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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
I hereby trade my Lv. 1 Male Sneasel in exchange for Itzatrap's Rare Candy. Don't worry, I'll hold onto Leila while you make the trade! XD

*Trade Start*
Thanks, hopefully I won't see her in the middle of night trying to get him back...

Trading 1 candy to Dark Searchman for his level 1 male Sneasel.

**Trade Closed**

Thanks again!
Originally Posted by EpicSquirtle View Post
Trading 5 rare candies to Itzatrap in return for their level 1 female Tynamo.

*Trade opened*
Trading my level 1 female Tynamo to EpicSquirtle for his 5 candies.

**Trade Closed**

Thank you! Take care of her!
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