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Originally Posted by Kindrindra View Post

Friendly reminder that uplevel Megas have the disobedience clause so this basically reads as "No Megas for TL1". Which isn't necessarily a terrible idea but it's something to keep in mind.
I do know about the disobedience clause, and I thought not that many newbies would risk that for an extra power boost. Unless they don't care about that.

Originally Posted by Zelphon View Post
Can we just go ahead and make all the Grass starters not named Torterra/Venusaur TL3? They really aren't all that amazing and internal consistency is shitty justification.
Sceptile does have a decent move pool for a Grass starter though, and Chesnaught is better now that ORAS is implemented. But I agree, Serperior isn't really that great, same with Meganium. They seem like TL3 'Mons looking from their move puddles, the former especially.
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