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Melittin Vs. The Mega

It was a bustling afternoon in Fizzytopia, with many Trainers going about their business, be it training, adventuring, or shopping. One such Trainer was Keith Masters, who was currently walking back in the direction of his Secret Base for dinner. Meowth was, as usual, lying lazily on Keith's shoulder, eagerly awaiting whatever it was Hermione would be cooking for dinner today. However, as they were passing through a small town, Keith and Meowth were quick to notice a large crowd of Trainers excitedly gathering around... something. They were all murmuring excitedly, and loud noises were coming from whatever it was they were gathered around.

"Huh," remarked Keith, stopping to look at this. "Wonder what's going on."

"Let's see," suggested Meowth. Agreeing with this, Keith walked over and made his way through the crowd. Finally, he could see just what everyone was looking at, and his eyes widened.

A Pokémon battle was underway in the midst of the crowd, one Trainer using a Pelipper against the other Trainer's Dragonair. At the sight of the latter, Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the Dragon-type.

"Dragonair, a Dragon Pokémon. An evolved form of the Dratini," droned the device. "Able to control the weather and fly in spite of its lack of wings. Dragonair is the pre-evolved form of Dragonite."

"That's pretty coo-" Keith began, before he realized with a jolt- the Trainers commanding the Pokémon in this battle, he knew both of them! The younger one, the one in command of the Pelipper, was Oliver, a young Trainer from Orre Keith had battled on several occasions. Keith vividly remembered how Oliver made excellent use of Pelipper's Pursuit to take out Heatstroke, back when he was a Slugma, in just one hit. This time, however, Pelipper didn't seem to be doing so well. In command of the Dragonair, on the other hand, was someone Keith was decidedly less pleased to see- a man Keith's age with greasy, unkempt brown hair, and an unbearably smug smirk on his face. Ralph McPhione, an aspiring Dragon Master, and without question the most arrogant jerk Keith had ever known. The two had been mortal enemies since their days back at Lavaridge Elementary School, way before either of them ever became Trainers, and indeed, even now, Keith found himself rooting for Oliver.

"Pelipper! Twister attack!" ordered Oliver.

"Dragonair! Thunder!" sneered Ralph.

Pelipper flapped its wings hard, but before the Twister could start up, Dragonair's horn crackled with electricity before unleashing a powerful electric blast. Pelipper screeched in agony as the super effective move was unleashed upon it, and as the attack stopped, the Water/Flying-type fell to the ground, smoking slightly, and making no further effort to move.

"Pelipper is unable to battle!" declared a spectator who was clearly acting as the referee. "Dragonair wins, and the battle goes to Ralph!"

"Heh, that was too easy," smirked Ralph as he withdrew his Dragonair to a camouflage-and-white sphere- Keith recognized this as a Safari Ball, having used one previously to catch a Froakie. "Your Pokémon are pathetic, kid. I didn't even have to use all three!" Oliver said nothing. He merely withdrew his Pelipper and ran off, clearly fighting back tears.

Keith and Meowth glared at Ralph. "Wat a piece o' work," grumbled Meowth.

"Yeah," frowned Keith. "The fact that Trainer licenses are even given out to jerks like him just appalls me."

Ralph, however, was smirking in his smug way as he glanced around at the gathered crowd, most of whom seemed more interested in Ralph's battling skills than his horrible attitude. "Alright, who's next?" he asked cockily. "I'll take on any one of you in a three-on-three battle, right here, right now!"

Keith saw the opportunity and seized it immediately. He stepped forward and glared at Ralph. "Boy, McPhione, you just love being a dick, don't you?"

Ralph's eyes narrowed as he spotted the Poison-type Trainer. "Masters," he sneered. "So I guess I'll be humiliating you next?"

"Yeah, let's just see who'll be humiliating whom," Keith retorted. "Three-on-three, right?"

