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Oh yeah I'm pretty fine with 'drill being bumped up, I'm just saying for future reference on Megas as a whole (aka do we need to bump any other Megas down to make up for it or should Lv1 be a Mega-free affair?).

Although, on that note, we probably need to stabilize the discussion. What kind of pokemon do people think of as the archetypical power level for each TL? TL1 is obviously represented by first-stage pokemon and Maractus, but past that it gets muddled. Is TL2 a place defined by pokemon like Prinlup, or by pokemon like Bouffulant? And so on and so forth for each Level. And, since discussing this a little is kinda unavoidable if we hope to get this right the first go around, if we significantly raise the acquisition levels of pokemon to bring balance, does trainer leveling need to be made easier so that trainers don't have to wait to long to get their favorites? (If we're implementing TL7 and the like, I personally think the answer to this is a pretty resounding yes. The requirements to get to TL2 are probably fine as is, but the other levels might want to be bumped down a little if we fully dive into this division-based-on-balance.)
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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