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~*UPN ~ Because It's AWESOME*~

Trainer Name: Kelly McCormick

Refferee Grade: B

Battles: 41
Wins: 24
Losses: 8
Draws: 4

DQ Wins: 2
DQ Losses: 3

KOs: 71
TPs: 180
SPs: 0

Required For Next Level: 60KOs 114TP


Natal Badge

Purely for reference...


S1 - Free Slot

UPN 1 - [Vs. DavetheFishGuy]
UPN 2 - [Vs. Brandan]
UPN 3 - [Vs. Handymankg2]

Previous Battle Record

Spoiler: show
MCXD [Win] [Serebii] [2-0]
Treepandaone [Loss] [UPNetwork] [1-2]
Mouldy.K [Win] [Serebii] [2-1]
Jonny2Hai [Win] [Serebii] [1-0]
Glacier99 [Win] [Serebii] [2-0]
Lust For Power [DQ Win] [UPNetwork] [1-0]
Spider2611 [Draw] [UPNetwork] [1-1]
Quintowill [Win] [Serebii] [2-1]
Turtle Master [Win] [UPNetwork] [1-0]
IceCold [Win] [UPNetwork] [1-0]
MCXD [Forfeit] [Conclusion Invalid]
Weebos [Loss] [2-3]
Tyranidos [Loss] [1-2]
Quintowill [Win] [2-1]
Ryuusei [Draw] [2-2]
ShadowShocker [DQ Loss] [1-2]
GrJackass [Conclusion Invalid] [1-1]
Concept [Loss] [0-1]
iamDewgong [Win] [1-0]
Spikkle [Conclusion Invalid] [?-?]
Salemencia [DQ Loss] [3-3]
Milotic111 [Loss] [0-1]
DaveTheFishGuy [Draw] [0-0]
ZoraJolteon [Loss] [0-2]
Brandan [Win] [3-0]
Copygoo [Win] [1-0]
Kush [Loss] [0-1]
ShadowShocker [Win] [1-0]
Etheral [Loss] [0-2]
Kindrindra [Win] [1-0]
Etheral [Win] [1-0]
EmpoleonDynamite [Win] [1-0]
Weebos [Win] [1-0]
DreamBreaker [DQ Win] [2-1]
Firewater [Win] [1-0]
DaisyInari [Win] [1-0]
Tyranidos [Draw] [0-0]
Treepandaone [Win] [1-0]
Kusari [Win] [1-0]
EmpoleonDynamite [Win] [1-0]
Sneezy12 [Win] [1-0]
GalladeRocks [Win] [3-0]
DaisyInari [Win] [1-0]

Matches Reffing

Taking a break at the moment.

Completed Reffings

[IceCold Vs Treepandaone]
[Tyranidos Vs Sneasel12] [Ended DQ Round 2]
[MCXD Vs Jamil] [Ended in Forfeit]
[Glacier99 Vs Rangeet]
Spoiler: show

