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Aegislash - TL4
A bad typing mixed in with a bad movepool, I just don't really see it being a good pick at higher levels with its only real boon being that its a freaking sword which is the only reason I'm not suggesting TL3

Gigalith - TL3
It's a turret with a pretty shallow movepool, but what's worse is that not only is it a turret, it's a turret with an awful defensive typing.

Dunsparce - TL2
Honestly it's good enough for it, it has a legit movepool for TL1 and a decent enough SC at that.

Stantler - TL3
It has ALOT of support options and its fairly adept at abusing the abundence of smaller pokemon in the TL2 and under section, with even flying/levitating pokemon having to worry about hoof abuse due to its access to gravity.

Sableye - TL5
A great movepool and amazing typing make Sableye pretty beastly and honestly people put way to much weight in the size of a pokemon. It's mega is also pretty damn cray.

Noivern - TL3
It's honestly not all that great when compared to the other Dragon/Flying types and the lower levels should really have more Dragon options :x

Altaria - TL3
LOs pls
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