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Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Stark Gave to thee:

A Cranberry Bonbon for tasty move teaching

(When eaten by a Pokemon it teaches the move Ice Beam).
(It must be used in this thread and be taught to a Pokemon that can learn Ice Beam either by Level up, MT, Egg or TM. This item is non-tradeable.)
(Please link to the Pokemon's Pokedex page)

12 days is here for another year, as per usual, you have 24 hours from the giveaway post to pick up the item for the day, and if you don't want the item, please don't pick it up, you don't have to pick items up everyday to qualify for the next one so if you don't like it, then you don't need to post.

Also please note that we will be posting after today sometime around 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM GMT time for the remainder of the 12 days. So the second day of Fizzmas will begin around 10:00 PM on the 14th. This is so that Arc, Tess, and I can all post at relatively the same time each day. So this first day is likely going to be a little longer than most. Even though the first day might go longer than the rest, I would highly recommend picking up the Carnberry Bonbon within 24 hours if you want it. If the timing of our next posts changes between now and Day 2 Arc Angel will let you know when she posts the Second Day of Fizzmas.
Collecting one Cranberry Bonbon and feeding it to my Level 1 Snorunt to teach her the move Ice Beam. Thanks.
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