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A Pain In The Grass

Down a dirt road, there dashed a dark grey Scolipede with piercing red eyes, carrying his Trainer on his back. This Trainer, a 24-year-old man clad in a red-and-white sleeveless jacket over a black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black sneakers, and a distinctive brown cowboy hat, was holding onto the Megapede Pokémon, as a Meowth clung to the Trainer's shoulder for dear life. Yes, it was starting out as just another ordinary day for Poison-type Trainer Keith Masters, as he traveled across the Fizzytopia region, constantly in search of adventure.

"Ehhh," sighed Meowth. "Ain't nuttin' goin' on today, it seems."

"We don't know that for sure," Keith said fairly. "The day is young, and there's still plenty of places in Fizzytopia we've yet to explore."

"Scol, Scolipede," nodded Salazar, the Scolipede.

"See?" grinned Keith. "I don't even need you to translate that for me, Meowth, to know that Salazar agrees with me."

"Suck up," Meowth grumbled, shooting a look in Salazar's direction.

Before Keith could open his mouth to respond to this, however, he spotted what appeared to be buildings in the distance. "Huh, looks like a town up ahead," he remarked. As he said this, the dirt road came to an end, and Salazar was galloping across a lush meadow. The surrounding landscape seemed to include more and more trees, as well. "Slow down, Salazar," Keith stated as they came near a sign. The Scolipede did as instructed, allowing Keith to read the sign. "Hm," Keith remarked. "'Springreen Town- The Eternally Green Desert Oasis.'"

"I'm likin' dis place," Meowth commented, as Salazar slowly walked through the town. Trees provided abundant shade throughout the town, and there seemed to be no roads or sidewalks- just grass, grass, and more grass, in all directions.

As they explored the town, they saw that while most of the houses appeared to be log cabins, some of them were merely carved into the trunks of especially large trees. "Cool," Keith remarked. "Reminds me of when Grandma Masters showed me those photos from her vacation in Agate Village. Some of the houses there are built into trees like this, too."

Soon, they came to what had to be the center of the town- a large lake, in which a small assortment of Water-type Pokémon were swimming. Most prominent among them was a small, strange-looking creature that sported a lily pad on top of it. Keith pointed his Pokédex at one of these.

"Lotad, a Water Weed Pokémon," droned the device. "Found in clean ponds and lakes. It can ferry small Pokémon across water with its broad leaf. Lotad is the pre-evolved form of Lombre."

"Ah, cool," grinned Keith.

"Dat's a lotta Lotad," observed Meowth.

"Seems like a good sign to me," Keith reasoned. "That's gotta mean this water's clean, then. And it seems to be the only source of water for miles. Now, what say we find the Pokémon Center around here?"


Not long after leaving the oasis, they stumbled across the Pokémon Center, also apparently a log cabin. The roof, of course, was the trademark shade of bright red- the identifying mark of any Pokémon Center.

"So, basically it's just my Scolipede that needs healing," Keith explained to Nurse Joy as he handed Salazar's Poké Ball over. "We could use some nice, cool water, too- riding through the desert all morning will have that effect, know what I mean?"

"Of course," smiled Nurse Joy. "You can buy bottled water in the waiting area, it's bottled locally from our own oasis. Freshest water you'll ever taste."

"Sounds good to me," grinned Keith.

"So, what brings you to Springreen Town, anyway?" asked Nurse Joy. "Or did you come for the tournament?"

"Well, I- the tournament?" Keith said, his curiosity piqued. "Didn't really have a reason for coming, but it sounds like I might have one for sticking around. What is this tournament?"

"It's Springreen Town's annual Grass-type tournament," explained Nurse Joy, gesturing to a poster on the wall to the right, which showed, among other Grass-types, a Cacnea, a Maractus, a Turtwig, and a Lotad. "It consists of one-on-one battles, but only Grass-types are eligible to participate. Competitors can bring as many Grass-types as they wish, but can only use one in any given battle. The winner gets a year's supply of Pokémon food."

"Well, I happen to have some experience with Grass-types," Keith said. "Not my specialty, but I do have experience with them- I got a Vileplume, a Victreebel, two Ivysaur, an Amoonguss, a Carnivine, and a Roselia. And, until recently, I also had a Snover," he added, a tinge of sadness in his voice- he was still in the process of getting over Jack's decision to stay at the Adoption Center.

