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Umbreon Prince

About the Trainer

Name: Prince or Prince Umbreon
Gender: Actually Female
Age: 24
Hometown: Ecruteak City
Trainer Level: 2
Reffing status: Ungraded/pending


Spoiler: show

Sprouts - Lv1 Female Bulbasaur
Hidden Power: Rock

Malachi - Lv1 Male Abra
Hidden Power: Flying

Pluto - Lv2 Male Gastly
Hidden Power: Fighting

Aquarius - Lv2 Genderless Staryu
Hidden Power: Ground

Gordon - Level 2 Male Growlithe
Hidden Power: Grass

Tweek - Level 2 Male Sandshrew
Hidden Power: Fire

Muffet - Lv2 Female Ariados
Hidden Power: Ice

Nyxtrot - Lv2 Female Stantler
Hidden Power: Flying

Till - Lv2 Male Combusken
Hidden Power: Grass

Mitsuru - Lv2 Male Ralts
Hidden Power: Dark

Amelia - Lv2 Female Emolga
Hidden Power: Fighting

Frisk - Lv1 Male Frillish
Hidden Power: Fire

Fei Xing - Lv2 Female Mienfoo
Hidden Power: Poison

Faraday - Lv2 Female Frogadier
Hidden Power: Ground

Sonika - Lv2 Female Noibat
Hidden Power: Steel

Blitzkrieg - Lv3 Male Skarmory (UP)
Hidden Power: Ground

Jeremy - Lv 2 Male Flaaffy
Hidden Power: Ice
Bio: Jeremy was once the helpful partner of a former Captain of the SS Anne. He was taught how to use Morse code using the beacon on his tail, and would use this ability to convey messages to other ships and lighthouses between Vermilion City and Olivine City. He was very proud of his unique ability, and would soon use it often as a general way to communicate more effectively with humans who could understand the code themselves. He became good friends with Amphy the Ampharos and Jasmine from the Olivine City Lighthouse, who gave him some good training in a specific steel type move that ended up suiting him quite well.
Signature - Special Training: Radiance
Attacks which include light or beams of energy (namely Flash, Light Screen, Charge Beam, and Signal Beam), are 10% more effective, and require 10% less energy to execute. He can also use Flash Cannon (without the boosts his natural attacks receive), and has enough Steel energy to use it twice per battle.

Prinz - Lv3 *shiny* Male Umbreon (UP)
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio: Eevee was born and raised primarily in the mystical city of Ecruteak, Johto. He was initiated into the Ecruteak City Dance Theater, and was put under training to eventually become one the Kimono Sister's partner Pokemon one day. He loved the lessons, and became quite good at his routine. He would watch his friends battle alongside the Kimono Sisters against Trainers that had come to challenge them. However, since he was still unevolved, he wasn't considered ready to partake in his own battles. Prinz would oftentimes train by himself under the full moon while the others were off battling in the theater, and became so insistent on proving his potential to the Kimono Girls, that he soon mastered techniques that the rest had never even dreamed to achieve.
Signature - Special Training: Dancing the Night Away
His lessons with the Kimono Girls have taught him the grace and skill to execute certain dance moves in battle. He now knows the moves Teeter Dance, Entrainment, and Quiver Dance. Quiver Dance is the most taxing on his small body, using 1.2x the normal amount of energy, and he can only use it once per battle. Additionally, due to his strict training of maintaining grace and serenity, he refuses to use moves that are reckless or unsightly. He can no longer use the moves Double Edge, Frustration, Flail, and Snore.

Matches and Stats

Transaction History

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