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It was a beautiful day in the Fizzytopia region. Blue skies, not a cloud in sight, the bright sun making for pleasantly warm temperatures (if a bit unusual for early February, but then, this kind of weather had been the norm for the past couple of months in any case). After several dismal, rainy days consisting entirely of staying in at his Secret Base and doing some occasional training in the Battle Room, Keith was glad for the opportunity to take things outside, and once he was able to seize said opportunity, he seized it as only Keith Masters can.

Out on the calm, tranquil sea of Fizzytopia, an impressive ship floated idly on the surface of the water. She could easily pass for an old-time sailing ship if she only had masts and sails- indeed, propellers were attached to her stern, several yards below where the name "Banette's Revenge" was painted in an ominous shade of blood red. A Dusclops stood at the helm, holding the wheel steady, a task normally undertaken by the captain himself, but at this time, he was otherwise occupied.

Keith Masters, the captain of the Banette's Revenge, was currently standing on the starboard side of his trusty vessel, looking over the side expectantly, almost as though waiting for something. And sure enough, here came that something- well, more like those somethings. Three aquatic Pokémon came swimming around the stern- a Blue-Striped Basculin came first, closely followed by a chipper-looking Qwilfish, and then by a Tentacool. They all stopped right under where their Trainer was, and looked up at him.

"Nicely done," Keith nodded approvingly. "Let's say one more lap around her and we'll take a break for lunch, hmm?"

"Bas, Basculin!" nodded Pisces as she took off.

"Qwilfish qwil!" added Hannah as she swam off as well.

"Tentacooool!" replied Aquarius, just before hastening to follow her teammates.

"I gotta say," the Meowth on Keith's shoulder said, "dis ain't too bad. Da weather's finally nice fer once."

"Sure is, Meowth," nodded Keith. "Figured this was a good idea to give some of my Water-types some real good exercise for a change- figured they'd be getting a bit tired of the same old aquarium and the same old indoor swimming pool."

"Chance and Gold ain't too tired o' dat pool, it seems," Meowth observed. "Dey both volunteered ta stay behind, remember?"

"Oh, I remember," Keith said with a sly smirk. "I'm getting the feeling there may be something going on between those two, y'know?" Indeed, as of late, he had noticed his Feraligatr and Blastoise spending quite a bit more time than usual with each other, and had a pretty shrewd suspicion as to why this was. Of course, he couldn't confirm or deny his suspicions (well, OK, he could, but he didn't feel like coughing up any money to Vinny at this time), so for now, he decided he'd just see where that went. Couldn't be any worse than when he found out about Ginny and Stewie, at any rate... Shaking that unpleasant mental image out of his head, Keith resumed watching the water for any sign of his three Water-types.

Meanwhile, as Pisces, Hannah, and Aquarius swam around the bow, the Tentacool slowly but surely caught up to the Blue-Striped Basculin. "Hah... I think I might actually win this one!" panted Aquarius.

"Oh, please," scoffed Pisces. "Y'know, I don't even know why Keith keeps a limp sack of jelly like you on the team anyway, especially when he has much more formidable Water-types like myself."

"Well, he specializes in Poison-types, remember," Aquarius reminded Pisces. "And I am a Poison-type, so it's not a hard connection to make."

"Yeah, but still," persisted Pisces. "I mean, what do you even do for the team? What exactly do you bring to the table that nobody else does? Hermione's already the brains of the team, and if he needs to pull out a trump card for aquatic battles, he only needs to send in-"

"My brother!" piped in Hannah from behind them.

"For once, the pipsqueak's got it right," said Pisces. "That Qwilfish has more talent in his tail fin than you got in your whole soft, squishy body, and knows more moves than you ever will."

"It's not about how many moves one has, though," replied the Tentacool. "Didn't Helena win against a Kangaskhan with nothing to work with but Knock Off and Flash?"

"That's not my point!" snapped Pisces. "Anything you can do, you got a teammate that does it better! I'm a faster swimmer than you, Hebenon's stronger than you'll ever be, and you are far from the only Poison-type the guy's got to choose from. You're not even the only Water/Poison-type! And you don't even make a good snack, so exactly what is it that makes you unique?"

Aquarius did not answer. She thought about this, and started to realize that Pisces might in fact be right. She had no unique talents or traits that made her any better than anyone else on the team. She had brains and creativity, for sure, but didn't the likes of Hermione and Chromium kinda trump her in that regard? She could concoct inventive battle strategies, but so could Godric.

Before Aquarius could even begin to say something, however, Hannah swam up between the Basculin and Tentacool. "Hey, leave Aquarius alone," she said to Pisces. "She's the one who taught me how to do that thing with Water Pulse- you know, how I try and make it spin when I fire it, so it goes faster and farther, and hits harder?"