"Well, if you want to participate, you can sign up here," offered Nurse Joy as she handed Keith a registration form. "Just fill this out, and make sure you report to Springreen Stadium in... two hours from now," she added, after checking the clock on the wall. Keith followed her gaze to the clock- it was 1:00 PM, so the tournament was to start at 3. Therefore, he wasted no time and filled out the registration form, though it did take him some time to figure out which of his Grass-types he was going to use. He couldn't bring all seven of them, of course...


Two hours later, Keith rode up to a large, impressive stadium on Salazar's back. Once they reached the entrance, Keith dismounted and withdrew his Scolipede, then proceeded to enter the stadium.

Confirming his place in the tournament was a piece of cake, and before Keith knew it, he stood on one end of a grassy battlefield, with spectators on all sides cheering wildly.

"Welcome, everybody, to this year's annual Springreen Town Grass-type Tournament!" exclaimed the announcer, his voice being broadcast throughout the stadium. "The Trainers for the first battle have already entered the stadium- first, we have returning competitor Jeff Cherrim of Floaroma Town, Sinnoh!" This earned more cheering from the crowd. Jeff, a teenage Trainer with unkempt red hair, grinned and waved at the crowd. "And next, we have newcomer Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town, Hoenn!" added the announcer, eliciting more cheers from the crowd. Keith and Meowth grinned and waved at the crowd as well- Meowth was allowed to enter the stadium with Keith, once Keith explained to the staff Meowth's aversion to Poké Balls, but was given stern reminders that under no circumstances was Meowth to participate in any battles.

The referee stepped into position and called out, "Begin!"

Jeff threw a Poké Ball out onto the battlefield. "OK! Let's go, Tangrowth!" he exclaimed as the ball opened up, unleashing what could only be described as a blue-haired caveman. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the tangled mass before him.

"Tangrowth, a Vine Pokémon. An evolved form of the Tangela," droned the device. "Its arms are made of vines, and will regrow if cut off."

"Alright," grinned Keith as he took out a Poké Ball of his own and threw it. "Go, Goyle!" In a flash of light, Keith's Victreebel appeared and gave a sharp shriek at the sight of its opponent.

"A Victreebel? Hah!" sneered Jeff. "Tangrowth! Aerial Ace!"

"Goyle, fight back with Clear Smog!" Keith commanded.

Tangrowth charged forward, then jumped into the air. As it started to descend, its right claws glowed brightly as it prepared to slash the Victreebel with them. Goyle, however, was prepared, and lifted his large leaf, allowing copious amounts of thick white smoke to billow out. This disrupted Tangrowth's attack and caused the Vine Pokémon to fall to the ground before Goyle.

Jeff scowled. "It's fast," he grumbled. "Use Sunny Day!" he yelled.

"Groooooowth!" bellowed Tangrowth as it stood back up and fired a bright beam of light directly into the sky. As a result, the sunlight seemed to get brighter, causing many spectators to don sunglasses. Keith merely tweaked the brim of his hat, and it was sufficient for him. However, Jeff could still see Keith's face- which included the smug grin.

"What are you happy about?" demanded Jeff. "Tangrowth's Ability is Chlorophyll, so now that the sun's this bright-"

"-it's twice as fast as usual," Keith finished. "I know what Chlorophyll does. News flash, Jeff- that's my Victreebel's Ability, too!" Goyle gave an affirmative shriek following this. "And what's more, you have no idea how much you've screwed your Tangrowth just now," he added. "Use Weather Ball!"

Goyle shrieked loudly as a large fireball formed in front of it. Then, the fireball launched itself at Tangrowth, who took the hit directly in the gut, knocking it backwards. "No! Tangrowth!" exclaimed Jeff as his Grass-type struggled to get back up.

"Wrap it up, Goyle! Solar Beam!" Keith commanded. In response, an orb of light formed above Goyle at alarmingly rapid speeds, accelerated by the blinding sun, before firing off an equally blinding beam of light directly at Tangrowth, and as the attack made contact, Tangrowth abandoned its attempts to get up altogether, succumbing to unconsciousness.

"Tangrowth is unable to battle!" ruled the referee. "The winners are Keith and his Victreebel!" This elicited earsplitting cheers from the entire crowd as the blinding sunlight dimmed back down to normal.

"And the newcomer gets off to a promising start as he and his Victreebel score an impressive victory over Jeff and his Tangrowth, a pair who in last year's competition made it all the way to the finals!" the announcer stated.

In the waiting area, as Keith waited for his next battle, he watched some of the other first-round battles on the large TV on one of the walls. As a woman's Swadloon somehow scored victory over someone else's Meganium, Keith sat in his seat, silently wondering which Pokémon to use in the next round.

