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A Christmas Miracle

"It's already Christmas Eve" Jake thought was he laid upon his bed.
"So much for the most wonderful time of the year"
He watched as his pokemon talked and played with each other in the base. Whispers of Christmas presents could be heard from almost every pokemon, until....

"He is real!" Bagel shouted.
The Emolga, Bagel was talking to sighed.
"Nope Santa is most certainly not real"
The Axew stormed off towards Jake. Once reaching the bedside, Bagel jumped up until she was right next to Jake.
"J-jake?" Bagel stuttered"
"What is it Bagel?"
"S-santa is real, r-right?"
Jake paused for a couple seconds, not knowing what to say. Finally he spoke up. "Sorry Bagel, but Santa isn't real...."
"I-I knew it" The Axew replied before jumping back down onto the floor.

Jake glanced at the clock, it was 11:15pm, where did the time go?
"Alright everyone it's bed time." Jake called to everyone before returning them to there pokeballs one by one. Finally he got to Bagel.
"Nighty-nighty Bagel"
"J-jake wait!" Axew cried
"What's wrong Bagel?"
"I-I'm scared, I-I want to sleep out here with you and Willbert!"
"Umm, ok that's fine"
"Yay! Thank you so much!" Bagel exclaimed, before curling up beside the Snorunt and dozing off
Jake glanced down at the two pokemon, fast asleep. He smiled before turning out the lights and jumping into bed.

He stared at the roof for what must have been hours, unable to fall asleep.
"Jake, what's the matter?"
Jake nearly had a heart attack, he immediately jumped up to see who was there. It was Willbert!
"S-sorry about that, didn't mean to scare you!"
"N-no need to apologize Willbert, what do you need?"
"I-I've noticed you haven't been getting much sleep lately" Willbert confessed
"O-oh, you've noticed?"
The Snorunt nodded. "W-what's keeping you up?"
Jake sighed. "I-it's just that, ever since that incident with my dad, everything in the life has just went to s*it"
Willbert nodded "I guess so....."
"I mean six of my pokemon were kidnapped a year ago and I haven"t been able to do anything!"
Wilbert cringed. "Yeah, I really hope they're ok...."
"It also doesn't help that everyday I fear of getting arrested for defending myself"
"I heard that the case went cold......" Willbert replied
"I'm still guilty of murder, and it makes me feel awful..."
Jake realized he was crying, he quickly wiped them away so Willbert wouldn't see. "Well I best be trying to get some sleep, night Willbert.
"Umm, night?" Willbert responded, confused at how quick the conversation ended.

By some miracle Jake finally managed to doze off, but it wasn't long until he was woken by a loud crash.
"W-what was that?!" Jake yelled as he looked around the room.
Nothing, everything was where it should be...
"W-what's going on?"
Jake turned to see Bagel and Willbert fully awake.
"You guys heard that sound, right?" Jake asked.
The two pokemon nodded.
"I think it came from outside, follow me"
Only in his pajamas and a light coat, Jake and his two pokemon went out in the chilly morning air.
They hadn't gone far when they spotted a sleigh.
"W-what's that?" Willbert asked.
"I think it's a sleigh....." Jake replied before running towards it.
Once the three had arrived they discovered they weren't the only ones there.
"Wait, are those Stantler?" Bagel asked
"I think they are, what is going on?!"
"I don't know Willbert, but standing here won't help, let's look around" Jake said before investigating the sleigh.
"So, who's the owner of this sleigh?" Bagel wondered
"Ho Ho Ho, and what brings you here?"
Bagel and Willbert turned around to see...
"Santa!" Bagel exclaimed before running over to the man.
Hearing the commotion, Jake quickly ran over and grabbed Bagel.
"Bagel, that's not Santa, Santa isn't real!"
Jake then looked the man in the eyes.
"W-what do you want with my pokemon?!"
The man laughed a jolly laugh. "Ho Ho Ho of course I'm Santa!"
"N-no you aren't, Santa isn't real!"
"What makes you say that Jake?" Santa asked
"B-because of last year, because my last Christmas I was left alone and afraid, and if Santa was real he wouldn't watch and move on!"