Aquarius blinked. Yeah, she remembered that. The idea was that the Water Pulse would be spinning, almost like a drill, which would make it hit harder. It was an easy feat for her, too- all she had to do was cross her tentacles before forming the Water Pulse in between them, and then hastily uncross them as she fired off the move, to put a spin on the orb of water.

"OK, fine, so she's taught one Pokémon one neat little trick," said Pisces. "My point still stands. Anyone who knows that move could've worked this out for themselves."

"I'm afraid I must disagree with you there," Aquarius said politely, but before they could say anything else, they had all swam around the stern and were right back where they started.

"OK, looks like it's lunch time," Keith grinned. He held out three Poké Balls and withdrew the Basculin, Tentacool, and Qwilfish. Then, he turned to face the deck, where Peeves, his Dusclops, had already used Psychic to set up dishes and food bowls on the deck from his place at the helm, and Keith sent the three Pokémon back out. "Thanks, Peeves," Keith added. He dug into a picnic basket, pulled out a large chocolate chip cookie, then tossed it up towards the Dusclops like a frisbee, which Peeves caught expertly before pushing it in through his body, into the black hole that was his innards.

"Mmm, no, thank you," the Dusclops replied.

Keith raised an eyebrow. "Do you even taste it, eating like that?"

"Believe it or not, yeah," Peeves nodded. "Don't ask me how it works. All I know is, it tastes great, there's no chewing necessary, and I can basically pig out with no negative consequences. I don't get it, but hey, I'm not one to look a gift Ponyta in the mouth."

"Makes sense," nodded Keith. As he spoke, he produced more food from the large cooler next to the picnic basket, and set it out for his Pokémon. Hermione, his Weedle, helped to cook some burgers for them, while Shelley, his Torkoal, was cooking bacon. Whatever it was about Torkoal smoke that made bacon taste even better than usual (and considering Keith always found bacon to be the tastiest thing ever, this was saying something!), nobody really knew. It didn't stop Hermione from trying to figure it out, of course.

"Mmm," Meowth said appreciatively as he chowed down on a delicious bacon cheeseburger. "Dis is good!"

"Thank you," Hermione said modestly. Shelley said nothing, of course, and merely puffed out some smoke which formed into a smiley face in midair.

"Yeah, you two have outdone yourselves this time," Keith added. "And for dessert, I packed enough Snoverberries for everyone!"

"All right!" Meowth grinned. "So, Hermione's gettin' good at growin' dem, huh?"

"And how!" nodded Keith. Jack, Keith's former Snover, had left the Poison-type Trainer with a handful of Snoverberries before willingly staying behind at the Adoption Center to boost the spirits of its many inhabitants. It took Hermione a lot of research and experimentation, but she finally managed to grow Snoverberries without the need for an actual Snover. The tasty treats had the temperature and texture of frozen treats, even if left out in the heat for a long time, making them perfect for sunny days such as this. Sure enough, once everyone was done with their food, Keith distributed a bunch of Snoverberries to his Pokémon before keeping several for himself. They all leisurely munched on the delicious berries, not a care in the world... until, that is, a low rumbling sound met their ears.

"Wat da...?" Meowth murmured, looking up at the sky. Everyone, in fact, was now looking up at the sky, for it was no longer its clear, blue, sunny self. Now it was obscured by black clouds as far as the eye could see. It was actually quite an amazing sight, just not so much considering they were seeing it from a ship in the middle of the ocean.

"...Son of a bilge Rattata," Keith said quietly.

And just like that, it was like someone had flipped a switch. The rain, nonexistent mere seconds ago, was now coming down in unholy quantities, prompting Keith to hastily withdraw his Torkoal, and prompting Meowth to swipe the cowboy hat off of Keith's head and hide under it himself. The water, formerly calm and serene, was now as violent as the school of Carvanha Keith fought off not long ago. As thunder boomed and lightning flashed all around, the Banette's Revenge started rocking.

"DIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!" Meowth screamed from under Keith's hat.

Keith, meanwhile, was taking charge. He ran all over the deck, withdrawing the smallest of his Pokémon left and right. "Helga, haul in the anchor!" he called to his Hariyama. "Peeves, hard to port, get us the hell outta here!!"

"Aye aye!" the Dusclops responded, spinning the ship's steering wheel to the left just as Helga finished reeling in the anchor. As the ship began to move, Keith valiantly made his way across the deck, trying to get up to the helm himself, help Peeves out in any way possible.

"I'm coming, Peeves!" Keith shouted, making himself heard over the loudness of the storm. "I'm coming- whoa, whoa, WHOOOAAAA!" For at that moment, the choppy, wild waters forced the ship to lurch violently. Keith lost his footing and fell over the side and into the water.

"Keith!" Peeves cried out.

"NO!" Meowth exclaimed in horror.

