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Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
Trading a Valentine's Ball and 2 candies to MM for his Big Root. Thanks man, always in need of hold items
"But ain't dat da Big Root youse got from Celebi?" Meowth asked Keith as they entered the Cable Club.

"That's the one, yeah," nodded Keith. He was clutching a large, brown, misshapen root-like object in one hand. "I mean, I told Celebi I didn't need anything as thanks. Well, I tried to, anyway, kinda got handed the stuff before I could get all the words out. Also a little preoccupied with the fact that what I believed to be a Tentacool was in fact the legendary Celebi," he added. "I mean, that'd do it, wouldn't you agree?"

"Dat'd do it, alright," Meowth agreed.

At that moment, Keith and Meowth arrived at the trade machine where Matthew Brown was waiting. Keith had traded with Matthew several times in the past (and on one occasion, so had Helena), and this time, Matthew had come to him with a generous offer- a Valentine Ball and two Rare Candies for his Big Root. Keith was glad to accept this offer, not only because of the Rare Candies (though make no mistake, he always appreciated more of those), but also because of the Valentine Ball.

The Valentine Ball was a unique variety of Poké Ball. Fizzytopian law actually prohibited the use of the Valentine Ball on a wild Pokémon, though the law itself was rather moot, given that it was designed to reject anything not completely willing to go into it. Rather, the Valentine Ball was designed specifically to contain Pokémon who had found themselves a lifelong mate, and when Keith heard of this ball, two of his Pokémon sprang to mind immediately.

Keith placed the Big Root on his end of the machine and threw the switch. In an instant, it was transported over to Matthew, and on Keith's end, there appeared two Rare Candies in their trademark shiny blue wrappers, as well as the pink sphere marked with a red heart. After stowing the uncommon confectionary currency in his backpack, he picked up his new Valentine Ball, then dug his other one out of his backpack. Now that he had a pair of them, the time had come to put them to good use.

Keith first gave the Valentine Balls to Meowth to hold for a moment, then pulled two Poké Balls off his belt. "OK," he said. "James, Lily, come on out!"

In twin flashes of light, one Poké Ball unleashed a Vileplume, while the other unleashed a Venomoth. Immediately, James and Lily approached each other and embraced as well as a Vileplume and a Venomoth could, considering James's stubby arms and large, protruding flower, and Lily, short, stubby legs. Nevertheless, the pair managed well enough, as they had done for years. The two of them had been hopelessly in love with each other since they were just an Oddish and a Venonat, a love that endured throughout the years as they grew and evolved, as they adopted Six, Keith's then-Foongus, and raised him as their own son. Nothing had ever gotten in the way of their love- not Severus's initial jealousy, not even the fairly major issue of them being of different Egg Groups, and thus incapable of actually breeding (which in turn had led to them adopting Six). While there were numerous members of Keith's team pairing off with each other, he could think of no couple better suited for this than these two.

"OK, you two," Keith smiled. He crouched down beside them, and Meowth handed him back the Valentine Balls. "You're familiar with these, right?" he asked.

"Venomoth, Venomoth," nodded Lily.

"Vilepluuuume," nodded James.

"Then I don't have to explain to you how fitting these Poké Balls would be for the two of you, right?" Keith asked. Again, this question was met with more nodding and sounds of assent from the Poison-types. "Well, alright, then, let's do this," he grinned. First, he fiddled with James and Lily's Poké Balls until the halves split apart, rendering the balls useless. Then, he took a Valentine Ball in each hand, and tapped James with one and Lily with the other. The two were converted into a mass of pink energy which initially took the shape of a heart in midair, before losing all shape and splitting into two masses of energy, each one getting sucked into a Valentine Ball. As soon as they slammed shut, the special Poké Balls let off identical low-pitched pinging sounds, the telltale sound of a successful catch.

Satisfied with this, Keith thanked Matthew, then exited the Cable Club, headed back to his Secret Base for a little training- Hermione had gotten stronger as a result of the Valentine's Day festivities, and he wanted to see what more she was capable of.

OOC: Trading my Big Root to Treep in exchange for his Valentine Ball and 2 Rare Candies. Transferring my Vileplume and my Venomoth, two of the best examples of lifelong mates one could ever find in FB, into this Valentine Ball and the Valentine Ball I got earlier. Thanks, man! Been meaning to do this for about a year now.

*Trade Closed*
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