"Tinkin' about yer next battle?" Meowth asked.

"Yeah," nodded Keith. "I want to give Goyle a rest, so I'm trying to decide who to use next.

"Who else didja enter?" asked Meowth.

"Besides Goyle?" said Keith. "Let's see... Six, Fang, Pomona, and Aria," he replied.

"I'm kinda surprised youse didn't enter James," said Meowth. "He's yer strongest Grass-type, ain't he?"

Keith nodded. "No question," he agreed. "Thing is, I think this should be more about training the ones who could use the training, know what I mean?"

Before Meowth could respond, however, an announcement was broadcast into the room, calling Keith back out to the battlefield.

The next few battles went smoothly- Six's Sludge Bomb knocked out that same Swadloon from before in a single hit; Fang's Bug Bite toppled the opposing Exeggutor; and an enemy Whimsicott proved himself unable to defend against Pomona's Attract, leaving him wide open to be KO'd by a Sludge attack.

In the waiting room, Keith was sitting back and relaxing as he waited for the final match. He had made it to the finals, and was barely paying any attention to the other semifinal battle on the TV. He had his Roselia out of her Poké Ball and was giving her a pep talk.

"OK, Aria, this'll be your first battle," Keith said. "Just want you to know, whether you win or lose, it's fine. All I ask is that you have fun and do your best, alright?"

Aria nodded. "Rose, Roselia!" she responded.

"Vine, Carnivine," Fang added, the Carnivine having insisted on being out of his ball at the same time as his girlfriend.

As the Carnivine and Roselia started talking to each other (whatever they were saying, it seemed to make Meowth want to vomit), Keith turned his attention to the TV, where it seems the battle had just ended.

"Ferroseed is unable to battle!" the referee was stating. "The victory goes to Ralph and his Grovyle!"

Keith stiffened, gritting his teeth. "Ralph?" he repeated.

"It can't be," Meowth said flatly.

"And that's it for the semifinals!" the announcer boomed. "Our finalists are Keith Masters and Ralph McPhione, both of Lavaridge Town! The final battle will commence in fifteen minutes."

"Son of a Bibarel!" Keith exclaimed, angrily standing up. "Just my luck I'd run into the guy in the middle of nowhere..."

"What's going on?" Aria asked Meowth.

Meowth sighed. "Dis Ralph guy's Keith's rival," he explained. "Dey've pretty much been enemies since before dey was Trainers."

"I see..." murmured Aria, looking up at her Trainer.

At that moment, Keith found himself being approached by the smug, sneering Dragon Trainer, complete with his usual unkempt brown hair. "Masters," he sneered. "Well, I figured the final match wouldn't be too difficult, but its against you? Oh, this'll be easy!"

"McPhione," growled Keith. "Let me tell you right now, you're going down in this next battle, you hear me?"

"Yeah, yeah, save it," yawned Ralph. "I'd like to see just how high and mighty you really are without your Haxorus to hide behind."

"Hey, Norbert's far from my only strong Pokémon," snapped Keith. "And you'll find this out for yourself in a few minutes, too. Why don't you go and shoo all the Rattata out of your hair before the battle, huh?"

"You know, if you were wise, you'd quit now," smirked Ralph as he eyed the Carnivine and Roselia. "Whichever of those two you plan to use, just give up now. Save your Pokémon the pain and humiliation of going up against my Grovyle."

"Grovyle?" repeated Keith. "That's not even a Dragon-type, what interest is it to you?"

"You'll see soon enough," Ralph replied smugly. "You see, I, unlike you, know many things about the world of Pokémon."

"Yeah, but you, unlike me, suck," retorted Keith. "Now get out of here, start practicing being a gracious loser while you still can."

Ralph cockily walked away after that, still asserting as he did so that his Grovyle could handle anything Keith could throw at it. For a moment, Keith stood there, seething in fury, and almost wishing he had entered James in this tournament after all-

"Rose! Roselia!"

Keith blinked, the sudden cry having snapped him out of it. He looked down, and was rather startled by how pissed Aria looked. Fang had been able to shrug off the look of disdain and smug superiority from Ralph- Aria, on the other hand, looked like she wanted nothing better than to kill him.

"So, Aria," Keith said, kneeling down and addressing his Roselia. "I take it you're ready?"

"Selia!" nodded Aria vigorously. She hopped from foot to foot, making slashing motions with her flowers. Keith, meanwhile, took out his Pokédex and pressed a few buttons.

"Grovyle, a Wood Gecko Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Treecko jumps from branch to branch with great speed. In the forest, a fleeing Grovyle is unmatched in terms of speed."