"Well, if you really want to get your ass kicked by me again, I suppose I can't day no," smirked Ralph. "And just to shake things up, let's make this three one-on-one battles, and best two out of three wins."

"I can work with that," agreed Keith.

"Then it's on," said Ralph. He made his way over to a nearby pond and produced a Dive Ball from his belt. "OK, Kingdra, stand by!" he exclaimed, throwing the Dive Ball into the air. In a flash of light, a regal-looking aquatic Pokémon splashed down into the water. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the new Pokémon.

"Kingdra, a Dragon Pokémon. An evolved form of the Seadra," droned the device. "Found in undersea caves, it is said to be able to create whirlpools merely by yawning."

"So, the first match is in the water, huh?" Keith grinned. "Well, I know just who I'll be using for this," he added, taking a Poké Ball off his belt. "OK, Hebenon, let's go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball into the air.

In a flash of light, a Qwilfish materialized in the water. Upon spotting the Kingdra, he puffed himself up slightly, signaling his readiness to battle.

Ralph gave a derisive snort. "Seriously? A Qwilfish? That's what you're using?" he chuckled. "Oh, this will be a piece of cake."

Hebenon narrowed his eyes and puffed up even more. Ralph's words were infuriating him. "Qwil Qwilfish qwil!" he exclaimed angrily.

Keith, on the other hand, merely smirked. "Oh, we'll see about that, McPhione," he said. "Hebenon, ready?" he added as he walked around the pond to the side the Water/Poison-type was on. His Qwilfish nodded in response, pumped up and ready to battle.

Ralph, still chuckling, made the first move. "Heh... Kingdra, Dragon Pulse!" he commanded.

Keith reacted swiftly. "Hebenon! Hydro Pump!"

Kingdra fired off a bright blue orb from its snout, and Hebenon unleashed a forceful stream of water from his mouth. The attacks collided just above the surface of the water, and though the Dragon Pulse held up initially, the Hydro Pump caused it to explode in midair.

Keith grinned, intent on pressing his early advantage. "Now let's use Swords Dance!" he called.

"Qwil! Fish! Qwil!" grunted Hebenon as he spun around in the water, his spikes glowing brightly as he did so.

"Use Headbutt right now!" commanded Ralph.

"Hebenon, you use Headbutt, too!" Keith ordered.

Kingdra zoomed forward, ramming its head into Hebenon, but the Qwilfish quickly recovered, and rammed into Kingdra, this hit proving much more powerful, sending Kingdra flying onto dry land, where it tried to flop back into the water.

"Here's your chance, Hebenon!" Keith grinned. "Jump up with Bounce!"

"Qwil! Fiiiiish!" bellowed Hebenon as he slapped his tail against the surface of the water hard, sending him flying up into the air, his eyes on Kingdra the whole time.

"Now use your Thunder Punch attack!" Keith exclaimed.

"Do what now?!" Ralph demanded.

Hebenon's body crackled with electricity, his entire body serving as the fist for the purposes of the punching move as gravity sent him zooming back down, straight towards Kingdra. Kingdra tried to flop out of the way, but couldn't do so in time, and dust flew everywhere from the impact, eliciting excited murmuring from the crowd.

"Kingdra, get back in the water!!" Ralph ordered.

"Now! Giga Impact!" called Keith.

The thumping sound of a Qwilfish tail slapping the ground could be heard, and Hebenon shot up out of the dust, then dove back down, this time with streaks of purple and yellow energy swirling around him as he landed right onto Kingdra. The dust cleared, and while Hebenon looked perfectly OK, Kingdra was unconscious.

"Kingdra is unable to battle!" called the spectator who had refereed Ralph and Oliver's battle. "Qwilfish wins!" The crowd cheered loudly, in awe of Hebenon's awesome moves. Keith grinned proudly- he barely had to dip into Hebenon's legendary movepool to win this one!

