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Sharpedo Rough Skin

Along the coast of one of the Sapphire Islands, a cove cuts into the usually-constant line of white coral sand. One side is fringed with mangrove swamp, ensuring that the whole bay is a perfect sanctuary for seagoing Pokémon that desire respite from the harshness of the open ocean, providing shelter along with a nursery for younger creatures. On the other side, the land is more stable, and moored in this natural port is a relatively small submarine. Deep blue in colour, above the waterline she sports an upper deck with two reinforced windows, while at her bow is a yellow starburst pattern, reminiscent of those found on Sharpedo. Indeed, the vessel is partly named for the species, harsh black script being found on both port and starboard sides below the front of the small tower that comprises the upper deck... 'Rough Skin'.

Though the sub is certainly as well-armed as the Pokémon she resembles, this is no warship - it's a home! Dave, resident fisherman of Fizzytopia, has commissioned the sub to serve as his Secret Base, along with an alternative method of transportation throughout the sea to spare his Pokémon. A retractable gangway leads to the 'ground' level, a circular doorway opening to reveal a rather basic, but decently-furnished living room. A sofa and cushion provide seating for when Dave entertains visitors around a large table. A PC sits on a desk to provide any computer-related needs, a large antennae hard-wired to the hull of the sub enabling it to receive wireless signal from anywhere, no matter how deep she dives. A Surf mat sits underneath a Wingull poster, while to the right side a Scythe hangs on the wall, which Death the Duskull often lingers near for perhaps a little too long. In opposing corners of the living room are a pair of ladders, one leading upward and one below decks. Scaling the first will lead you to...

...the Wheelhouse! The only place on the sub aside from the doorway that sees light, two reinforced windows stand on both port and starboard sides of the upper deck, expertly engineered to withstand the greatest pressures that the Rough Skin herself can take. This provides a viewing gallery not only for above the water, but also below, allowing all the sights of Diving with a Pokémon but with none of the wetness. The only thing of note in the whole floor is the scale model of the Rough Skin in the centre, which acts as both a monitor for the interior of the vessel with hidden sensors, along with a unique control system - pushing down on the model causes the sub to dive, and so on. An unconventional helm for an unconventional ship. Shimmying back down the ladder, crossing the living room and sliding down the other ladder will take you to the bowls of the ship...

...the Hold! The immediate room may give you the impression that the sub is sinking, but far from it! The entire stern end of the ship has been flooded under intense scrutiny and control via underwater doors in the underside of the vessel, which can be closed at will. This allows Dave's Water-types the luxury of coming and going as they please from the homeliness of the Base to the expanse of the sea. The entire system can be flushed in dire circumstances, but this is unlikely to come up. Opposing the water lies a door, leading to Dave's private quarters. A kitchenette allows him to store and prepare food for himself, and special filters enable even seawater to be converted into drinking water, allowing the Rough Skin to stay at sea for weeks at a time until she needs to refuel... as long as Dave can hook enough food to keep himself going, of course. A bookcase and television provide entertainment during quiet nights at sea, while a small bed bearing a Totodile doll sits in the corner, for the rare chances that one of his more friendly Pokémon don't want to curl up to him.

Base not open for RPing yet!
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