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And now is the time of year to say... Feliz Navidad! For ASB's own festivities, if you desire to add a bit more glitter and sparkle to your celebrations, why not buy the Candymaker's Token, now on sale for 10 SP for the following week. Try not to get stuck by it!

Candymaker's Token (10 SP) - The Candymaker's Token drips with syrupy sweet sugar and hums with the pleasant aroma of fresh baked poffins. It can be attached to Fairy-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The bearer will become acutely attuned to almost any arena and use techniques which manipulate the environment for half the usual energy cost and with much greater effectiveness than usual. Techniques which aid an allied Pokémon are similarly diminished in cost and enhanced in effect. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fairy type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
In line with this, we're updating the Fairy Type Characteristic since some people have asked for it. Now as follows:

[Fairy]: Fairy-types are generally pure hearted and gregarious. They prefer natural environments and will fight more enthusiastically in them, though they can fight in urban environments. Any attack used by a Fairy-type which manipulates the environment is slightly more effective owing to the magical energies involved and attacks which boost allied Pokémon is slightly more effective at providing a buff. They are immune to the damaging effects of Dragon-typed energy.
In addition that, we're also putting the Sculptor's Token back on sale! Once again for 10 SP and for the next week, its details can be found only a few posts up from this time last year.

Next, trainers can purchase one pack of squad slots for half the usual SP. But just one!

The final offer is that trainers can buy one half-price Legend Challenge match.

Finally, for the next two weeks, all matches that start on SPPf will net double SP for the refs.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Cheerful Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays!

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