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Basker the Arcanine looked through the window, to the vast forest surrounding the Treetop Home his Trainer called Marble Garden. His Trainer... who was currently half-way across the known world, training in the wilderness of Kanjohto to elevate himself to new heights. Basker had graciously accepted the responsibility of tending to the usual chores in his place, but he missed his dear Trainer terribly. He wished he could have gone with everyone else, but he knew many of his friends needed this training more than him.

He remembered Levin's resolve as he prepared to leave...

"I need to figure out what I really want to become. "Stronger" doesn't mean anything in itself, it's not enough... Respect, recognition, fame, power; I crave all of those, but looking back at our journey so far, have I really accomplished anything of note? Some managerial roles at the Bank and Cascadia's adventure routes, a referee degree, but who really knows me within the professional circuit?
That Kayl guy and his Squirtle wiped the floor with me, the Elite Four probably don't even know I can battle, I beat Ivan and nobody even realized it. I call myself a Fighting-Type expert, but shouldn't someone else bestow that title upon me for it to actually mean something? Maybe... I've been wasting my time for the past two years and a half.
So Basker, I need to leave for a while. Fizzy Bubbles is my home, but the level I need to reach demands different hardships. And although some of the best Trainers in the world can be found here and in Asbel, these are well-monitored environments where someone always knows where you are... There's a land out there ravaged by nature, lawless and dangerous, where nobody would be able to find me or watch my progress. I think that's where I need to go. I trust you the most to keep everything running in my absence... I'm sorry, but I won't be home in time for Christmas."

Basker feared for Levin's well-being out there in Kanjohto; still, he trusted his friends to keep the young man safe. Mazo and Nyx were with him, so there should be no reason to worry... but he did. Basker could more than hold his own against the usual threats surrounding Marble Garden; it was not knowing what Levin was facing right now that made him anxious. But just as his Trainer trusted him, so too should he trust in Levin to see his training through to the end and return, stronger than ever, ready to reach the heights he always dreamed of.

He couldn't wait to see what all his friends would become... but for now, lonely as he felt, he had to see all the Christmas activities through on their behalf.

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