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Haxorus and Magnezone both to TL4. Mamoswine as well perhaps, though I'd like Connor's input on that. Fraxure then certainly deserves TL2 but I could see Piloswine and Magneton still wanting TL3 but eh.

Druddigon up to TL4. It's a pretty good pokemon. Deserves better than TL3.

If Gengar goes to TL6, consider Haunter for TL4. Similarly if Flygon goes to 6, consider Vibrava at 4. Kangaskhan, Quagsire, and Gliscor all can go from TL3 to TL4. I think we can consider moving Honchkrow to TL4, if only to separate it from Mandibuzz. Mandi certainly has some tricks of her own and is a pretty good pokemon, but idk. Just feel like a split is a good idea.

Sealeo to TL2. Boldore to TL2. Gurdurr to TL2. Palpitoad to TL2. Krokorok to TL2. Lampent to TL2. This is just a whole lot of fixing evolutionary chains from being 1-3-4 to 1-2-4. Unova has a bunch of weird ones like that. There are some that deserve 1-3-4 but these guys are not them.

Amoonguss to TL2 because oh god the bad. Dodrio to TL2 because oh god the bad. Zebstrika to TL2 because oh god the bad. Parasect also potentially TL2.

Elemental Monkeys could also go for TL2. I mean, I think they're okay at TL3 but idk, I'd consider TL2 for them.

Jiggly/Clefairy to TL3. Chansey to TL3. Heatmor to TL3.

Shuckle, Sneasel, Delibird, Bronzor, Audino, Emolga, Dedenne, Furfrou, Vivillon, Carbink, and Klefki all need to go from TL2 to TL1.

Rhyhorn and Dunspace then go to TL2.

That covers most of what I have to say that I don't think has been said yet. Later I'll go through on the other suggestions that have been made.
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