Current Team : 25 / 25
Spoiler: show

[Aoi] [M] [Altaria] (Level Four)
Spoiler: show
Aoi is an eager young Altaria, one of the sweetest on the time. Despite being male he is very proud of his appearance and will not leave the house without preening properly. He holds his pre-evolutions name close to his heart as he feels apon evolution he truely became a beautiful swan.
Despite this it didn't start like this, when he was young, he was considered small and stubby. He lived with a group of Wingull who were stranded on an island in the center of Hoenn. Normally Wingulls are native to coastlines but this particular flock had lost their sense of direction and taken refuge on the route normally native to Swablu and Seviper. Evolution quickly came to the flock and yet they were still drawn to the route, using the various small ponds and lakes dotted around the area to catch stray fish. They were an unusal sight to the Pokemon living in the area, they had never seen anything like it, birds who liked the water. The community of Pokemon there were very closed minded and would often poke fun at the now Pelipper. There was a very apparent rivalry between the Pelipper and Swablus. They for some reason hated each other, perhaps it was the seperation in types, both were flying yet one was normal and bland and the other had a watery world to explore. However, one young Swablu did not show hatred towards the Pelliper but rather, curiosity. Aoi was born in the same generation as the first young the Pellipers had so as the Pelipper's raised there young, so did the Swablu and as such Aoi was raised at the same time as the young Wingulls.
Unlike the rest of them Aoi would not avoid the waters, he would regularly watch the Pelliper swim, chirping happily to them rather than showing the hatred his parents did. In response the Peliper and Wingull considered Aoi a friend. Aoi was very close friends with one Wingull in particular - by the name of Chihaya. The two were almost never seen apart and Chihaya parents would often look over the two to make sure that Aoi's parents did not harm either of them or show anger towards them because they were friends.
Despite having soft cloudy wings Aoi would often join the Pelipper swimming on the lakes. He was fairly poor swimmer but with practise and encouragement from Aoi he improved extremely quickly and learned how to move forward, stay afloat and glide accross the water effortlessly. While his brothers and sisters learned to fly, he learned to swim, ignoring the lessons his parents tried to teach and focusing on earning his water wings.
Even though he refused to fly, prefering to swim, the young Wingull soon also gained the ability of flight, something Aoi had yet to achieve. He tried with all his might but he couldn't maintain flight for more than 10 seconds, even with all his practise. The young bird felt horrible, that is until his friend Chihaya cheered him up, having the same problem the Normal/Flying type had, claiming in chirps that he too prefered to swim and wanted to stay grounded (or waterlogged) with Aoi.
Eventually the two grew together, Chihaya had evolved into a Pelipper and Aoi had remained the same, not able to evolve into his final form. He didn't mind so much, just that Chihaya was now much larger than he was and so was the majority of the generation of Wingull. Even so Aoi remained on the lakes, practising his swimming skills as always, Chihaya by his side as always and his lack of the ability to fly, as always. He didn't mind so much but he did feel isolated from his family, even the Pelipper seemed to be acting differently. There was a sense of unease on the entire route, like something was about to happen.
Happen it did, a young trainer with a strange looking Dragonair had waltzed into the route. She was about the age of 13, her blonde hair tied in a pony's tail and she looked to be searching for something. It seemed she was after to capture one of the young Swablu. Sending out the Dragonair she quickly tracked down one of the young birds, namely Aoi. The Dragonair attempted an Ice Beam which was promptly countered by another Ice Beam, this one came from Chihaya. Who had seen the girl and scrambled to aid his best friend. After a raging battle Chihaya was down, he had fallen to a Thunderbolt from the powerful dragon-type Pokemon. Now the focus was fully on Aoi, with a determined face he raised his body dodging the Dragonairs ice-type attack by ducking to the side. He continued this for a few minutes, dodging, praying the Dragonair would run out of ice-type energy. But she didn't, this Dragonair was different. Finally Aoi was too tired to dodge and took a direct-hit Ice Beam dealing massive damage to the young bird. Glancing weakly over to Chihaya he attempted to get up, but merely flopped back on the floor. The Dragonair began to charge another ice-based attack. Before it could make contact however Aoi started to struggled, putting all his energy into defending him and his friend against the Dragonair before he began to glow. His small body expanded and neck grew. As the light faded he had evolved into an Altaria. The dragonair appeared confident however, now she had an even greater advantage. Aoi, in the end, was no match, though he put up an impressive fight, using moves the girl had seen no Altaria use before. Aoi was captured with ease yet his young friend could not be ignored either. Chihaya looked desperately towards the training, wishing to be together with his best friend. Despite the Dragonairs disgust the trainer also caught the Pelipper and the two remain close, their bond growing as Chihaya cheered Aoi in his matches.
The girl left the route and the route was left two Pokemon short, their parents, having watched the whole thing were both annoyed at the trainer and happy, Chihaya's parents glad they were together however Aoi's held resentment against the girl.
Signature Move
[Dragon of the Lake] - Because of Aoi's history he is now the Dragon/Water type. He takes 200% damage from Dragon-type attacks, takes 100% damage from Grass and Electric thanks to his added water typing and takes 50% damage from Fire, Water and Steel, despite the typings extra resistance to the first two types. He loses all his flying-based attacks bar Twister due to it's dragonic origins. He is unable to Fly completely, which means he is slightly faster on land to prolonged periods spent there, moreso on water due to his time on the lakes. He also loses all his fire-type moves due to his water-type energies causing an inability to access the conflicting fire-type energies. In exchange for losing his Flying attributes he gains the moves Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Water Pulse and Aqua Ring. He also gains the moves Surf and Dive due to his time spent on the lake with the Pelliper, hunting for food requiring a combination of both. Any attacks involving his wings however, take x1.3 energy to perform due to his lack of wing useage, this includes moves like Blizzard which require wing movement to activate and all other attacks required x1.1 energy to perform in comparison to normal.

[Flint] [M] [Aerodactyl] (Level Three)
Flint is a strong and trustworthy Pokemon, known for his strengh and reliability whenever danger is near, especially if that danger involves saving young children from a burning building or taking on giant mechanical Rampardos in attempts to save his son. He was never very talkative and at the loss of his wife and son resorted to searching the mountains daily in attempts to find his missing son. Though because of this he had forgotten about his second son, who, after many hardships, prooved himself to Flint after confronting his own twin. All in all his life has been pretty Strange, Funny, and Heartrending though he soilders on, determined to make a better life for what's left of his family.
Signature Move
Hold Down and Release The B-Button - If this were one of those silly RPGs one would hold down the b-button and release it to send him running forward, smashing head first into whatever he came into contact with. As it is not Flint has learnt the move Head Smash instead.

