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Blaziken Blazed as fuck

Originally Posted by Jerichi
You have been invited to participate in the Tri-Jewel Invitational Tournament! Please post in the tournament thread quoting this invitation. To confirm this invitation, please post with the Blaziken post icon. In addition, please post your team of 9 Hoenn Dex Pokémon in a spoiler, with name, species, level and Hidden Power. No sigs or attachables (including Mega Stones), please! You may deevolve any Pokémon to make them compatible with the Hoenn Dex. If you do not wish to participate, please respond to this PM as soon as possible so a substitute can be contacted.
Spoiler: show
Apollo Level 5 Male Blaziken
Hidden Power (Electric)

Bobo-bot Level 6 Genderless Metagross (Uplevel)
Hidden Power (Water)

Sizira Level 5 Male Skarmory
Hidden Power Ground

Billy Level 5 Male Zangoose
Hidden Power (Psychic)

Riff Level 5 Male Crawdaunt
Hidden Power (Poison)

Gilan Level 5 Male Absol
Hidden Power (Flying)

Rune Level 5 Female Flygon
Hidden Power (Steel)

Alena Level 5 Female Lanturn
Hidden Power (Poison)

Garnacia Level 5 Male Donphan
Hidden Power (Ground)
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