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Buying the following goodies for my use:

x1 Reaper Cloth (30k)
x1 King's Rock (2k)
x1 Dragon Scale (5k)

Buying the following TMs for the following pokemon. Hoo boy, this will smart...

-For my Infernape:
-Headbutt (5k)
-Secret Power (5k)

-For my Honchkrow:
-Icy Wind (3500)
-Pluck (4k)
-Secret Power (5k)

-For my Aipom:
-Fury Cutter (1k)
-Mimic (2k)
-Water Pulse (4k)
-Shock Wave (4k)
-Metronome (3500)
-Body Slam (6500)
-Mega Punch (6500)
-Mega Kick (8k)
-Work Up (4k)

-For my Timburr:
-Counter (6k)
-Focus Punch (9k)

That total comes to, er...114,000 coins if my maths is correct.

Big Bag o' Coins here.

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