[Wendy] [F] [Dragonair] (Level Four)
Spoiler: show
Wendy is as fierce as she is cold, she does not like to think of others and does not care for others to think of her. She is not used to kindness and as such will not give it back. This is mostly due to her past which she thinks is much more tragic than anyone elses and thus will not care or pay attention to anyone elses problems in the team.
When she was a young Dratini she lived at the Safari Zone, a perfect idealic place for rare Pokemon to hide, only the most dedicated and therefore respectable trainers would attempt to capture the rare and valuable Pokemon within the depth of the Zone's waters. However this did not always hold true, while respectable trainers did come in and capture the rare dragon-type Pokemon, hunters and collectors still made their way through the Safari gates, threw down their equipment and started fishing in hopes the rare snake-like Pokemon would bite.
At this age Wendy was young and curious, she wanted to be captured yet she wanted to play 'hard to get' in a sense. She would look sneakily above the waters to see who was fishing before deciding if she would 'bite' or not. Many nerdy trainers would come by and drop a line but she would pay them little to no attention, she wanted a high-flying trainer who looked like they actually meant buisness instead of just catching her and throwing her in the box until they felt like evolving her.
Days passed at a time and her waiting produced no results, until one day, a very respectable looking and rich trainer sat down on the bank and started to fish. She popped her head above the water very slightly and examined the man, he looked rich and he looked like he knew what he was doing. Wendy was impatient, she wanted a trainer very badly by this point and would take just about anyone. But this man, to her, looked perfect, so she did as she had planned over the years, tugged on the line causing the man to reel her in instantly, throwing a Safari Ball in delight and praying that it would stay still. He was over the moon when it was succesful, so quickly too. With a grin he sprinted out instantly, handing back the remaining Pokeballs to the women at the counter and dashing out. Releasing his Pidgeot he flew back to Cinnabar Island and burst into what Wendy assumed to be his house. It was, smaller than she had expected but he seemed excited to have caught her so she felt smug about her ability to choose a trainer.
However her smugness left her as the man handed her Pokeball to a boy, a young boy about the age of ten who, although seemed even more excited to have her than the older man had in catching her, looked as if he had just started his Pokemon adventure. She found this to be true as the young trainer called out his Squirtle that he had only got a few weeks prior. Expecting to be released to at least meet this other she was left slightly disapointed as the trainer skipped out, brothers Soul Badge safely pinned to his jacket and jumped into the water holding onto the young Squirtle as he began his way off to the Seafoam Islands. Wendy heard him mumble something about his brother and how he would be mad if he knew he was there but he and the squirtle just snickered slightly as the two hit dry land and entered the cave. A few seconds and a few steps in a wild Seel attacked them, in response the boy sent out his squirtle in response. The seel had no problem taking the weak low leveled squrtle down as it attempted to tackle his opponent. Seeing this the boy cringed in fear as the sea-lion Pokemon approached him. Despite it's cute appearance he didn't like the look of it's horn. In desperation the boy sent out Wendy. He had little to no clue how to use the dragon-type so ordered her to do whatever she pleased. Wendy herself had no idea either what she could even do so she just stood her ground whilst quickly mulling over an escape plan, turning to her 'trainer' with hopeful eyes. Her trainer however wasn't there, he had grabbed the young Squirtle and ran out the cave, leaving her to take the full force of an Aurora Beam, barely surviving the Super Effective blow. She got up, albeit weakly and stared back at the Seel who lowered his head once more, dealing the final blow knocking her out completely.
When she woke up she began to shiver, curling up on herself in attempts to warm her body, however, she noticed she was laying in what looked like a bed of ice on a raised platform, water either side of it. She looked around quickly, her body numb and her eyes drooping back down once more, she noticed various blue feathers at random intervels, it was apparently whatever creature had lived on it's rock no longer lived her. Wearily slithering her way accross to the feathers she used her tail to gather them together, in attempts to gain warmth from them but to no avail, the feathers themselves were ice-cold as she soon found out, as ice formed accross her body by merely touching them for too long. She threw them into the water in panic. Sighing, body still numb from the cold, her core temperature dropping she was resigned to her fate, curling up she closed her eyes a final time and got ready to slip into her final slumber.
However death did not come to the young Dratini as she woke up, huddled next to a group of Seel and Dewgong who were also sleeping on the bed that had once belonged to a legendary Pokemon. Although their bodies were cold they produced some warmth for the young Dratini who nuzzled into one, despite her body remaining cold.
As luck would have it the Seel that had knocked her out had taken pity on the young Dratini and had granted her a second chance at life. However, being ice-types they too were cold and only did what they could to keep her alive. They took no pity on her weakness to ice and forced her to adapt to the conditions rather than letting her leave to warmer climates. Her body over the years began to adapt to the cold and although it was still painful to her dragon-side she soon began to tolerate the cold as much as she could at least.
Surfing the islands I had come in expecting to capture a water-type, I had not expected to encounter Wendy. A Dratini is a cave like this? I had to, it was a given, I weakened her as much as I could but was surpised that my Lotad's ice-attacks weren't as effective against the Dratini as it should have been. None the less I caught her and added the Dratini to my team.
Apon evolution I noticed something different about her. She seemed to have much more weaknesses than a normal Dragonair and yet, somewhat liked the cold. Her wings seemed to sparkle with ice-like energy, although entirely cosmetic reminded me of a bird I had once seen.
She was stubborn to say the least and had a resentment to trainers in general. It took a while for her to even get used to me but when she did she became a valued member of the team, depsite her apathetic demeanor.