Ralph scowled, holding out the Dive Ball. "Return, Kingdra!" he snapped. Once Kingdra was back in its ball, he glared at Keith, who was withdrawing his Qwilfish. "You lucked out, Masters. But this time you won't be so lucky, I'll make sure of that!"

"Yeah, we'll see," smirked Keith, as the rivals stepped away from the pond, both in agreement that the next round would take place on dry land.

"Oh, yeah, we'll see, alright," said Ralph. This time, he took a Dusk Ball off his belt, enlarged it, and threw it into the air. "Zweilous, stand by!"

In a flash of light, a two-headed blue Pokémon with black hair and what appeared to be a pair of black wings materialized. If either head had any eyes, the hair was obscuring it, and the heads were snapping at their surroundings viciously. Unfamiliar with this species, Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Zweilous, a Hostile Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Deino always overeats due to its heads never getting along. It turns eating into a competition, and the head that eats more gets to be the leader."

In response to this, Keith reached for a Poké Ball on his belt, but before he got to it, another ball burst open, unleashing a Skorupi. Scorpius waved his stingers about wildly, and he looked more eager for battle than ever before. And considering this was Scorpius, that was saying something.

"Uh... OK," shrugged Keith. "I choose Scorpius, then."

"Skor! Skorrrupi!" Scorpius exclaimed energetically.

"Man, Scorpius is ready ta go," remarked Meowth. "I mean, more den usual, y'know?"

Keith nodded. "Yeah, it's been a while since he's had a good battle," he replied. "And Zweilous seems to be a Dark and Dragon-type, so Scorpius's Bug moves will be even more effective here."

"Type advantage won't save your Skorupi's sorry ass, Masters," sneered Ralph. "Zweilous, Fire Fang!"

Zweilous's heads roared simultaneously as both mouths caught fire. It then charged forward, but neither Scorpius nor Keith looked fazed.

"Scorpius! Agility, let's go!" Keith grinned.

"Skor! Skor! Skor! Skor!" Scorpius grunted, as he dashed around at blinding speeds, narrowly evading the Fire Fang, and running circles around Zweilous.

"Now! Use Bug Bite!" exclaimed Keith.

"Zweilous, it's behind you!" yelled Ralph. "Nail it with Dragon Rage!"

Scorpius lunged at Zweilous, but identical blue fireballs, one fired from each mouth, blasted it backwards. The Poison/Bug-type skidded backwards, but got back up almost immediately, a fire burning in his eyes by this point.

"Heh, little punk doesn't know when to quit," smirked Ralph. "Just like its Trainer, actually. Now! Use Incinerate!"

"Flamethrower attack!" Keith exclaimed. He ordinarily wouldn't bring out Scorpius's trump card so early, but he figured it wouldn't be that crucial a move in this match, given Zweilous's natural resistance to Fire moves. This was more of an attempt to counter the Incinerate attack.

Zweilous fired off twin streams of red-hot fire from its mouths, and Scorpius unleashed a powerful stream of fire from his mouth. The streams collided in midair, creating a small explosion, which blasted both Pokémon backwards. Scorpius, of course, got right back up, though was starting to look a little shaky- Flamethrower never was an easy move for him to pull off, and it usually did a number on his energy. However, as the dust settled, it became clear that Zweilous wasn't about to give up, either.

And neither, apparently, was Ralph. "End this now, Zweilous!" he commanded. "Head Smash!"

A collective gasp came from the crowd- Head Smash was the most powerful Rock-type move in existence, the Pokédex identified Zweilous's Ability as the physical-attack-powering Hustle, and Scorpius wasn't exactly the best at taking Rock moves. Keith vividly remembered Matthew Brown and his Anorith, whose Rock Blast dealt the finishing blow to Scorpius in their battle, and that was a measly Rock Blast- Head Smash's power was on par with the Rock Wrecker move, described as a Rock version of Giga friggin' Impact. He had even heard rumors of an unbelievably gigantic and horribly superpowered Tyranitar, whose Hyper Beam was impressively held at bay by a Rock Wrecker attack. But now wasn't the time to dwell on that sort of thing- he had to stop Scorpius from being on the receiving end of the Head Smash! "Scorpius! Dodge it!" he exclaimed.

