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Let's put this over here instead.
About the trainer:
Spoiler: show
Name: Iron
Home: Mt Moon
TL: 3
Ref grade: C+
Badges: 0
TP: 113.5
KO: 31
SP: 0

Items: Beedrillite- Attached to Lea the Beedrill.
Candymaker's Token- Attached to Emily the Kirlia.
Charcoal- Attached to Kishuna the Braixen.
Bugcatcher's Token- Attached to Erik the Shuckle.
Birdkeeper's Token- Attached to Divine the Hawlucha.

WARNING: Battle/reffing record is outdated.

The team:
Spoiler: show
1. Zoro the Golbat, level 3, male, HP Ground
Bio: As a Zubat, Zoro’s kind were often feared for their flock behaviour within caves such as those within Mt Moon, where passers-by were disrupted by the incessant swarms every ten seconds of their journey through the caverns. Zoro was a solitary Zubat though, and unlike the rest of the swarms roving Mt Moon, he had no brethren to call to his aid should he be attacked by one of the trainers within. As such, he developed a countermeasure of sorts, which served him well in the caves and even now as my first and most known ally.

Signature Move: The Swarm (Flying)
Using solid energy, Zoro creates several energy constructs in the form of a swarm of Zubats, which proceed to harass the foe. This deals no damage, but the assault will interrupt the foe’s action in a similar manner to Snarl, and will also lower both of their defenses by 20%. This can only be used once per battle, and Zoro can no longer use Toxic, Hypnosis or Haze.

2. Candela the Chandelure, level 3, female, HP Poison

3. Kazza the Kadabra, level 3, female, HP Water

4. Darren the Darmanitan, level 3, male, HP Rock

5. Dr Quack the Psyduck, level 3, male, HP Fire

6. Antaria the Cinccino, level 3, female, HP Fire
Bio: Antaria, like all Minccino, wanted to be clean. It was their natural instinct, their ideology. Hell, it was even written into their SC! So, she decided to give herself a thorough deep clean. A rather extreme deep clean. Let’s just leave it at her dousing herself in bleach and using it to clean out various bodily orifices. Mistake. The viciously poisonous chemical got into her bloodstream, altering it irreversibly. Now with her blood tainted eternally with this powerful yet toxic chemical, Antaria decided to embrace the new powers this gave her.

Signature Training: Whoopsie
Antaria is now Normal/Poison type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances. She has also gained the use of Sludge Bomb and Venoshock at the cost of Iron Tail, Knock Off and Focus Blast. She can be poisoned.

7. Terrance the Cubone, level 3, male, HP Grass

8. Primo the Monferno, level 3, male, HP Water

9. Riki the Dedenne, level 3, male, HP Steel
Bio: Riki has an obsession with Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS. As do I, to an extent, but I have to rip the furball away from my console to actually practice battling, which is... also kinda like me. Anyway, his obsession with the game and the legendary Heropon (who he identifies with... somehow) has led to some rather interesting results on the battlefield.

Signature Training: Riki use Arts!
Riki can now use three of his namesake’s Arts, namely Burninate, Freezinate and Bedtime. For each attack, Riki fires a beam of Fire, Ice or Psychic energy, dealing solid damage of their respective type for equivalent energy use with a 20% chance to inflict burns, localised freezing, or sleep, with Fire energy and the burn chance happening for Burninate, the Ice and freeze for Freezinate, and the Psychic and sleep chance happening for Bedtime. Riki has sufficient offtype for two uses of each per match. Riki can no longer use Electroweb.

10. Cadaver the Cofagrigus, level 3, male, HP Ground
Bio: Being the soul of a dead person and all, Cadaver’s species tend to remember their former lives. For Cadaver, this was the life of a stage magician, with tricks to bewilder and astound the masses. Some of these passed over into his new existence as a Ghost-type.

Special Training: Hocus pocus, and shazam!
Cadaver has learnt Confuse Ray, Hypnosis and Sucker Punch. Cadaver has lost the use of Astonish and Knock Off.