Signature Move
Below Freezing [Type Change] - Due to Wendy's path she is now the Dragon/Ice type. She takes 200% damage from Dragon, Fighting, Rock and Steel whilst taking 100% from Fire and Ice. She loses all her Fire moves in the process due to her lowered body-temperature but due to this gains the moves Sheer Cold. Due to her time spent with Seels and Dewgong she also picked up on the moves Aurora Beam and Ice Shard. She cannot evolve due to the typing going against her partially Flying evolution.

[Kenny] [M] [Absol] (Level Four)

Kenny, unlike most Absol, has a tendancy to get killed. A lot. He lacks the ability to dodge misfourtunate events that most Absol posses, at least, most of the time. Though he has an uncany ability to come back from the dead. Though the latter half is mostly due to a Pokemon Center visit though he does have some strange luck.
Signature Move
Oh My God, You Killed Kenny - Kenny has the ability to die in many ways. Perhaps being smashed by a Rock Slide or incinerated by Blast Burn. Or struck by Thunder (well, lightning) maybe even crushed by a Snorlax. He does however, have a very good tendency to psych people out. Just when you think he is going to die, he doesn't and instead is killed by something much larger and far more comical. As such, attacks that do under a Thunderbolt of damage cannot kill Kenny in the same vein as Charizard and Swellow/Tailows species characteristics. It essentially means he may survive one more attack than he normally would. However if an attack that is a Thunderbolt or stronger damage-wise he will faint straight away as normal. If he is hit with two attacks under a Thunderbolts damage he will also faint as he may only survive one attack longer than he normally would.
In exchange he loses Absols natural ability to sense disaster and strong attacks, as, let's face it, it's far more comical if he dies that way than from a Hidden Power.

[Ninten] [M] [Lanturn] (Level Three)
Ninten is a strange fish, he has always loved both the sea and the land, battling in both words gives him a rush. However, being a fish out of water on land makes fighting extremely difficult and uncomfortable. So, seeking help from his team mate Aoi, who had experience in battling on both land and water. The difference between them however was obvious, once being a bird who could walk on the ground and the other a legless fish. However, talking to another team mate soon solved part of his problem. Despite being old Wes helped greatly in explaining how his electo magnetic physics worked. Being an electric type he could utilize this somewhat by creating electrical fields. However it was not perfect, he still wasn't comfortable outside of water. So he refered back to his friend Aoi, who would often use the move Aqua Jet. Then the Chinchou had the idea to utilize the two moves to fight on land.
Signature Move
Land Lubba - On land Ninten can levitate in the same manner as a Magnemite (species characteristics) with similar height restrictions and ascention speeds, utilizing a natural excess energy to create the magnetic field. Because of being out of the water as well as in the water he now takes 75% from fire attacks rather than 50% when battling outside of a body of water.

[Chirin] [M] [Ampharos] (Level Three)
Chirin has always been a curious Mareep, he always tends to stray away from the group and do his own thing in his own little world. In battle he is very arrogant and won't take no for an anwser in any situation. This gained him the position of Claus' rival almost instantly, the two tend to fight at any given moment. The one thing that defines his name however is the small bell hanging around his neck. A precious trinket that Chirin has always carried around since capture. Previously he had dragged it along but now it has been tied carefully around the him.
Signature Move
Melancholy Of The Ringing Bell - Chirin's bell was always a burden, especially as a small Mareep - it would always reveal his location. The small sheep-like Pokemon certainly didn't like this homing device round his neck but it was always too precious to take off, even if it did prevent him from his daily dose of reckless adventuring. Sadly the bell itself was lost in an accident before capture, memories of the bell's use still lingers to when he would use it to run an electrical current through it to produce a high enough frequency to make a potent attack of it. However, with this memory in mind the sheep has managed to find a way to produce this sound without the use of the bell but rather his own vocal chords. Of course, this still involved the running of electricity near such a vital 'organ' so to speak but with regulation and a slightly higher knowledge of the workings of sound waves he has managed to pull it off. This has allowed him to use an attack with a similar frequency as Hyper Voice. Though not as loud as the attack his voice produces a high enough frequency to damage all who hear it the same amount as a Hyper Voice would with a x2 multiplier. However, the sound is restricted to be used only on Pokemon with sensitive hearing making it far less potent than it may first appear. Energy use for this move is x1.5 a Hyper Voice and can only be used once per battle due to the risk it involves on Chirin's vocal chords, keeping it to one use per battle allows for careful regulation of the attack itself.