Scorpius tried to scuttle off to its left, but as Zweilous charged forward, both heads starting to glow light blue with dangerous amounts of Rock energy, the right head seemed to take notice of Scorpius's attempted dodge, and it urged the Zweilous body to veer off to the right. To Keith's horror, both heads closed in on Scorpius. The Skorupi, meanwhile, noticed this, and fired off a Dark Pulse at close range, a desperate attempt to fend off Zweilous. As the attacks fought against each other, the crowd watched intently. At first, they seemed relatively evenly matched, but before long, Zweilous started to muscle through the Dark Pulse, inch by inch. Desperate to regain control, Scorpius turned up the power, but though it slowed Zweilous down, it didn't stop it. And then, with a great effort, Zweilous suddenly rammed into Scorpius with both heads, and the collision of Rock energy and Dark energy resulted in an explosion, throwing dust in every direction.

"Scorpius!!!" Keith exclaimed.

"Skoooooooooor!" Scorpius bellowed from inside the cloud of dust. And then, shafts of bright light started to poke through the dust cloud, more and more, until Keith had to shield his eyes more against this sudden glow than against the flying dust.

"Is dat wat I tink it is?" Meowth asked.

"I think so!" Keith exclaimed excitedly.

And sure enough, as the dust settled, the source of the light was now clear- it was Scorpius! The Skorupi was glowing and changing shape and size drastically, his head stingers expanding into arms with claws, his tail lengthening, a neck sprouting and lengthening, lifting his head higher off the ground. And then, the glowing subsided, leaving a mighty in its place. "Drapiiiiooooon!" bellowed Scorpius. Keith, nothing short of ecstatic at this development, held out his Pokédex.

"Drapion, an Ogre Scorpion Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Skorupi prefers to use brute strength than poison when attacking. With its powerful claws, it can crush a car into scrap metal."

"Yeah, I saw this one coming for a while! And he even learned some new moves!" Keith grinned, checking out the display on his Pokédex.

"Hermione's gonna be pleased ta see dis," remarked Meowth.

"Oh, so what if it evolved?" shouted Ralph angrily. "Zweilous, Earth Power!"

Keith grinned wider than ever. "Scorpius! Ice Fang attack!" he exclaimed.

"Draaaaap!" roared Scorpius, Ice forming on his Fangs. Then, he charged forward, but he had barely taken two steps when the ground beneath him began to erupt with energy. The newly evolved Drapion was caught off-guard, and fell to the ground.

"Scorpius, get up!" Keith exclaimed.

"Finish it!" smirked Ralph. "Outrage!"

Zweilous roared insanely as a harsh red aura came over its body. It charged as the Drapion got back to its feet, and began kicking, headbutting, and biting with all its considerable might. Scorpius, of course, fought back as best as he could, but even with his claws trying to hold the heads still, so strong was the Hostile Pokémon's fury that Scorpius could only hold on for so long. Eventually, Scorpius began to weaken, and with one final blow, Zweilous struck him down.

"Drapion is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "Zweilous wins! That's one victory for each side, the next one decides the winner!"

Keith sighed, holding out the Poké Ball. "Come back, Scorpius!" he exclaimed, as he withdrew his Drapion. "You did great," he added with a proud smile. "I couldn't be more proud of you."

As he reattached Scorpius's ball to his belt, Ralph had already withdrawn Zweilous, and was smirking at Keith. "Alright, Masters, this is where I come out on top now," he said cockily.

"Yeah, you talk a big game," retorted Keith. "But let's see if you've got what it takes to deal with one of my toughest fighters," he added, a third Poké Ball at the ready. "Go, Melittin!" he yelled as the Beedrill materialized in a flash of light.

