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Gone Fishing II

It was not a very long walk to get from Keith's Secret Base to the sea. Though where he had his boat tied up featured only a steep, rocky cliff overlooking the water, there was a nice, sandy beach not far south of there. And it was right there that Keith was spending the day with some of his Pokémon. Marvolo the Seviper had just finished building a remarkable sand sculpture of a Zangoose and was now in the process of destroying it, Peeves the Dusclops was building a sand castle, and Keith and Meowth were lying on their backs on towels, just relaxing in the sun. Despite it being late December, the weather was actually pretty warm. It was so nice that Keith couldn't resist the opportunity for a trip to the beach.

"Man, dis is a nice day," Meowth grinned. "Da sun's shinin', Pisces didn't get inta da picnic lunch, and Ruby ain't settin' my tail on fire."

"Oh, please," Keith chuckled. "That was one time, Meowth, and she didn't mean to."

"Yeah, youse keep tellin' yerself dat," Meowth muttered. "Dat Houndour's had a ting fer prankin' Meowth since she was in da Egg."

"Again with the Egg burning your paws?" said Keith. "I still say you were overreacting. Anyway, we're here to relax, so how about we do just that, hmm? After all the training we've been doing lately, I think we deserve a bit of relaxation."

"Ehh, alright," sighed Meowth, though already he was smiling- with weather this nice, it was hard to stay upset over such a trivial thing. In the water, however, things were decidedly less calm.

Tiny wisps of blood floated out of the mouth of a Blue-Striped Basculin as she munched down on what remained of the unsuspecting Remoraid who had swam too close. It was Pisces's third catch that day- she was on a roll for once! It was shaping up to be a good day for Pisces- no Hebenon to hold her back, no Trainer-owned Pokémon for anyone to stop her from eating... nothing but weak yet delicious wild Water-types, all hers for the taking.

"Oh, almost forgot," Keith remarked as he took out a Poké Ball. "Come on out, Dudley," he said, as the ball opened up. In a flash of light, a pale purple Slowpoke materialized, a ring of bright blue stars swirling around him for a brief moment.

"Sloooooow," Dudley said. He looked out at the sea for a minute or two, and then slowly walked towards the water. Once he got close enough, however, he stopped, turned around, and laid himself down on the sand, dipping his tail in the water.

"Youse sure dat's a good idea?" Meowth asked Keith. "Youse do know Pisces is in dere, don'cha?"

"Relax, Meowth," said Keith. "If it comes to that, Dudley can handle Pisces, or at least keep her at bay long enough for me to get her back in her Poké Ball. Also, Pisces has already bitten Dudley's tail once before, and I doubt she'll make the same mistake again- Dudley nearly ate her, and that was when he was new to the team. He's a lot stronger now."

"Ehh, I guess so," Meowth relented.

In the water, Pisces narrowed her eyes in silent fury. She smelled an all-too-familiar aroma- the sweet-smelling sap trickling from the tip of Dudley's tail, the means a Slowpoke uses to lure in prey. That damned Shiny Slowpoke, she could never get a break from him, could she? She did her best to ignore the alluring aroma, remembering only too well how that worked out last time. Instead, she set her sights on a Goldeen, swimming past not too far away.

As Dudley fished, he stuck his head under the water to see what could potentially be on the menu for him today. As he looked, his eyes were drawn to the brutal commotion that was Pisces viciously ripping a Goldeen apart and savagely devouring it. "...Violent lunch... eat Goldeen?" Dudley murmured to himself. "Violent lunch hunt..." He stared at the gruesome melee for a full minute before something appeared to occur to him. "Violent... not lunch," he said. "Violent not lunch hunt like Dudley?" Another minute of silently watching as Pisces devoured the remainder of the Goldeen carcass. "...Dudley try eat violent not lunch," the Shiny Slowpoke remembered. "Dudley owe violent not lunch apology. Maybe... maybe Dudley help violent not lunch hunt."

As these thoughts were occurring to Dudley at the speed of continental drift, Pisces had polished off the Goldeen, and was using the horn to pick out any scraps lodged in her teeth. It was tough for her to use her small fins to work the horn like a toothpick, but when one has a piece of Goldeen meat lodged between one's teeth, it's remarkable the lengths one will go to to dislodge it. Once that was done, she noticed another Pokémon passing by, this one rather small- it was a Krabby, a notoriously small species in and of itself, but this one was most certainly not one of the larger ones. Still, Pisces loved crunchy food, so even though she was getting full, she swam out towards the small soon-to-be snack. As she got close enough, she chomped down on the right pincer.

"EEEEEOOOOWWCH!" screeched the Krabby as it flailed about, trying to detach the Blue-Striped Basculin currently working at the shell with her teeth, determined to bite through. As it sank in that this wasn't working, however, Krabby turned and glared at Pisces, and then started to glow. Pisces didn't let go, but her eyes widened as Krabby changed shape, the pincer she wasn't biting growing extremely large.

"...Poke?" Dudley murmured. He had since pulled his head out of the water, but right now, a freshly evolved Kingler had breached the surface, and was currently executing an obviously painful Vice Grip on Pisces with its large claw.

"Whoa!" Keith exclaimed. "A Kingler?! And it's got Pisces!" Already his Pokédex was out and pointed at the Water-type.

