger head. The attack struck the Sharpedo in the center of the formation, but the resulting explosion was felt by all three of them. Once Gemini stopped the attack, no more Sharpedo were tailing the ship.

"Success!" Keith grinned. "That was awesome, Gemini, Mustard, thanks so much," he added gratefully to the Weezing, before focusing his attention back on the sea before him.

Almost immediately, however, the Dusclops standing near the bow spoke up. "Land ho!" Peeves exclaimed, pointing directly in front of him. Keith narrowed his eyes, trying to see what Peeves was talking about, as the rain was doing him no favors in terms of visibility. And then, seconds later, he saw it- a small island, containing a trio of large trees.

"What the hell?" Keith muttered. Then, he called down to the deck below. "Hermione, what's that island up ahead?" he asked.

Down on the main deck, a Weedle, comfortably sheltered beneath a tent that had been set up there, consulted a bunch of maps and charts on the table she was on. After looking at all of her navigational equipment, she called back up, "Weedle Weedle."

"Hermione's sayin' she gots no idea," Meowth translated. "Dis island don't seem ta be on her maps."

"Huh. That's odd," frowned Keith.

At that point, Peeves spoke up again. "Looks like one of the trees has a Secret Base carved into it," he reported.

"A Secret Base?" Keith repeated. "But how can- unless... did we really just stumble upon Birth Island?"

"Wat's Birth Island?" Meowth asked.

"It's this uncharted island in the middle of the sea, Arceus knows where," Keith explained. "It's one of the few areas where the Fizzytopian government allows you to build a Secret Base, but it's the most expensive property going. How did someone actually manage to afford a place like this?" he wondered out loud.

"Hey, I gots an idea," Meowth said. "Howzabout we tink about dis later on, once we're away from dis storm?!"

"I got a better idea," Keith stated as he turned the wheel. "We'll drop anchor and go ashore here, and see if whoever's in there will let us stay there until the storm passes."

"I like yer idea," Meowth said at once.

"Peeves, prepare to drop anchor!" Keith called.

"Aye, aye," nodded the Dusclops, as the Ghost-type stepped over to the anchor, ready to lower it at a moment's notice. With great difficulty, considering the pouring rain and howling winds, Keith managed to bring the Banette's Revenge to a stop and tie her off. Peeves volunteered to stay behind and guard the ship, so Keith returned Hermione to her Poké Ball, and then ran over to the tree with a door built into it, Meowth on his shoulder, and Gemini and Mustard hovering faithfully behind him.

"Hello?" called Keith as he knocked on the door. "Anyone home? Is it alright if we stay here until the storm passes?"

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