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Aisa's True Intent! A Night Under the Stars!

There was just no catching up to a Scolipede! Worse still, it wasn't like Aisa was actually looking to keep her trainer's hat--otherwise she would've run off with it already--rather, she stayed close enough in order to give him a false sense of hope of being able to grab some part of her body, possibly the horns on her tail end. She wanted him to chase her around! It didn't help that it was the middle of the night, and Hyrem was already quite tired and losing energy very quickly. He soon came to a stop before trying to catch his breath. "Ugh, I'm tired, Aisa," he moaned. "Can you please just give me my hat so I can go back to bed?"

Aisa slowed down as soon as Hyrem did and realized it wasn't a fun game for him. That didn't mean she was finished with him yet as she walked up to him and loomed over him with a gleam in her eyes. The size difference began to be very apparent to Hyrem, moreso when she used her short claws to clasp onto his body and hold him with his head just under her chin. "Eheh, okay, very funny," he chuckled nervously. "You can put me down now..." She, of course, didn't listen and instead carried him back towards the base but stopped at the waterfall close by where he would be quite shocked at the sight.

All of his Pokemon were there, even his Water Pokemon, who were swimming in the pool of water below. Even Rengar was there, though he looked away from Hyrem as soon as he saw him. Aisa soon set him down so he could look at every one of them individually: Sera, his ever loyal partner who flashed hues of pink and red in his mind, reminding him that it was Valentine’s Day today, he almost forgot about that... Daphne, the prankster who stuck a Leech Seed on Hyrem’s collar as they hugged, he’d have a little surprise when he woke up in the morning... Sarkhan, the strongest Druddigon in Fizzy Bubbles who put him in an affectionate headlock and rubbed his fist against his head... Amethyst, the bloodthirsty snake who gently grabbed his hand in her mouth and started suckling on it, she would likely visit her boyfriend later today… Delilah, the cheerful Lanturn who shone her lures brightly, causing Hyrem to be a little disoriented for a few seconds… Laika, the playful dog who did his usual excited pounce on his trainer before licking the boy’s face… Seshiro and Shisato, the Arbok couple who let him rub both of their scaly faces before they hugged each other in their coils as they usually would… Leila, the flirty Weavile who wasn’t satisfied with just a hug from Hyrem and latched onto his face to nuzzle him for a moment… Icarus, the showoff who flashed his wing and winked at him… Aisa, the jealous Scolipede who saw what Leila did and grabbed Hyrem with her claws before trying to give him a kiss on the lips, but he saw this as his chance and finally grabbed his beanie off her horn before she was allowed to do so… Selina, the thief who hid a fish under her body to eat later, though he had to wonder who she stole from this time… Toby and Zyra, the Grass-types who simply wanted to rest underneath the moonlight…

Michael, the former trainer who had plans to bring Helena to this spot one day when she became a Banette as well… the ambitious girls named Mia, Brittany, Vi, and Conis, who gathered around him to receive a group hug… Carla, the precognitive Espeon who allowed him to kiss her forehead but not the gem as who knows what would happen if he touched that at all… Luke, the stoic Shinx who wasn’t so stoic as he was being scratched behind the ears… Charlie, the chocolate lover who came close to covering his trainer in a Chocolate Bomb but barely missed… Happy, Silas, and Kenna, who had just recently began going by “Team Flash Fire” to their friends and all gave warm greetings to their trainer… Wendy, the short-tempered Shelgon who only had a Headbutt as a reliable way to show any kind of affection… Hinabi, the shy Beedrill who covered her face with her stingers as he approached, causing him to flinch as well… Rengar, the rebellious Zangoose who still didn’t want to even look at Hyrem much less interact with him…

Kilogram, the massive bodyguard whose iron coils gave Hyrem a gentle embrace… Brea, Marion, and Zatch, the shiny Pokemon who each got their own affection where possible (which it wasn’t with Brea...she can’t even evolve into a shiny Magcargo anytime soon…)... Henrietta, the Froakie who loved song and dance as well as latching onto Hyrem’s face to give her own kisses… Ahri, the obsessive Vulpix who was more interested in giving her trainer a bath after seeing him in his disheveled state… and everyone else: Benji the Electrike, Ezreal the Trapinch, Atsumu the Whismur, Sejuani the Swinub, Ammon and Marik the two smaller dragons, Palm the Tropius, Katarina the Pawniard, Nissa the Treecko, Bubbles the Magikarp, Akali the Mawile, and Chex the Scyther. Everyone got their individual moment with Hyrem, and right after he was done, almost everyone decided to jump all over him before they would all settle down and snuggle with their trainer. “Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone,” he finally said to his Pokemon before laying down on Aisa’s back and looking up at the night sky before going to sleep with his entire team. They were all his friend in some way, some weirder than others, but still had one thing in common: love.
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