11. Cass the Whirlipede, level 3, female, HP Fighting

12. Erik the Shuckle, level 3, male, HP Grass, Bugcatcher's Token attached.

13. Sparky the Luxray, level 3, male, HP Water

14. Cadri the Excadrill, level 3, male, HP Grass

15. Tiness the Dewott, level 3, female, HP Ground

16. Kitsune the Braixen, level 3, female, HP Ice, Charcoal attached.

17. Jacob the Bunnelby, level 3, male, HP Psychic

18. Emily the Kirlia, level 3, female, HP Steel, Candymaker's Token attached.

19. Sammy the Quilladin, level 3, male, HP Steel

20. Minerva the Noivern, level 3, female, HP Ground.

21. Krokky the Krokorok, level 3, male, HP Grass.
Bio: Krokky grew up in the desert. Like most Sandile, this wasn’t an issue. However, whereas most Sandiles preferred the night and darkness, he preferred the daylight hours and calm weather. He enjoyed his sunbathing, and with his not-so-evil heart, the sun’s rays soon purged the darkness from his system, instead kindling a new fire within: A passion for battle. Soon after, I captured him and we set off on a grand adventure. But the fire within him never stops burning. …I should probably have that seen to.

Signature Training: Desert Sun
Krokky is now a Ground/Fire type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances. He gains access to Flamethrower and Flame Charge. He loses Dark Pulse, Foul Play and Snarl, and has the standard 1.2HB of Dark offtype that non-Dark types have. He can be burnt, and he also takes super-effective damage from Fairy moves.

22. Divine the Hawlucha, level 3, female, HP Grass- Birdkeeper's Token attached.

23. Steve the Machoke, level 3, male, HP Poison.
Bio: Steve was always a hyperactive little Machop, always leaping around, yelling and hitting stuff. Just like most Machop really. As is common in signatures, I decided to weaponise this.

Steve can now engage in lunging physical attacks, ordered as ‘Lunging [Move]’, for all moves that are punches or chops. In a lunging attack, he will execute a long jump forwards while executing the attack. The jump is focused on horizontal movement, and will not work as a method of dodging unless the attack is focused through the ground. Lunging attacks cost light extra typeless energy and Steve can no longer use Heavy Slam or Low Kick.

24. Ivan the Braviary, level 3, male, HP Electric.

25. Bugsy the Scyther, level 3, male, HP Grass.

26. Lea the Beedrill, level 3, female, HP Rock, Beedrillite attached.

27. Batgirl the Swoobat, level 3, female, HP Ground.
Bio: Batgirl was once a crimefighter in the bustling metropolis of Castelia City, until a tragic event left her paralyzed and unable to continue. Eventually, through the powers of science, she returned to full fitness, and patrols the streets, fuelled by the desire for vengeance against the one who almost took her freedom from her, ready to show him, and anyone else who got in her way, what she had been through, what it felt like. They would know her pain.

Signature Move: Know My Pain (Psychic)
Using significant energy, Batgirl fires a solid pulse of Psychic energy into the foe’s torso, inflicting non-electrical paralysis and dealing considerable damage. This move deals major damage for severe energy if Batgirl is inflicted with a status condition, but will lose the secondary effect. The move is more likely (but not guaranteed) to work through paralysis, and is just as likely to work through confusion as any other move. The paralysis chance is reduced to 50% for the second use in a match, and zero for all subsequent uses. Batgirl cannot use Psycho Shift or Tailwind.

28. Cynthia the Spiritomb, level 3, female, HP Rock
Bio: A spirit in a rock that struck fear into the hearts of many a newblet back in Gen IV for several reasons. It had no weaknesses, it was exceedingly rare, and the Champion of the region, who is renowned as one of the toughest Champions to date, led with one. Knowing this, one such Spiritomb took that Champion’s name for her own, and used this in-built fear of her species to create a move that was utterly terrifying.

Signature Move: Creeping Dread (Ghost)
Using good energy, Cynthia sends out tendrils of Ghost energy into the ground, which surface around the foe and ensnare them, dealing no damage but paralysing them with the power of the tendrils and causing a sensation of pure dread to come over the foe, which lowers their Special Attack by 10%, following standard debuff rules. The paralysis is nonelectrical and follows standard paralysis rules. This move can only be used twice per battle, and using it twice against the same opponent will mean that the second use loses the SpAtk debuff. Cynthia loses access to Spite and Memento.

29. Colm the Bisharp, level 3, male, HP Electric

30. Oddball the Vileplume, level 3, female, HP Water

31. Jack the Weavile, level 3, male, HP Flying
Bio: From a darker period of time, before proper street lighting and central heating were things, a terror stalked the streets of London, freezing the hearts of the passers-by, as they quickly walked through the dimly-lit streets, praying to their God that they would not be the next one. The next poor soul to fall victim to the villainous murderer that stalked the streets in the London smog, the mere thought of his presence almost enough to freeze the blood in the veins. For he was Jack the Ripper, the scourge of the city, haunting his unfortunate victims with a chilling aura of dread and despair!

