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Originally Posted by Aposteriori View Post
Mawile TL2 => TL3

This one this to be talked about
Pikachu TL2 => TL3
Raichu TL4 => TL5

Allow for all of the moves to be included from the contest. If this is such a big deal, we need to backtrack and disallow gen I tutors to the gen VI crowd that evolves. They cannot possibly learn those moves. If we are under the premise that pokemon learn a move and retain the knowledge, these five are no different and it creates needless complicated rules to try and limit them.
I will debate this fiercely when I can muster up the effort.

Mostly because having Pichu till TL2-3 is a bad idea and I doubt Pikachu can hold its own against TL4 Pokemon, if you don't make it an uplevel Raichu under this plan.

Also seconding captain's argument about moving some TL4 two stagers to TL3.
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