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Anyways to give most of my input, Ghosts:

Gengar to TL6. One of the best Pokemon the League yadda yadda yadda
Mismagius to TL5. It was probably TL4 before Gen VI but it got Dazzling Gleam and that honestly was a pretty big improvement since its no longer insta-boned by Dark.
Sableye to TL4. It could probably stay at TL3 because of its size but its still seriously good and I want to promote people getting Spiritomb. xp
Froslass to TL3. Bad typing, mediocre movepool, really small size. It's not much better than Glalie in all honesty and Glalie is being suggested for TL3 anyways.
Rotom to TL2. Rotom is completely shallow and the only thing that saves it at all is its typing. But that's it and none of its typings make it at all broken or really scary to most Pokemon.
Chandelure to TL3. See above.
Aegislash to TL3. Horrible typing with the combination of having a movepuddle makes Aegislash awful. It's weak to 4 common types and it shouldn't be difficult for many TL2-3 Pokemon to handle.
Gourgeist to TL3. Mainly a turret, its a pretty good TL3 in all honesty I just don't see it at TL4 level.

That's my input really.
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