Signature Training: The Ripper’s Revenge (Dark)
Using significant Dark energy, Jack quickly lunges for the target, delivering a vicious slash across the body, dealing significant damage. The speed of the strike is such that it has a 20% chance to make the foe flinch. Jack can only use this twice per battle, and loses access to Avalanche.

32. Eoin the Skorupi, level 3, male, HP Bug.

33. Luna the Venomoth, level 3, female, HP undefined.

34. Herbert the Graveler, level 3, male, HP undefined.

35. Tyrian the Tyrunt, level 3, male, HP undefined.

36. Solaria the Volcarona, level 3, female, HP undefined.

37. General Sausage-Snapper the Basculin (Red Stripe), level 3, male, HP undefined.
Bio: Basculin have a random biting boost, but only about three moves that benefit from it. This is dumb. Time for the General to step in and change this, with his advanced chomping techniques that he learnt from various sources. ...Don’t ask what he does with them.

Signature Training: Jaws of Death
General Sausage-Snapper now knows Thunder Fang, Poison Fang and Psychic Fangs. However, he no longer knows Head Smash.

38. Carl the Staraptor, level 3, male, HP undefined.
Bio: Growing up very close to Mt Coronet, Carl, as all creatures near caves do, feared the incessant Zubat swarms that came out of there at night. The pesky blighters could poison, confuse and slowly decimate a Pokemon before they could respond. One day however, he’d had enough, and after horrendous amounts of training, learnt a technique to bring down those pesky Zubats, where he and the other local wildlife could crush them easily.
Signature Move: Grounding Kick (Ground)
Carl soars above his opponent, before diving feet-first into the target, landing a two-footed kick to the foe. This attack uses significant Ground energy, dealing the same in damage. Due to the sheer force behind Carl during the attack, it can also ground aerial foes in a manner similar to Smack Down. Carl can use this technique twice per match.

39. John Doe the Zoroark, male, level 3, HP undefined.
Bio: As a Zorua, John learnt that being cute or disguising himself as something cute often gave him an advantage, and often led to some unexpected results. As a Zoroark, he now has refined the technique, and wields it in battle with considerable results.

Signature Move: Parental Instincts (Dark)
Using significant energy, John Doe creates an illusion around himself, giving him the appearance of being a young infant of the opponent’s species or evolutionary line should the opponent have one. In a Double Battle, the opponent must be specified. This has the effect of making the foe reconsider attacking, and any attack that connects with the illusion will cause a 20% reduction to that opponent’s Attack or Special Attack for three rounds, due to the horror of their mind realising that they just attacked a baby. The stat that drops is determined by the nature of the move that hits the illusion. The illusion fades upon being hit or when John uses another move, and if the illusion is destroyed by a Pokémon other than the initial target, then the destroyer of the illusion will not suffer the debuff. This technique can only be used once per target Pokémon. John Doe now no longer knows Bounce or Spite.

40. Robin the Talonflame, female, level 3, HP undefined.

41. Starburst the Clefairy, female, level 3, HP undefined.
Bio: Starburst had always felt an affinity towards the stars, as did all her kind. But Starburst’s was special. Every night, she’d dream of calling forth a storm of rocks from the heavens to smite her foes with divine anger. While she never got around to the divine anger bit, she still kept trying, and eventually learnt the mystical skill of summoning a Meteor Shower.

Signature Move: Meteor Shower (Rock)
Calling upon its cosmic heritage and using significant Rock energy, Starburst summons forth a shower of rocks of varying sizes from the skies above. This move is similar to Rock Slide in execution, aside from it comes from almost directly above the target, and is by nature a wide-ranging move, falling in an area around the target, making it extremely hard to dodge. The move deals considerable damage on average. Starburst can use this move up to twice per battle, but only in outdoors arenas. She cannot use Gravity, Light Screen or Reflect.

42. Cpl Charge the Elekid, male, level 3, HP undefined.

43. Mikoto the Misdreavus, female, level 3, HP undefined.

44. Winston the Mankey, male, level 3, HP undefined.
Bio: Winston was always a more peaceful Mankey, who preferred knowledge in cohesion with raw strength rather than the latter alone. Upon joining me, he discovered a similar ape in his namesake, Winston, after watching me play some Overwatch for a bit. Realizing the potential applications of the character’s ultimate ability, he quickly developed a variant for himself, although his was ever-so-slightly different to that of his namesake...