Willbert watched as Santa's face dropped, wasn't Santa always supposed to be jolly? He looked, disapointed.....
"Jake, I'm so sorry, I wish I could make it up too you..."
"Then bring my pokemon back, I want my pokemon back"
"I wish I could Jake, but I'm in kind of a pickle..." Santa trailed off
"W-what's wrong?" Bagel asked
"I-I was flying in my sleigh, w-when the sleigh was attacked by a murder of Murkrow."
"T-the sleigh seems fine..." Willbert said.
"It's not the sleigh that was damaged, the bag holding all the presents was!"
"What do you want me to do about it?" Jake asked
"The bag was taken into the forest, I need you to get it for me!"
"Why can't you do it?" Willbert asked
"Ho, ho, ho, I wish I could, but I need to get everything for the next takeoff"
"Sure....." Jake said before rolling his eyes.
"I really need your help Jake, I need you to save Christmas!"
"This is ridiculous!" Jake yelled
"Please Jake, I need your help!" Santa pleaded.
"Fine! I'll try and find your stupid bag!" Jake exclaimed before storming into the cottage to get some proper clothes on. Within five minutes Jake was ready to go.
With a flashlight in one hand and six pokeballs clipped to his belt Jake headed out into the woods.

"So, where do we start?" Bagel asked
"I don't know, I don't really care" Jake responded
"Why not?" Willbert asked
"Because I'm not even sure that's really Santa!"
"O-of course it is, that's Santa!" Bagel exclaimed
"Shhh!" Jake whispered
"What is it?" Willbert asked
"I hear someone" Jake responded
Sure enough someone else was in the woods, murmuring something that Jake couldn't quite make out.
"This way" Jake motioned to his pokemon as he walked towards the source.
Eventually they came to a clearing.
"Well that was quick, there it is!" Willbert whispered, pointing to the bag just ahead. "Yes, yes! I've struck it rich!" A man cackled as he circled around the bag. "Here goes nothing" Jake muttered before walking towards the man.

"Umm excuse me, that's my bag!" Jake exclaimed.
The man turned to face the teen.
"T-too bad, it's mine now, I-i'm rich, I'm rich!"
"F-fine since I'm such a nice guy, I'll give it too you, on one condition"
"What is that?"
"You battle me, it'll be a 2vs2 match, winner takes this bag, hahahaha" The man cackled once more.
"I guess I'll do it then, Willbert, Bagel you can stop hiding now"
"A-are you sure about this Jake?" Bagel asked.
"It's our only way, let's do this!"
"Electabuzz let's go!" The strange man exclaimed, sending out the electric pokemon.
"An Electabuzz? Ok then Sprout let's go!" Jake shouted before sending out the Flycatcher pokemon.

"Electabuzz use Leer, then go in for a Low Kick and then an Electro Ball!" The strange man ordered

"Sprout use Growth, then when Electabuzz gets close, use Sleep Powder, finally go for a Sludge Bomb!"

Electabuzz started the match off an intimidating leer, leaving Sprout wide open to physical attacks. Sprout meanwhile started gathering energy, causing her to grow in size and increase the power of her attacks. Electabuzz then went in for a Low Kick, but before landing the kick, Sprout managed to launch a cloud of spores in it's face. The Electric Pokemon tried to keep it's eyes open, but couldn't and ending up falling asleep.

"Way to go Sprout!" Jake cheered.
"No, Electabuzz wake up!" The man urged for it to get up.
Taking her chance, Sprout fired off a powerful Sludge Bomb and landed a critical hit on the Electabuzz.

"Alright Sprout, use Cut, follow up with a Giga Drain and finish it with a Vine Whip!" Jake commanded.

"Electabuzz, wake up, you've got to wake up!" The man cried.

But Electabuzz didn't wake up and was soon subjected to a sharp Cut from Sprouts leafs. Finally, after having it's energy drained by Giga Drain, the Electabuzz woke up. "Yes, way to go Electabuzz, now go for a Thunder Punch!"

The Electabuzz started charging electricity in it's fist before attempting to punch Sprout. But before the fist could hit the flycatcher pokemon, two vines were wrapped around it. Sprount then threw the Electabuzz in the air before whipping it with it's vines, sending the Electric Pokemon flying into the ground.

"Come on Electabuzz, get up!" The strange man urged.
But the Electabuzz didn't get up, and on closer inspection it had fainted!