"Hm," Keith frowned. He pressed a few buttons, and the Pokédex screen showed an image of Grovyle beside an image of Roselia, both images to scale in terms of size- this showed that Grovyle was over twice as large as a Roselia.

"Rose?" Aria murmured as she looked at the Pokédex. Then, with her red rose, she pressed a button. The Roselia picture was replaced by that of a similar-looking Pokémon, with entire bouquets of roses for arms. This one seemed to match Grovyle in height.

"...Wait a sec," Keith said to Aria. "Aria, do you mean to say that... that it's time?"

"Ro se li a," Aria nodded resolutely. The two looked at each other, exchanging meaningful looks for a few moments, before Keith nodded in understanding. He dug into his bag, and extracted from within a dazzlingly bright rock. With one last look at his Roselia, Keith placed the Shiny Stone directly in front of her.

The effect was immediate- Aria began to glow, as did the Shiny Stone, as the latter was absorbed into the former. The Grass/Poison-type more than doubled in height, and numerous roses sprouted alongside the existing ones. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a newly evolved in the Roselia's place. His Pokédex already out, Keith pointed it at Aria.

"Roserade, the Bouquet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Roselia," droned the device. "Roserade attacks with dance-like movements to take down its prey. Each hand contains a different toxin, but both can jab with near-fatal power."

A smile slowly spread across Keith's face as he regarded his new Roserade. "OK, Aria," he smiled. "Ready to show that pompous jerk just how wrong he is?"

"Roserade!" nodded Aria, just before Fang wrapped her in a congratulatory hug, which she happily reciprocated.


"This is it, folks, the final round!" the announcer boomed, as the two Lavaridge-native Trainers took their positions on opposite ends of the battlefield. "We have Ralph McPhione of Lavaridge Town, and Keith Masters, also of Lavaridge Town!"

Keith was grinning confidently in response to the smug sneer he was getting from his rival. His Carnivine floated by his side, though like Meowth, he was just there to spectate. No way in hell was he gonna miss this.

The referee looked back and forth between Keith and Ralph, before exclaiming, "Begin!"

Ralph was the first to move, throwing a Great Ball out onto the battlefield. "Grovyle, stand by!" he exclaimed as a smug-looking reptilian Pokémon materialized. Several long, blade-like leaves sprouted from its arms and backside, and one very long leaf grew out of the back of its head.

Keith, in response, threw a Poké Ball. "Go get 'em, Aria!" he cried out as his freshly-evolved Roserade appeared in a flash of light. Ralph blinked in surprise at the sight of the Bouquet Pokémon- no doubt he was expecting to see a Roselia instead.

"Hmph. So you used a stone on it as a last ditch effort," snorted Ralph. "Like that'll make a difference. Grovyle! Dragon Breath!"

Keith responded swiftly. "Aria! Swords Dance!"

"Raaaaaaade!" Aria exclaimed as she spun around in place, her rose bouquet-like hands glowing harshly as she did so. The Dragon Breath was deflected harmlessly by the rapid spinning, and once Grovyle stopped the attack, the Roserade stopped spinning.

Keith grinned. "Now, Aria! Use Poison Sting!" he commanded.

"Block with Fury Cutter!" scowled Ralph.

Aria held her hands out in front of her, and numerous glowing purple spikes launched themselves from the roses. Grovyle, however, slashed at each and every one with its sharp claws and leaves, overall looking completely unaffected by the attack.

Now Ralph was grinning. "Use Quick Attack," he smirked.

"Aria, Pin Missile!" Keith ordered.

But Grovyle was too fast- almost before Keith got all the words out, the Wood Gecko Pokémon slammed into Aria, knocking her to the ground.

"Vine vine Carnivine!" Fang exclaimed in an encouraging tone. In response, Aria sprung back to her feet.

"Hm... That Pokémon is too fast," grunted Keith. And then, inspiration struck. "Use Cotton Spore!" he yelled.

"Rose!" grunted Aria as she lowered her head, aiming the fluffy, cotton-like portion atop her head directly at Grovyle. Then, numerous spores were fired from it as though from a cannon. Grovyle jumped out of the way, however, evading the attack completely.

"Ugh!" Keith grunted. He wouldn't be able to land a single hit at this rate. Or... would he? "Aria, Mind Reader now!" he commanded.

"Take it out with Aerial Ace!" ordered Ralph.

Aria's eyes glowed purple as she focused intensely. Grovyle, meanwhile, had jumped up high into the air, and the leaves on its right arm were glowing brightly.

