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Aisa's Antics! A Bug Too Big to Handle?

Special thanks to Yonder for this artwork!

Hyrem wasn't woken up by one of his Pokemon in the morning like he usually was. No, this was still the middle of the night, and Hyrem and his squad of over 40 Pokemon had only just finished moving in yesterday. Great, something's already going wrong, the thought came to his weary mind as he had been woken up by some disturbing noises outside. Perhaps Amethyst had made her first mark on her territory by dining on one of the indigenous creatures here? Just to make sure it wasn't a legitimate intruder, he trudged his way out of his bedroom, through the dining room, and out of the entrance to his base, making sure not to disturb anyone else still sleeping (though it was kind of hard to disturb an Insomniac like Michael since he couldn't sleep anyway).

No sooner did step outside before he was greeted with a half-eaten Raticate corpse dropped at his feet, the smell of which made Hyrem retch as it reeked of venom. It also looked as though it was impaled by hundreds of small needles. Oh yeah, I should also point out that there was something very tall and very big standing in front of Hyrem. He looked up to see a giant purple centipede with a gray underside, big, yellow eyes, two horns, eight claws dripping with venom, all supported by four large legs. "Scooool~" the huge Bug-type greeted him warmly with drool and what was probably blood dripping from her mouth. "...Aisa?" Hyrem's voice quivered with disbelief as he slowly brought out his Pokedex to check what this Pokemon was:

Scolipede, the Megapede Pokemon, and the evolved form of Whirlipede. Scolipede are highly aggressive and attack whatever is in sight, chasing their target down until it is within reach. Then they either attack the intruder relentlessly with their horns, or, if it is a prey item, grab it with the venomous claws on their neck and immobilize the prey before thoroughly consuming it.

Now it all came together for Hyrem: Aisa must have evolved during the night and used her new, more powerful, more mobile form to hunt down this Raticate and catch it. She pushed the dead, half-eaten rat towards Hyrem and looked at him expectantly; she wanted to share her kill with her trainer! Well, if that ain't creepy, I don't know what is... " can have it," he refused as politely as he could before holding his nose to protect himself from the stench, then reaching down in an effort to dangle the corpse in front of Aisa as high as he could.

Before he could stand back up to do so, however, Aisa saw her chance and grabbed the beanie on his head with her beak before throwing it on her left horn and standing up straight so Hyrem couldn't reach it. "Wha- hey! Give that back!" Hyrem complained and tried to jump to reach it, but even his 5'9" tall body didn't give him enough height or jumping power to reach the elusive beanie. "Aisa..." he said sternly, "I'm tired, and I don't have time to play with you, now please give it back!"
"Scoli~ scoli~ scolipede~" she sang, playfully taunting him before turning around and running off into the nearby forest.
"He- Aisa, come back here!" he yelled angrily. He really didn't have time to mess around with his newly evolved Scolipede, but if he wanted his hat back he had no choice but to give chase. He just hoped this would be quick...

*To Be Continued*
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