Signature Ability: Primal Rage
When Winston enters his final third of health, he will glow red as his Primal Rage activates. In this state, he cannot use any non-damaging moves, but all his physical attacks will knock the target a considerable distance, depending on the size and mass of the Pokemon it’s hitting. In addition, he will experience a 10% Attack buff, at the cost of all his physical attacks costing 10% extra energy. Winston cannot use Counter or Reversal during Primal Rage, and he loses access to Dual Chop, Role Play, Iron Tail and Spite. He will not exit this state unless he is KOed, and he cannot switch out during this state.

45. Arcos the Barbaracle, level 4, male (Uplevel).Bio: Arcos was always a boring Pokemon. Even for a Rock type, he was boring. Nothing much was interesting about him, and when he was offered a potential signature move, ability or training, he chose the boring, yet practical route. Such was his life.

Signature Training: Plain as a Pebble
Arcos now takes 2x damage from Grass moves, but also takes neutral damage from Poison and Normal moves.

46. Monty the Hitmonchan, level 3, male.

47. A Turnip the Skarmory, level 3, male.
Bio: Born in a barn, A Turnip was always in the company of plants. He was named after one, he ate them a lot, and he trained on them. And eventually, when he found a group of Sceptile one day, he trained with them too, despite initially terrifying them. And trying to eat them as well. Now, he’s picked up a couple of their tricks from the training, and brings them with him to the field of battle. He is also a vegetarian.
Signature Training: I AM THE TURNIP!
A Turnip is now familiar with the Grass type, and as such gains the moves Leaf Blade and Leaf Tornado, however it loses access to Spikes, Icy Wind, Stealth Rock, and Substitute as a result.

48. Snuggles the Stufful, level 3, male.

49. Haylen the Tsareena, level 3, female.
Bio: Haylen is from Alola. It’s rather warm out there, as you may have noticed, especially in the parts where Haylen’s from. Yes, it’s Baltic up on Lanakila, but down in the Lush Jungle, the weather is positively tropical. The high temperatures took their toll on young Haylen, mutating the poor girl until she wasn’t quite the same anymore…

Signature Training: Tropical
Haylen is now a Grass/Fire type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances. She now has access to Blaze Kick and Heat Wave. She loses Acrobatics, Reflect, Light Screen and Teeter Dance.

50. Grigor the Kommo-o, level 3, male
Bio: Grigor was always an eclectic Dragon, always moving from one place to the next. Born in the northern waste, he was taken in at an early age by the local Pokémon Center after his family abandoned him to die after a minor incident involving him headbutting a tree that then fell on his father. Whoops. Anyway, as the Pokémon Center was in the middle of absolutely nowhere, it was subject to frequent power shortages, which in turn led to severe strain on their secondary power supply: a couple of Electabuzz that sometimes had to be hooked up. In order to help out around the place, Grigor learnt some of their techniques in order to help reduce the strain on the Pokémon during these frequent power outages.

Signature Training: Red Thunder
Grigor is now a Dragon/Electric type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances, barring the immunity to electrical paralysis. Grigor now has access to Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave. Grigor does not retain Fighting familiarity, instead only having standard access to the Fighting offtype, and loses Focus Blast, Sky Uppercut and Brick Break as a result of this. This sig has no effect if Grigor is not a Kommo-o.

51. Pikaboo the Mimikyu, level 2, male

52. Dreadnought the Druddigon, level 3 (Uplevel), male

53. The Last Minute the Alolan Graveler, level 3, male
Bio: The trusty weapon of the Minutemen, sold to the Sole Survivor by an avid weapons nut in Fort Independence. The Last Minute was a devastating weapon, crippling limbs of Raider and Deathclaw alike. My Alolan friend here saw this and realised he could adopt the unique charging shot characteristic of the Gauss Rifle, and apply it to his battle style.

Signature Training: Gauss Rifle
The Last Minute is capable of charging his ranged STAB attacks before firing, granting them a 20% damage boost for equivalent extra energy. He cannot use this technique with Normal/XX moves, and only his ranged STAB moves can be charged, which are as follows: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Charge Beam, Discharge, Smack Down, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Throw and Rock Blast. However, charged moves cannot trigger a secondary effect should they have had one previously, and he loses access to Gyro Ball and Volt Switch, as well as Heavy Slam upon evolution.

54. Gloria the Ponyta, level 2, female

55. Snowflake the Cryogonal, level 3, genderless.

Currently on leave:
Spoiler: show
Delta the Porygon
Mushy the Paras
Cale the Froakie
Bubble the Solosis

The battle record:

The reffings

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