[Miss Marshmallow] [F] [Mawile] (Level Three)

Miss Marshmallow is a strange Mawile, she has over-protective tendancies. If she is given an item she will defend with her life. She also has an affinity for biting into anything, especially metal and steel. The rest of the team know not to mess with her of fear of causing her entering 'super ticked off mode' of which she goes on a muderous rampage. Though this isn't the main problem with her. Constant biting has caused her jaw muscles to increase and become abnormally powerful. This is her defense mechanism for protecting whatever precious item she has in-trusted with. She has continued to practise her biting attacks to assure her jaw is powerful enough to fend off any intruders daring to steal her treasure.
Special Training
Lock-Jaw - Constant biting has caused Miss Marshmallow's jaw's power to increase dramaticly. Now all biting based attacks Miss Marshmallow has learned does x2 damage. Although strengthened it also has caused some problems. Each time she uses a biting based attack she yields a 30% chance her jaw will essentially dislocate itself causing it to clamp shut for the rest of the battle, this means all biting attacks reliant on her jaw will be off-limits. With increased power comes increased energy use and in result it takes x1.5 more energy to use her biting attacks.

[Pollyana] [F] [Raichu] (Level Three)
You can call her Pollyana, say she's crazy as a loon. She believes in silver linings and that's why she believes in you. Always optimistic and happy-go-lucky. She knows full well her beliefs are unrealistic in this day and age but she believes in them anyway, no matter how crazy others think she is. She's always had a strong belief in the Pokemon Ho-oh and hopes one day to meet him at the end of the rainbow. She can be awkwardly cheesy at times but there's not much we can do. She's gonna be this way her life through. She still believes in miracles and swears she's seen a few and the time will surely come when you can see her point of view. She believes in second chances and that's why she believes in you.
Signature Move
Belief Of Morning Sun - Wish style, Pollyana wishes and believes that the sun will shine once more to provide her with some health restoration. The attack follows the same rules as the move 'Return' to determine how much energy, health and time the attack takes. When Pollyana is in an extremely good mood, this can be compared to the mood required for a high powered Return, healing is x2 that of a Morning Sun, consuming x2 the energy and taking 1-4 seconds to pull off. When her mood is quite neutral the restoration is x1.5 and energy use still remains at x2. This takes slightly longer at 5-7 seconds. Finally, if Pollyana has in a bad mood the attack only heals x1 of a Morning Sun and consumes x1.5 the energy but takes 7-10 seconds to perform. When performing the move she is open and if attacked during this time her mood will drop dramaticly and her enthusiasm will take a huge blow resulting in her moves effectiveness reducing by 50% for the rest of the round and next round. After the attack is complete she enters a state of pure joy which means she's more likely to get hit until the round she used the move on ends. Of course, like synthesis, the limit to healing is 1/4 of maximum health overall and can only be used once per battle.

[Pokey] [NG] [Metang] (Level Four)
Pokey is hands down one of the most selfish bratty Pokemon you'll ever meet. He won't do anything unless it yields a massive benifit to himself. Not to mention he is extremely manipulative and normally hides behind other more powerful Pokemon to back him up. Ironically it usually works. The majority of the team despise him apart from two. Miss Marshmallow, who follows and picks after him like a maid and Claus who has fallen for his tricks.
Special Training
Manipulative Means - By nature Pokey is self-centered and never to be trusted and most Pokemon know to avoid him. Of course he has found ways around this by picking up a few techniques. Pokey can now use the moves Taunt, Torment, Swagger, Faint Attack and Fake Tears, all means of annoying and manipulating his opponent, even lulling them into a false sense of security. All of which take x1.5 energy and yield a 20% chance of failing completely which will disgruntle him for the remainder of the round thus making him less focused on task and more likely to ignore orders similar to the effects of Swagger without the attack boost. He is also limited to one means of insulting/manipulating per battle, meaning, if he uses Taunt/Torment/Swagger, he may not use either Faint Attack/Fake Tears in the same battle. The reverse being also true. In addition, Fake Tears has an added 10% chance of failing due to the fact Pokey is inorganic and thus cannot cry making his little charade less convincing at times.