"Yes! we did it, one pokemon down!" Jake cheered
"W-wow Sprout didn't even take damage!" Bagel exclaimed.
"T-that's it, battles over!" The man yelled before tossing another pokeball into the air. Out of the pokeball came a Honchkrow, which started to caw.
The Big Boss Pokemon continued to caw, until suddenly a murder of Murkrow surrounded it.

"Y-you were the one who got those Murkrow to attack the sleigh!" Jake yelled
"Correct, isn't it hilarious?" The man asked before bursting into laughter.
"Stop this, give us the bag!" Jake demanded.
"I've had enough of you, everyone, Drill Peck!" The man commanded
Suddenly all of the Murkrow and the Honchkrow and started spinning like a drill. "W-we better run!" Willbert exclaimed.
"B-but we need the bag!" Bagel cried.
"Alright then...guess I have no choice, Crix let's go!" Jake yelled before suddening out the Electivire.
"Look Crix, I know you don't fully trust me yet, b-but I need your help, will you please help me?"
Crix looked down at the teen, thinking for a moment, before giving a single nod. "Alright then, Crix use Thunder!"
Crix started charging electricity for a moment, before releasing an enormous lightning bolt. The bolt consumed all of the Murkrow and the Honchkrow zapping them for super eefective damage. Most of the Murkrow fainted from the power of the attack and those that didn't quickly fled.

"T-that was awesome! Willbert muttered as he looked at Crix in awe.
"Alright, now to get that bag to Santa, Crix grab the bag please.

"No! Stop it's mine!" The strange man yelled.
But no one paid attention to him and soon Crix had picked up the bag and brought it over to Jake.
"Alright, everyone grab onto Crix, Crix can you Teleport us back to the cottage!" In a flash everyone was back at the cottage, bag in hand.

"Ho, ho ho, your back! Oh, and you found my bag!" Santa exclaimed
"Yup, we did hope we were of help." Jake said
"Of help? Of course you were of help, you saved Christmas!"
"So....." Jake trailed off.
"Ho, ho,ho you better get back to bed Jake, thank you for everything, and Merry Christmas!"
"S-santa wait I need..." Jake didn't finish his sentence before falling asleep.

Jake awoke to the sound of chirping.
"W-whoa what happened, where am I?!" Jake exclaimed looking around.
He was back in the cottage, as if nothing had happened at all.
"Must have been a dream" Jake muttered before sending out all his pokemon.
"M-erry Christmas everyone, sorry I couldn't get anyone presents.."
"It's ok" Hiku the Minun replied as he started writing something in his sketch book. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, Jake noticed a package by the door. "Who put that package there?" Jake asked. Nobody answered.
Jake quickly ran towards the door and checked who it was from.

He noticed there was a letter attached, it read:

"Dear Jake, thank you for saving Christmas. Because of you millions of boys and girls are happy today. I hope this gift is enough for you to put faith back in me.

"S-so it wasn't a dream then..." Jake gasped.
Quickly he opened the box to find five pokeballs inside.
"Thank you! Thank you so much! Jake screamed before chucking the five pokeballs into the air.

From the six pokeballs came Sparky, Pom, Bubbles, Aco, Kage and Tasu.
"Big sister!" Hiku cried before running over to Tasu.
"Y-younger brother, is that you?"
"It's ok Tasu, your home now, your home!" Hiku exclaimed.

"Aco, we're home! We're gone from that awful place!" Kage said
"Sparky!" Jake called.
The tiny Joltik looked around before running towards Jake.
"I'm home, I'm home!" Sparky squeaked as he ran up to Jake.
"I won't let anything happen to you ever again Sparky!" Jake exclaimed
Sparky was crying he was so happy, he was back home with his teammates, his friends!

No, they weren't his teammates or his friends, they were much more, they were his family and he was home. Sparky felt a rush of adrenaline flow through his body. He then saw a bright light envelope him.
"H-has someone used flash?" He wondered. But his trainers next words told him what was happening.
"S-sparky, y-you're evolving!" Jake stammered.
"I-I'm evolving? I'm evolving!" Sparky was so excited!
He felt himself growing and growing until suddenly, the light faded.
He let out a mighty cry. "G-Galvantula!"

"Merry Christmas everyone! And to all a goodnight!"

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