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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Its that time of the year once again, turkeys cooking, presents probably not working because someone forgot to buy times, you know what else is fun?

Free stuff, here's some free stuff

x3 Mysterious Gummi - Raises IQ of All Types
x3 Red Gummi - Raises IQ of Fire Types
x3 Grass gummi - Raises IQ of Grass Types
x3 Blue Gummi - Raises IQ of Water Types


Blueberry Slushie

Brain Freeze (Ice)
The user emits thin ice type waves from it's mouth, the crystal effect floating towards the opponent, entering through any open pores in their skin. After one round the ice crystals start to attack the brain of the opponent, causing minor damage (the same amount that a confusion would hit). While the crystals attack the brain, the effect of brain freeze makes the opponent have a 10% chance of forgetting the move that was ordered last.
Contest Type (Beauty)
Contest Effect: Makes the last Pokemon to appeal lose <3 <3 <3 appeal points
Originally Posted by Stark View Post
It's Christmas time... So here's to you raise a glass for everyone... Here's to them underneath that burning sun... Let them know that Christmas time is here!

And while you're at it have a few Christmas goodies for yourselves...

This Christmas Candy will give two levels to Ice Type Pokémon, but one level to any other Pokémon. If banked, is worth the equivalent of a regular rare candy.
This Cranberry Juice will give your Pokémon an intelligence boost, helping them to learn an Egg or MT move not yet learned.
This sweet and succulent Cranberry will raise your Pokémon's level by 2. (Expires December 31 2014)
1 x Heart Scale

A choice of one of these special plushies to snuggle with on a cold winter night.

Lapras Plushie ~ When squeezed by your Pokémon it will teach them Ice Beam. Once used, it will revert into a regular plushie.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Merry Merry Christmas

Santa left me a special bag of presents this year and I thought I would share them all with the lovely members of FB ^-^

Inside is a very special item:

This seemingly normal spring of foliage has a special mystic aura that affects whomever kisses underneath it.
~Two of your own Pokemon may exchange a Christmas kiss but they must be of opposing genders
~Both Pokemon gain 3 Levels each
~Both receive 2 Beauty Points each
~The Beauty Contest Stat of each Pokemon raises by 20 (You must post this stat gain for each Pokemon in the Pokespa for final confirmation)
~Each Pokemon will learn one new Egg Move each.

Also in the bag is:

TM Frost Breath
3x Clear Gummi's
3 x Blue Gummi's
3x White Gummi's

Enjoy ^-^
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaaa!
I hope you enjoy these special gifts from me this holiday season.

This Super Pass will reward you with a few little perks in FB's shops on Monday.
This Trading Card Palace Pass will allow you to choose any cards you like to the value of 75,000 coins from any of the currently available Booster Packs and Theme Decks on offer.

And finally, a choice of one of these two lovely Pokéballs:-
(Please only quote the one you wish to keep)

Or this delicious Gingerbread Ball (Works the same as a normal Pokéball but beware!
It is edible so you might want to be very careful about actually housing a Pokémon in it)

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day!

The passes are non-tradeable and expire on 29th December 2014
so please be sure to use them on or before that date.
Latesmas is best mass day.

Picking up these goodies:

x6 Blue Gummis
x3 Clear Gummis
x3 Red Gummis
x3 Grass Gummis
x3 White Gummis

x1 TM Frost Breath
x1 Gingerbread Ball
x1 Super Pass
x1 TCG Pass
x1 Blueberry Slushie (teaches Brain Freeze)

Using the following consumables as follows:

-Taking the Christmas Candy to the bank, as I value its commercial use over two extra levels /grinch
-Feeding the Cranberry to my Level 30 (currently) Duskull, taking her to level 32.
-Using the Cranberry Juice on my Jirachi, teaching him the MT move Water Pulse.

Popping my level 32 Female Duskull and level 5 Male Skrelp under the Mystic Mistletoe to help them get to know each other.

*Lapis used Disable! Skrelp can't move! Lapis floated off with Skrelp!*


Er...well, that happened. Duskull went to level 35, Skrelp went to level 8. Their BPs increased from 0 to 2 (never used that beauty salon :/) and their Beauty stats increased from 0 to 20 (see above <.<').

Duskull learned Haze and Skrelp learned Play Rough. where did those two get off to now? None of my concerns, mind you, just being nosy. I think that's everything now.
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