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Celebi Shadow Purification and IQ Shop Records

Shadow Pokemon
Ok, so you have Shadow Pokemon? That means you may want to make it a nice happy, not wanting to kill anything it stares at Pokemon, right?....Right?...>> Ok even if you don't this is still the thread for you, because this is where all your Shadow Pokemon's abilities and Purification points are given and stored.

If your Pokemon is one that evolves by happiness, then fear not if you still want to keep it Shadow, then help is here, just like the beauty salon, when you collect 10 beauty points, you can evolve the said Pokemon, so when you collect 10 Purification points, you can then exchange those points for your Pokemon to evolve.

This works just like the bank/exchange, you gain points for purification, you post a link to the gain, we check it, we verify it with an update. You Pokemon gets to the next level to learn a new Shadow Move? Post the link, we check it, we give you a shiny new move to play with.

Shadow Pokémon Rules
- Once hatched, the Pokémon will be in pure Shadow form, Lv.1, and of a random gender.
- All Shadow Pokémon can be purified by collecting purification points in different ways (20 points are required for full purification).
- If you do not wish to purify your Shadow Pokémon, a payment of 50,000 non-refundable coins is required for the right to eliminate any and all purification points they will normally gain (no points gained through battles, etc). If you change your mind and wish to start purifying, you will need to start collecting points from scratch.
- Shadow Pokémon must be kept in the special Shadow Pokéball at all times. Once purified, you may discard the Shadow Ball and place the Pokémon in any Pokéball you wish.
- Shadow Pokémon can be traded, but will lose all purification points gained by the original owner. Once traded, the new owner will need to begin collecting points from scratch.
- At Lv.1 Shadow Pokémon will know 2 random Shadow Moves (Except, Blast, Chill, Bolt, and Fire).
- At Lv.10 Shadow Pokémon will gain 1 extra Shadow move (chosen at random, posted in the SP&P Thread).
- Every 10 levels Shadow Pokémon gain 1 extra Shadow Move (Posted in SP&P). At Lv.100 the Shadow Pokémon will learn all unknown Shadow Moves (Except, Blast, Chill, Bolt, and Fire).
- Shadow Pokémon have a 50% chance of either completely ignoring their trainers orders and not attacking at all, or of using a move from their existing movepool they've not been instructed to use.
- Shadow Pokémon can be taught Egg/MT/Advanced/HM moves, but cannot be taught TMs or Custom Moves.
- Shadow Pokemon cannot use the beauty salon.
- Shadow Pokémon have a 10% higher energy reserve than normal Pokémon.
- Shadow Pokémon also have a 5% chance of resisting status conditions.
- Once a Shadow Pokémon is purified they will lose all Shadow moves learnt and revert back to normal.
- Shadow Pokémon cannot be recoloured.

Points: 20 to purify.
- 1 Point from a single Zone Battle.
- 2 Points from winning a trainer battle/contest win
- ½ Point from any shop stay (Daycare, MT, TC, Salon, Spa, etc.).

List of Trainers/Pokemon/Points:
Aquatic Angle - Lapras - 1 1/2 Points
Arc_Angel - Tropius - 0 points Paid for shadow. Igglybuff - 2 points Paid for shadow
Atlantiskid - Grimer - 0 Points
Cyber Blastoise - Eevee- 0 points Paid for shadow
Empoleon Dynamite - Lotad - 2 Points
Fishy - Zangoose - 3 Purification Points
Inferno - Pidgey - Paid for shadow
Lonely Cubone - Ditto - Paid for Shadow
Music Box - Likitung - 6.5 Points
Pikagod - Chingling - 7 Points
Psychopath - NidoranF - Paid for shadow
Zora- Drowzee - 5 Points


IQ Raising
- Dual Types can be given both of the gummi's of their types for example Houndoom (Fire and Dark gummi's) Slowpoke (water and Psychic Gummi's) etc, etc
- Once you get a Gummi, post in here to use it, all IQ raising should be registered in this thread.
- State clearly the Pokemon you are Dropping off and the Gummi used.
- If your Pokemon has any previous IQ levels raised in here, please link to the confirmation post with the last gained IQ stat.

IQ Levels and what you receive::
Level 20: The Pokemon has a 15% chance of not being affected of status conditions.

Level 40: The Pokemon learns the move Gummi Bomb:
Gummi Bomb: (xxxx)
The User launches an energy bomb in the form of a gummi at the opponent that sticks to their skin/fur/scales whatever they've got, after 2 Rounds the Gummi Explodes doing (xxxx) damage, equal to that of a Sludge Bomb. The oppoonent can use means to get rid of the bomb, but regardles of where it is the bomb will go off after 2 Rounds.
Contest Type: Smart
Contest Effect:On the next round startles whoever appeals first.
Appeal Points <3 <3
Jam Points<3 <3 <3 <3

Level 60: The Pokemon gains a 5% power boost of all moves that are the same type as it (Example, all Water/Psychic Moves from Slowpoke are boosted, all Normal attacks from a Porygon are Boosted).

Level 80:If the Pokemon is the currently active one on the field, their boosted IQ allows you to capture 2nd form Pokemon as long as you have the corresponding Pokeball (Example - Houndoom you will need a Rocket or Fire Ball), the active Pokemon must also have been the one to Ko or weaken the wild Pokemon enough to capture it.

Level 100:Once your pokemon has gained the maximum amount of IQ, they will learn Defensive Shield (Normal), After your Pokemon attacks first, there is a 50% chance, they will anticipate a move and an Energy Shield will automatically be raised, if your Pokemon will attack second, they have a 25% chance of anticipating and will take the next attack and either taking the damage reducing it by 50% or taking the attack and reducing damage to 0, this can only be used once per round.
Contest Type: Smart
Contest Effect: Cuts the next Pokemon to appeals points in half.
Appeal Points: <3
Jam Points: <3 <3 <3 <3

List of Gummi and what they do:
Black Gummi - Raises IQ of Dark Types
Blue Gummi - Raises IQ of Water Types
Brown Gummi - Raises IQ of Ground Types
Clear Gummi - Raises IQ of Ice Types
Gold Gummi - Raises IQ of Psychic Types
Grass Gummi - Raises IQ of Grass Types
Grey Gummi - Raises IQ of Rock Types
Green Gummi - Raises IQ of Bug Types
Mysterious Gummi - Raises IQ of All Types
Orange Gummi - Raises IQ of Fighting Types
Pink Gummi - Raises IQ of Poison Types
Purple Gummi - Raises IQ of Ghost Types
Red Gummi - Raises IQ of Fire Types
Royal Gummi - Raises IQ of Dragon Types
Silver Gummi - Raises IQ of Steel Types
Sky Gummi - Raises IQ of Flying Types
White Gummi - Raises IQ of Normal Types
Yellow Gummi - Raises IQ of Electric Types

Curse Credits
For those with a recoloured Pokemon from the Haunted Mirror Event you may collect Curse Credits in order to restore them to their original colouration:

You will require 20 Curse Credits to remove the curse from your Pokemon, each of the follow counts as 2 Credits:
- Take part in a trainer battle with the Cursed Pokemon (if the Pokemon wins this counts as 4 Credits)
- Raise the Pokemon a Level in a zone through winning a battle.
- Raise the Cursed Pokemon's I.Q by 5
- Raise one Contest Stat by 10
- Obtain 2 Beauty Points
- Teach the Cursed Pokemon a new Egg or MT Move.

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