"Oh, you have no idea," sneered Ralph, holding up a Great Ball. "This one's gotten a lot stronger since last time, Masters." And he tossed the ball into the air. "Sceptile, stand by!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, a tall, bipedal lizard materialized. Leaf-like blades grew out of its arms, and some sort of small pine tree seemed to be growing out of its ass. Keith held out his Pokédex once again.

"Sceptile, a Forest Pokémon. An evolved form of the Grovyle," droned the device. "Extremely agile, and said to have unparalleled power when fighting in the jungle. Its leaves can slice through thick trees with ease."

"So, your Grovyle evolved, huh?" murmured Keith, recalling all too well how his Roserade toppled the Grovyle spectacularly in battle. "Well, let's just see if it's gotten any stronger. Melittin, ready!" he exclaimed. The Beedrill buzzed in response.

Ralph smirked. "You're not even close to being ready," he sneered. "You have no idea what you're up against."

Keith paid no attention to Ralph's words. "Melittin! Swords Dance!" he ordered. The Beedrill buzzed angrily and rose high into the air, spinning around, his front stingers glowing harshly as he did so.

"Use Dragon Breath!" Ralph commanded.

"Sceptiiiiile!" replied Sceptile as it opened its mouth and fired off a blast of blue energy. However, Melittin was still spinning, and was able to deflect the attack with ease. At first, anyway- as the Dragon Breath persisted, Melittin was forced to fly out of the attack's path.

"No matter," Keith said confidently. "You still got that Attack boost, Mel! Now use Twineedle!"

"Dual Chop, let's go!" Ralph replied.

The two Pokémon closed in on each other, Melittin jabbing with elongated stingers, and Sceptile slashing with its glowing arm leaves. Both Pokémon seemed evenly matched, and both of them eventually backed off, eyeing each other warily.

"Not bad, not bad," conceded Ralph. "But, I think it's time we turned it up a bit. Masters, remember back in Springreen Town, when you asked me what interest Grovyle is to me?" Keith nodded, indeed remembering this. Ralph had replied by telling Keith that he would see soon enough, implying in the process that he knew some big secret about the Treecko line that Keith didn't know. Of course, Keith dismissed it as all talk, but right now, Ralph was about to dispel that notion in a very big way. "Well, you're about to find out," smirked Ralph. Sceptile, wearing a smug smirk to match that of its Trainer, reached behind its back and turned something it wore around its neck so that it was now hanging in front of him- Keith had missed this initially, not noticing the small black string around Sceptile's neck. Now he could see some sort of spherical gemstone hanging off of the string. It was green, red, and black, and it glistened in the sun.

At the same time, Ralph produced from his pocket something Keith initially believed to be a microphone, but instead seemed to be some kind of spherical gemstone on a metal stick. This stone was smaller than the one Sceptile was wearing, and it shone in the colors of the rainbow. And then, Ralph pressed a small button on the metal stick, and it extended like some sort of telescope, until it was closer in length to a walking stick of some sort.

"Sceptile!" cackled Ralph as he struck the ground with the Mega Scepter. "Mega Evolve!"

The effect was instantaneous. Four tendrils of energy erupted from the strange gem around Sceptile's neck, and four more tendrils of energy erupted from the stone on Ralph's Mega Scepter. The tendrils connected in midair, until they were four long tendrils of energy, connecting the two gemstones. And then, Sceptile glowed with energy, changing shape, almost as though it were evolving! But Sceptile was already fully evolved... wait a minute, Keith realized. Mega Evolve? This must have been that new form of Pokémon evolution Chuck kept mentioning!

As the glowing faded, Ralph's Sceptile looked drastically different from before. Its leaves looked longer and sharper, some of them tipped in an ominous, blood-like red. Dark green spikes protruded from its back. And most prominently, its tail was much longer, and more closely resembled some kind of missile now.