"Kingler, the Pincer Pokémon, and the evolved form of Krabby," droned the device. "Kingler's large claw can pinch with 10,000 horsepower, but is too heavy to wield effectively. It can pry open a Cloyster's shell with ease."

"Violent not lunch... in danger," Dudley murmured, the severity of the situation dawning on him as Pisces launched attacks and swearwords at the Kingler in equal measure, neither succeeding in making it relinquish its grip. "Dudley save violent not lunch," the Shiny Slowpoke said. With that, Dudley wandered onto the beach, and spotted something sticking out of the sand. He walked over to it, and proceeded to clear away the sand with his front legs.

"I got this," Keith stated, holding out a Poké Ball. "Pisces, return!" However, Kingler kept waving its large claw around wildly, trying to squeeze the life out of the Basculin who tried to eat it, which constantly caused the ball's return beam to miss its target.

"Lemme take a crack at dis," Meowth offered, his charm crackling with electricity.

"No!" Keith exclaimed. "If you use Thunderbolt, you'll hurt Pisces too!"

"So wat's da downside?" Meowth asked. Keith shot him a glare, then continued trying to withdraw his Basculin.

"C'mon... C'mon..." he grunted every time the beam missed its target. So focused on this was Keith that he didn't notice Dudley digging in the sand, nor the Shellder he managed to dig up, nor Dudley offering the tip of his tail to the Shellder, who clamped down hungrily. Once Dudley started to glow, however, that got Keith's attention.

"Check it out! Dudley's startin' to evolve!" Meowth exclaimed. Sure enough, the glowing form of the Shiny Slowpoke stood up on his hind legs as the Shellder's form changed, as it grew larger and more conical. And then, the glow faded, revealing a magnificent where a Shiny Slowpoke stood just moments ago. Unlike his Slowpoke form, Dudley was now a vivid shade of blue, and the Shellder on his tail was the color of gold. Amazed, Keith pointed his Pokédex at Dudley.

"Slowbro, a Hermit Crab Pokémon. An evolved form of the Slowpoke," droned the device. "The Shellder attached to its tail lets it walk upright, but prevents it from using the tail to fish anymore."

"Dudley save violent not lunch!" the freshly evolved Shiny Slowbro repeated as he walked into the water and started swimming. The Kingler took notice of the approaching Water/Psychic-type and fired off a Mud Shot. In response, Dudley stopped swimming and proceeded to pull his entire body into the Shellder.

"That's a Withdraw attack!" Keith grinned. "Dudley learned a new move!"

The mud splattered harmlessly against the shell, and before long, Dudley was on the move again. Pisces noticed this, and was bewildered by Dudley's actions.

"Get away!" the Kingler warned Dudley menacingly. "She tried to eat me, she deserves what she's getting!"

"Dudley! Confusion!" Keith commanded.

"Dudley save violent not lunch!" the Shiny Slowbro said for the third time, as his eyes glowed blue. Then, a blue aura formed around Kingler, as the Confusion attack lifted it into the air, forcefully wrenched its claw open, and levitated Pisces into the air and onto the sand while allowing Kingler to collapse in a heap further down the beach. Dudley then swam back to shore as Kingler climbed to its feet and nursed its injured claw.

"Dudley, awesome!" Keith exclaimed as the Shiny Slowbro stepped back onto the sand. "Now use your Zap Cannon attack!"

"Slowbro," Dudley said in response. He opened his mouth, allowing a crackling orb of electricity to form within. Then, the orb fired itself off at the Kingler, and as it made contact, electricity crackled all over Kingler's body. It fell backwards onto the sand, barely stirring- the attack had almost finished it off, and rendered it paralyzed. Satisfied with this, Dudley walked over to where Keith was checking up on Pisces.

"What?" Pisces said aggressively as the Hermit Crab Pokémon drew close.

"Dudley sorry," said Dudley. "Violent lunch not lunch. Dudley want hunt with violent not lunch. Violent not lunch hunt good."

Pisces was stunned by these words, but did not dismiss them, partly because the Slowbro had just saved her life, and partly because she had started to, very, very grudgingly, gain the slightest bit of respect for Dudley as a fellow predator. "Huh," she said. "Well, if you're still as good at hunting now that you can't fish with your tail anymore, I guess it'd be cool to hunt with you sometime. Alright, apology accepted. Hey, what say we start with that Kingler?" she added.

"Dudley want taste Kingler," responded Dudley. With that, the Blue-Striped Basculin and the Shiny Slowbro both headed over towards the barely-conscious Kingler.

"...What just happened?" Keith said, watching as Pisces worked furiously at the Kingler's shell with her teeth.

"Dudley apologized fer tryin' ta eat her," Meowth said. "I tink dey're friends now."

"Wow!" Keith remarked. "Never thought I'd see the day. Well, that's pretty cool. Ooh, that, not so much," he added, turning away as Pisces finally managed to rip off one of the Kingler's arms. "I mean, I've seen enough predatory Pokémon at work that this shouldn't gross me out so much, but still..."

"Yeah, I hear dat," Meowth nodded. With that, rather then watch as his Blue-Striped Basculin and Shiny Slowbro devoured the Kingler, Keith instead opted to let his Trubbish, Ariana, out of her Premier Ball, and play with her. All in all, it all added up to a good day at the beach.

What?  Slowpoke is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro!

*Dudley learned Withdraw!*

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