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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Trading my level 1 male Pineco to Ex-Admiral Insane for 1 Rare Candy. Enjoy!

*Trade Commenced*
The Pokéball was already in place inside the machine when the doors to the Cable Club swung open. Across the room entered, not the expected trainer who answered the trade offer, but a slender white figure with a green helmet. The Gallade nonchalantly crossed the floor as he walked up to the poison-type specialist, remaining quiet the entire time. He placed his right arm across his stomach and bowed deeply, as if apologising for the fact that his trainer wasn’t present. Rather than wait for a response from the poison master, the Gallade revealed a blue wrapped marble and dropped it into the trainers hands.
Once the machine was triggered, the Pokéball disappeared in a surge of white electricity as it transported to the other side. The Gallade reached for the ball, then turned around to make one last gallant bow before exiting the building without a word.


Trading 1 Rare Candy to MM for his Lv. 1 Male Pineco

*Trade Closed*
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