"I... Wha... What is that?!" Keith exclaimed.

"Behold the awesome power of Mega Sceptile!" cackled Ralph. "This is why I picked Treecko all those years ago, Masters- I, not being the bumbling, clueless idiot that you are, already knew about Mega Evolution, and by extension, Mega Sceptile. In this form, Sceptile unleashes its latent powers and becomes the dragon it was always meant to be! Yes- Mega Sceptile is a Grass and Dragon-type!"

"Well, that'd explain it, alright," Keith admitted. "But," he added, turning his hat backwards, "we're not gonna let a little thing like this get in our way! Melittin, Twineedle!"

"Sceptile! Dragon Pulse!" ordered Ralph.

Melittin charged forwards, his front stingers lengthening once more, but Sceptile fired off a large and powerful blue orb from its mouth, this one clearly much more powerful than Kingdra's Dragon Pulse had been. The Beedrill attempted to dodge it, but the speed at which the attack was fired off made this quite impossible. He took the full force of the attack and was plowed into the ground.

"Mel! Can you get up?" asked Keith.

A weak yet determined buzzing answered his question. Melittin unsteadily flew back into the air, and buzzed angrily at Mega Sceptile.

"Heh, it's got guts, I'll give it that," smirked Ralph. "But guts won't win it this one! Sceptile, finish this up with Dragon Claw!"

"Mel, Reflect!" Keith ordered.

Melittin buzzed urgently as a shimmering Reflect formed in front of him. Sceptile's claws struck the Reflect and struggled against it, but broke right through it before long, though the Reflect at least gave Melittin time to dodge this one.

Emboldened by this success, Keith grinned. "Now, Mel! Skull Bash!" he called.

"Rock Slide!" ordered Ralph.

Melittin flew in like a rocket, deftly swooping and swerving to evade the numerous rocks Sceptile was causing to fall out of thin air, and rammed into the Mega Evolved Grass/Dragon-type. Sceptile grunted as the attack pushed it back a bit, but to Keith's horror, the Forest Pokémon seemed mostly unharmed by the move.

"Wha... just how strong is that thing?!" Keith asked.

Now it was Ralph's turn to grin. "Too strong for you, Masters," he sneered. "Now finish this once and for all! Sceptile, Hyper Beam!!"

"Melittin, Bide!" Keith called desperately, but as Sceptile fired off the destructive attack from its missile-like tail, he could already tell it would be too much for his Beedrill to take. And sure enough, the attack blasted Melittin backwards, where he collided with a tree in a rather painful manner before slumping to the ground.

"Beedrill is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "Mega Sceptile wins, and the victor is Ralph!"

"That's what I'm talking about!" Ralph exclaimed in response to the crowd's cheers. "Yeah! Next victim, please!"

Keith sighed as he withdrew Melittin. "Whoa," he murmured to Meowth. "I... that..."

"Yeah," nodded Meowth. "I ain't never seen power like dat before, neither. But hey," he added. "Don't tink o' dis as a bad ting, alright? I mean, now youse knows dat Mega Evolution is a ting, right? Dat means youse could someday get ahold o' dat kinda power, too, right?"

"...Yeah," Keith admitted with a small smile. "And y'know what? I bet Hermione's done some research on the subject. Maybe she could help."

"Somehow, I tink Hermione's gonna be a bit preoccupied fer a while," Meowth smirked.

"Wha- oh, yeah, Scorpius!" grinned Keith. "Yeah, can't wait to see how she reacts to his evolution! Let's go home, Meowth. And if Hermione's too distracted to cook dinner, we'll order from Pansear Pizza Parlor again."

"I wanna try dat Meowth-nip pizza," said Meowth.

"Hell, no," Keith replied firmly.

What? Skorupi is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Skorupi evolved into Drapion!

*Scorpius learned Thunder Fang!*

*Scorpius learned Ice Fang!*

*Scorpius learned Fire Fang!*

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