[Wes] [NG] [Magneton] (Level Four)
Wes is an extremely old Magnemite, dating back to the day's when there was no such thing as those fancy 'speciel defense' stats or TMs exceeding 50 and all they had back in those days was good old fashioned Pokeballs, none of your fancy, Quick Balls or Love Balls or whatever you young'uns call them. He remembers being a thief back in those day, extremely skill with bombs of the electrical variety, however those days had passed as had his stupid idiot of a son who had somehow got himself lost. In any case, he was stuck in the Kanto Powerplant for an extremely long time, odds being against him meaning that not a single one of the millions of random encouters in the Plant were him. Though living there for said long time has caused him to be extremely protective over his teritory. If any of the younger Magenemites got too close he would attempt to attack them or get them to leave him along by shouting, 'gosh darn kids, get off my side of the plant.' Which of course worked to no avail. As such he spent most of his time in a corner of the plant, scheming ways to get back at those annoying kids, especially for claiming he belonged in a retirement home, the nerve of them.
Signature Move
Scheming Befuddlement - Wes may be old but all his plotting to find an advantage over the younger generation has granted him the ability to use Nasty Plot.

[Wataru] [M] [Dewott] (Level Three)
Wataru is a peppy and optimistic young Oshawott who always looks on the bright side of life for the most part. He has a certain despise over Dragonair's however due to almost losing his best friend to one in his time on the contest circuit. However, contests weren't for him so he quickly got into battling where he found his favourite moves. He soon learned he could use his shell in his attacks but only certain attacks. He practised these moves over and over again and soon his skill in them increased steadily. Having a slight case of OCD he felt the need to return his shell to his chest after every attack, even between two shell-blade based attacks. He has taught himself how to do this so quickly he doesn't even notice he does it... until he gets the shell stuck, it takes a while to unfree it.
Signature Move
Samurai in Training - Wataru's 'Slashing' moves, ones that use his 'Shell Blade' (Air Slash, Night Slash, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, X-Scissors) deal x2 their normal damage for a cost of x2 their normal energy. However, Wataru has a 30% chance on getting his shell stuck on his chest once he finishes the attack and replaces the shell. This means he can no longer use the afformentioned moves for the rest of the battle.

[Derpy Fins] [Stunfisk] (Level Three)
In appearance, derpy may look rather silly, though this is almost always overshadowed by the fact her species looks pretty darn derpy to begin with. Her eyes are often out of focus, each eye looking in a different direction giving her a rather derpy look. Despite this she loves to swim in the depths of the ocean, albeit she is rather clumsy whilst doing it. She also loves muffins apparently, or so the other squad members seem to tell me.
Signature Move
Water You Looking At - Stunfisk's may be naturally more resilient to water than most ground types but Derpy has taken this one step beyond. She now takes 100% damage to all water attacks. This is due to prolonged periods in the deep sea, moreso than most of her species. In exchange however she takes 150% from Steel type attacks due to, again, her time under the sea. Where most electric types are normally found near machines or some form of steel to build up a basic resistance to it. Derpy was not granted the same advantage.

[Oshoe] [M] [Sableye] (Level Four)
Oshoe is a fairly old Sableye and very well educated. Although he was caught later on in my ASB career it was clear he had a lot more experience than most of my squad. He also seemed to have affinity for music, the piano and ragtime especially. Though his wisdom is usually counteracted by the fact he assumes he is the king of a castle and kingdom of his own name. Most of the team ignore this babbling. Though one such bragging that couldn't be ignored was his claim to be able to destroy all Psychic-types that dare cross his path. This was proven incorrect at the hands of Concept's Slowking. He won't let it die, though he blames the ordering of Thunder Wave, a move he cannot use for his loss. As such he searched for a way to get back, deciding to learn blocking and disabling attacks to make sure no Psychic-type can avoid is Fully Charged Shadow Ball of doom.
Signature Move
Ensarement - Oshoe can now use the move Thunder Wave thanks to some training from my teams electric types, assisted by his natural access to the energy-type. Restricted by his species limited pool of electric-energy.

[Raimundo] [M] [Skarmory] (Level Four)
Raimundo is an arrogant Skarmory caught on the coast of Brazil. He was found skimming accross the waves, a suprising place for a Skarmory to lurk. He was known as a nusiance to the local surfers who would often get knocked off by the wings he produced and he was also known for summoning storms and controlled hurricanes in the ocean. He clearly had talent but that talent was untapped and used purely on mischief.
Signature Move
Wudai Star Wind - Raimundo can now use the move Hurricane due to his natural affinity for creating winds.

