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A hooded figure approached the Marble Garden, gazing at the Treetop House from a distance, shrouded by the trees of the surrounding forest. Pulling the hood of his dusty old coat, Levin took a deep breath; Arceus, he'd missed this.

I'm back. But please wait a little longer Basker... I have matters to attend to before I return home.

He'd acquired some very valuable things during his absence.
First and foremost, an incalculable amount of experience, owing to the various near-death situations he'd lived through and all the rabid foes he'd faced during his time in Kanjohto. Thanks to them, he could finally consider himself worthy of being a referee in Fizzy Bubbles, and there were people waiting on him. To them, it'd be like he never left... but there was a world of difference between this Levin Sanders and the Trainer from three months ago.
Second, the precious rewards he'd gained for helping desperate victims of the disasters needed to be put to use, now that his Pokemon were powerful enough to make the most of them. He gripped a leather bag in his hand tightly; the two items inside clanked together, as the young man mentally recalled the way to a particular shop...
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