"Tentacooooool!" Aquarius shouted. Pisces was about to jump in, but the Tentacool was quicker. Acting swiftly, Aquarius scrambled across the deck as best as she could for something with nothing to move with but a pair of thin tentacles, and jumped in after her Trainer.

Keith was thrashing and flailing like an injured Magikarp. Contrary to what he had said to Myrtle that one time on Whale Island, he never did take those swimming lessons. As Aquarius swam down, she looked in horror as her Trainer was thrashing like this. Determinedly, she swam further down until she reached Keith, who gave his Tentacool a desperate, pleading look. Aquarius lashed one tentacle around Keith's arm, and tried to swim up with the other one... but it was no use. She couldn't swim with just one tentacle, especially while using the other tentacle to hold onto her Trainer.

It... It's no use, Aquarius thought sadly, her heart sinking just as much as she was. Pisces was right... I have nothing to offer the team. If I had just let her jump in, Keith would be safe, but instead, he's gonna drown, and it'll be my fault... Sadly, she looked down, hoping for at least one more look at her Trainer before he'd lose consciousness. But Keith wasn't looking like he'd given up. He was still giving Aquarius that desperate pleading look. There was something in that look, and as Aquarius met Keith's gaze, she realized something. But... Keith hasn't given up on me? she thought. As this sank in, the Tentacool came to a realization. ...He still believes in me. Well, then... then I'm not gonna fail him, she decided. She wasn't about to make the last thing her Trainer ever saw be his trusted Pokémon giving up on him. No way.

Up on the ship, Keith's Pokémon were looking over the side in horror. It had been almost a minute now, and nothing was happening, neither Keith nor Aquarius had resurfaced. "Oh, no..." Meowth groaned quietly.

"He... he can't be dead," Helga said, tones of definite panic in her voice. "He just can't, it can't end like this!"

Hannah looked at the Basculin next to her. "...Pisces, are you crying?" she asked.

"Of course not!" snapped the Blue-Striped Basculin, though with an odd tone to her voice. "It's just- it's the rainwater!" She didn't stop looking at the water as she spoke, however.

The Pokémon continued to watch the water in horror (except Peeves, who was expending all his strength and focus keeping the ship steady, or else he'd have rescued Keith with Psychic by this point). Pisces could have jumped in, of course, to save her Trainer, and it's not like she'd have been disinclined to do so... but something was holding her back. As she looked at the water, she realized it was nothing more than sheer morbid curiosity. Aquarius had jumped in after Keith with such determination, the Basculin was actually being held back by wanting to see whether the Tentacool had it in her. Of course, if this went on for much longer, Pisces was just gonna jump in herself anyway- and then, just as that thought crossed Pisces's mind, a great flash of light erupted out of the water before them, causing the Pokémon to shield their eyes. And then, as the water faded, and they all looked over the side out of great curiosity, the feebly stirring, still alive body of Keith breached the surface of the water, the rain letting up at that point. But that was nothing compared to what was beneath him, pushing him up out of the water. Keith was lying back on, not a Tentacool, but a considerably larger and stronger-looking . With one long, thick tentacle, Aquarius easily lifted Keith off of her and placed him on the deck of the ship. As he dimly registered the fact that he wasn't dead or about to die, Keith's eyes widened at the sight of just who and what had saved him.

"...Aquarius?" Keith said. He held out his Pokédex, which, despite having just been submerged in the sea, still worked perfectly. To quote every fat guy in every starting town ever, technology sure is amazing.

"Tentacruel, a Jellyfish Pokémon. An evolved form of the Tentacool," droned the device. "Its eighty tentacles can stretch and contract freely. It flashes the orbs on its head to warn others of danger."

"I knew you had it in you, Aquarius," Keith smiled as his new Tentacruel climbed back onto the boat. "You saved my life, Aquarius. Thank you." With that, he wrapped his arms around the Tentacruel as best as he could, and Aquarius responded with a hug with two of her tentacles.

Once that was over, Keith's other Pokémon mobbed him all at once, Helga wrapping her Trainer in a hug that threatened to crack his ribs. Except Pisces and Hannah. Those two flopped over to the Tentacruel that now towered over him. "Well?" asked Aquarius, still sounding as polite as ever, despite her much more intimidating appearance.

"...Alright, you saved our Trainer," sighed Pisces. "I guess you got that going for you, if nothing else."

"Ooh, and coming from Pisces, that really means a lot!" beamed Hannah. "Congratulations on evolving, too, Aquarius!"

"Thank you," replied the Tentacruel. "So, would you two like to go swimming again?"

"Sure!" smiled the Qwilfish.

"...Ehhh, why not?" conceded the Blue-Striped Basculin. With that, the trio of Water-types jumped back into the water and resumed swimming laps around the Banette's Revenge. This time, Aquarius was much faster than either of the other two.

What? Tentacool is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Tentacool evolved into Tentacruel!

*Aquarius learned Reflect Type!*

*Aquarius learned Wring Out!*

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