[Lucas] [M] [Electabuzz] (Level Three)
Spoiler: show
Lucas was always the odd one out as an Elekid, despite having a loving mother, a strong father and a rather mischevous older twin brother he would still remain quite quiet. His residence - the Kanto Power Plant, far from the situation his namesake found himself in. He was surrounded by electricity, high tech devices and the constant buzzing of his excitable sibling. Unlike most Pokemon, the family would often move around a lot, despite running the risk of being caught by trainers. His mother was extremely protective and father extremely cautious and strong, able to fend off even the strongest of trainers with relative ease. Their traversing brought them to Pallet Town, home to various members of their family caught by trainers in Professor Oak's lab. It was a relatively safe place to visit considering most Pokemon there were assumed to be already caught and the tabs being kept on them were not strict, at least, not until they were called back inside for the night. The family would visit Lucas's grandfather relatively often, an elder Electrivire with an odd sense of humor which often stunk a bit too literally for their tastes. Regardless, it had become an annual trip they would make around the time of the boys birthdays and the townsfolk had become accustomed to seeing the traveling pack of two Elekid's, an Electabuzz and Elektrivire wandering around town, heading for the research lab. It really wasn't anything new to them. Just south of the town's research lab was the ocean, a large clear blue body of water as far as the eye could sea. For Lucas, going anywhere near it wasn't at all tempting, he'd rather stay as close to his mother as possible. But on this trip his older brother's curiosity had got the better of him, slipping away sneakily to mess around in the shallow waters. Seeing his brother run off Lucas chased after him, his parents non the wiser to their two sons sudden disappearance. Lucas edged closer in attempts to reach his brother, to at least explain what a bad idea he thought it was for them to be out there but one little slip and he too was in the water. This wouldn't worry him on most occasions, the electric type was a strong swimmer but not even his swimming strength could help him keep his head above the surface of the water as a strong undercurrent pulled him under. He wasn't sure what had happened, where Claus was or where he was for that matter, let alone if he was still alive. All he knew was he was being stared at by strange alien creatures, at least, that's what he thought. As his eyes began to focus he realized that the creatures weren't exactly aliens... and that he was at least alive. They were Pokemon... but not of any species he'd seen before. Human in shape their cheeks looked like a Pikachus but they had fluffy purple hair either side of their head and strange curled shoes. He knew one thing, they had saved him. He got up weakly and at once the group of strange mime-like Pokemon gathered round him with interest. He began to panic as their bodies drew closer, it was unnerving, they were strange and he was alone. One walked forward as the others backed away. It looked like it had a strange fascination with the Elekid. The one that had walked forward raised a hand causing Lucas to shrink back immediately but not fast enough to avoid having it's hand pressed gently against his forehead. He was shaking but soon relaxed, he wasn't in pain, he felt a rather nice relaxing feeling take over him, a wave of tiredness overcoming him yet, he didn't feel like he could fall asleep. The mime smiled, quickly apologizing for her... or his rude behavior (Lucas really couldn't tell) explaining how she... or he.... was correct, that the boy did have an odd aura about him, hidden potential yet to be unlocked and claimed it had unlocked it for him. Lucas looked puzzled but the group only laughed, reassuring him not to worry and offering him what looked like the Pokemon equivalent of makeshift tea. The Mr. Mime's allowed the boy to recover before listening to his story and shook their head sadly as he mentioned his brother, explaining he had been the only Elekid they'd seen. There wasn't much else said after that, the Mr Mime's had seen him off and directly him back to Pallet Town, avoiding the pulling current. He searched the line of water he had just pulled himself out of but found no trace of his brother. At least not until he felt his body hit the ground. He looked up to see the older Elekid grinning, helping him up, explaining that he was worried sick. How long had he been gone? Mere hours it seemed, apparently his Dad was furious but his Mum calmed him down. On reuniting all three of them were just glad the young electric-type was safe. His mother making him promise he'd stay close and scolding Claus for running off in the first place.
They visited their grandfather as planned but Lucas couldn't help but wonder what the Mr Mime's had meant by untapped potential being unlocked, he pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind and decided to just enjoy his time with his family. That's all that really mattered to him.
Little did he know the powers that would soon awaken in him and that he would soon learn.

Signature Move
PK - Lucas is now the Electric/Psychic type with all the weaknesses and resistance that go with it. Due his dislike of violence and fighting he has lost the moves Brick Break, Submission, Low Kick, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Seismic Toss, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm and Rolling Kick. His fighting energy reserves are equal to that of a normal-type. Though has aquired the moves Mirror Coat, Zen Headbutt, Heal Pulse and Extrasensory, which he discovered over time as his strength and level increased. He cannot however manipulate objects with Psychic, he may only use the Psychic wave variation. Due to his new found abilities after evolving into Electabuzz Lucas can no longer evolve. In addition, due to his Psychic abilities he has focused less on his physical strength, meaning all physical attacks Lucas performs requires x1.5 more energy than normal and deals only x0.8 the normal damage.