"Aria, you got it?" asked Keith.

Aria nodded. "Rose. Roserade!"

Keith nodded back. "Then dodge and use Cotton Spore!"

Aria hastened to step off to the side, and not a moment too soon- Grovyle missed by mere inches, thanks to Mind Reader giving Aria all she needed to know about the Grass-type's movements. And then, not missing a beat, Aria launched Cotton Spore once more, this time anticipating Grovyle's dodge and hitting her target directly. The spores clung to Grovyle, who immediately tried to brush away the distracting dust.

"Grovyle, screw the spores! Attack that Roserade!" screamed Ralph. "X-Scissor!"

"Pin Missile!" ordered Keith.

Grovyle lunged at Aria, slashing with both arms in an X-shape, as Aria retaliated by firing numerous glowing green pins from its bouquet-esque hands. Grovyle, however, muscled through the super effective move and landed a direct hit on Aria. However, as Grovyle backed off, it looked to be in pain, a purple tint becoming visible on its forehead.

"What?!" demanded Ralph.

Now it was Keith's turn to grin. "Bad luck, McPhione," he said smugly. "Looks like you've run afoul of Aria's Ability- Poison Point! That X-Scissor poisoned Grovyle! Now, Aria!" he added. "Use Venom Drench!"

"Roseraaaaaade!" exclaimed Aria as she fired a vile purple fluid from her mouth. Within seconds, Grovyle was covered in the stuff, and was looking significantly weaker.

"I love that move," grinned Keith. "Venom Drench cuts the speed and power of a poisoned Pokémon!"

"Gah! Grovyle, Acrobatics!" ordered Ralph, sounding more furious than ever before.

"Fury Cutter!" grinned Keith.

Grovyle attempted to perform a series of complicated acrobatic movements to confound Aria, but found that it couldn't move nearly fast enough. Aria, however, could very well move fast enough. Her hands glowed green, and with elegant, dance-like movements, she lunged at Grovyle and slashed at it repeatedly, usually doing a quick twirl between strikes, which seemed to have the added effect of impressing the crowd, if their "ooh"s and "ahh"s were any indicator. By this point, Grovyle was struggling to stand, and Aria delivered one final Fury Cutter across its torso. This was the last straw- Grovyle fell backwards and hit the ground with a thud. It made no effort whatsoever to get up.

"Grovyle is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "This year's winner is Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town!"

"YES!" Keith exclaimed as Fang floated out onto the battlefield and happily embraced Aria. Then, as they both came back, Aria jumped up and hugged Keith, who hugged her back. He felt the poke of Poison Point, but this didn't bother him in the slightest.

Ralph, meanwhile, seemed to have outright refused to take Keith's advice in regards to practicing losing gracefully. Indeed, so furious was he that he had trouble aiming Grovyle's Great Ball properly. It took him several tries to successfully withdraw Grovyle, and once that was accomplished, he stormed out of the stadium without a word. Not that Keith noticed any of this- he and Aria were too busy celebrating their victory.


As the sun was setting, Keith had already sent Salazar out, and was preparing for the ride home. He had already arranged for his year's supply of Pokémon food to be delivered to his Secret Base, and he was hoping to get back before Crabbe ate the lot of it.

"Well, I'd call this a good day," Keith grinned as he climbed onto his Scolipede's back.

"Yeah," Meowth replied, sitting on Keith's shoulder once more. "Youse had yer first battle wit Aria, you evolved her inta Roserade, and ya even beat dat Ralph again. Not ta mention winnin' a tournament dat ain't even yer type specialty."

"Don't forget this," Keith reminded Meowth, as he produced a bottle from his backpack and drank from it- it was the bottled water Nurse Joy had advertised to Keith earlier, and it truly lived up to the hype- clear, tasty, refreshing, just excellent. Keith had actually made a point of stocking up before they left.

At that moment, a flash of light erupted from Keith's belt- Keith's Roserade materialized on Salazar's back. "Rose, Roserade rose," she said with a satisfied grin.

"Aria's sayin' she's pretty pleased wit how today went, too," translated Meowth.

"Heh. I don't blame you, Aria," grinned Keith as Salazar began to ride off into the sunset. "I don't blame you one bit."

What? Roselia is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Roselia evolved into Roserade!

*Aria learned Venom Drench!*

*Aria learned Grassy Terrain!*

*Aria learned Weather Ball!*

*Aria learned Poison Sting!*

*Aria learned Mega Drain!*

*Aria learned Magical Leaf!*

*Aria learned Sweet Scent!*

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