[Voltenso] [M] [Electrike] (Level Three)
Voltenso has always seen himself as 'awesome' and 'laid-back' in his own words if he could speak. He's fairly lazy although won't back down from a fight and always makes poor Pokepuns surrounding heat and how that if they can't take the heat wave they should stay out of the kitchen, much to the despair of the rest of the team. Volt was trained specifically to be a police dog, of sorts. He could never quite live up to the Growlithes of the police squad, he figured it to be mostly because of his lack of fire power. However, he had plenty firepower. He was sure he had so many fire moves but the problem was, he didn't have the energy to perform enough of them, so a bit of self-help training was in order.
Signature Move
Get Some Fire Power - Voltenso is familiar with fire-energy in the same way a Golduck is familiar with Psychic or a pure Water-type is familiar with ice. He naturally stores more fire energy in his body assisted by his natural ability to use fire-type moves. As such he may no longer use Ice Fang, Spark, Wild Charge, Electro Ball, Body Slam and Rain Dance but gains the move Heat Wave.

[Sam] [M] [Cubone] (Level Two)
Sam isn't the most sociable of Cubone, not that any of their species is really known for it but he keeps himself to himself most of the time. His mother and father, unlike most Cubone are very much alive. Although he'd hate to admit it he's extremely grateful for this but it didn't mean he doesn't get into trouble at times and when he does he gets mad, very mad. So mad he smashes his bone into the ground and creates an Earthquake. A problem his mother had to deal with personally. She taught him to control his rage and use it in battle rather than out of anger.
Signature Move
Bonequake - Sam has the potential to use an Earthquake that deals x2.0 normal damage and uses x1.5 the normal energy when ordered to use a 'Bonequake'. This technique follows the same rules as Earthquake apart from it directly uses Sam's bone with much greater force than a normal Earthquake and slightly faster. In exchange however he has a 30% chance of damaging his arm temporarily in such a way that will reduce his physical attack strength to 50% till the end of the match and will be unable to use any bone-based attacks whatsoever or attacks that may require his bone to deal the bulk of the damage at the referee's discretion. Even if the attack does not have the debilitating effect the sheer force will reduce Sam's physical attack strength by 10%. This move may only be used once per match.

[Rowan] [M] [Eelektrik] (Level Four) (Level Up)
Rowan had always been a hardworking Pokemon, even as his days as a Tynamo, working day in day out in what one could call the closest thing to a Pokemon mine. He was used to living in very adverse conditions underground, a rarity for his species and for electric-types in general, he had to suffer through Earthquakes, Mudslides and various other natural occurrences that happened throughout his lifetime. Though when he came out from underground for the first time he found the wind to be particularly painful, not used to being exposed to it and lost his natural resistance to flying-moves as a result, in fact, he had changed from resistant to weak.
Signature Move
Level Playing Field - Rowan now takes 100% from ground attacks rather than 200%, however he now takes 200% from flying attacks which once only dealt 50%. His resistance to steel has also gone from 50% to 100% due to the lack of metals in the mines to gain his resistance from.

[Stacey] [F] [Garvantula] (Level Three)
Stacey has always been slightly smaller than the average Garvantula, even with her increased size upon evolution it was clear from a stage that she wasn't going to get any bigger. As a result she became more frail and less able physically than most, which lead her to sharpen her special attacking skills instead.
Signature Move
Conservation of the Smallest - Stacey takes 10% more damage from physical attacks than normal and deals 10% less damage and takes 10% more energy to use her own physical attacks but in return, has focused her special attacks in doing 30% more damage than normal at only 20% more energy than normal.

[Francis] [M] [Clefable] (Level Four)
Signature Move

[Rurynn] [M] [Houndoom] (Level Four)
Signature Move

[Claus] [X] [Rotom] (Level Three)
Signature Move

[Oliver] [M] [Poliwag] (Level Two) [Uplevel]
Signature Move

[Nichol] [M] [Volbeat] (Level Two)
Signature Move

[Angie] [F] [Shieldon] (Level Two)
Signature Move


PASBL Profile
W - L - D - (DQ)
24 (2) - 8 (3) - 4
B Grade Ref
71KOs 162 TPs -0 SPs
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Kush: 4.25 SP
Dave: 0.25 SP

Fizzy Bubbles Profile

Party - PC
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Claus; () lvl 100 Katherine; () lvl 18 Jun; () lvl 53
Cumulus; () lvl 50 Lucas; () lvl 14 Carmen; () lvl 8
Denny; () lvl 21 Akito; () lvl 18 Maya; () lvl 5
Pippi; () lvl 28 Matthew; () lvl 16 Agito; () lvl 3
Amber; () lvl 1

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